Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Am I the only one who wishes she were going to NY next week?

I'm going to start saving immediately. Next year, I'm there.

(And by there, I mean here)


Living the Scream said...

I'm going to start saving too!!!

Unknown said...

I'm going to New York next week!

My daughter is signing the lease on her new apartment in Brooklyn tomorrow. My hubby and I are driving up there in her car with her three cats (!!!!!!) We will help her move in and unpack, hang out until the 10th when we fly back.



P.S. Be jealous. I can take it.


Cameron said...

I am totally right there with you. I'm super jealous!! I'm hoping I'm able to go next year!!

Melissa Stuff said...

Oh! Me too. I want to figure out how to make enough money from the blog to pay for a blog trip. Let's team up and work together to get there!

Student Entrepreneur said...

Me too!!

amieggs said...

I've been dreaming to go to NY for ages!!!
the problem is I live overseas.. and I bet it's quite expensive.. so I've been saving up money but now I need a friend to save up money too so I don't have to go alone... lol

viewfromdownhere said...

I totally want to go, too!

Jamie said...

sounds fun! right up your alley too!
I get to go in November for a dental hygiene convention... not as much fun as blogging. but still...NYC!!! wahoo! If you and Kurt are around you are welcome to come too!

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