Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shake Your Booty!

I love to dance. If you're ever in Pittsburgh and you feel like shaking your booty, I will totally go with you.

(but I'll probably wear more clothes)

Dancing is my kind of exercise. I grew up on the basics- ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop.

When I got to college, I started learning more exciting kinds of dance. I joined the break dance club, and learned to pop like you wouldn't believe. Mostly because I didn't have the upper-body strength to do more than freezes.

 (This was during my rebellious phase, when I insisted on baring my shoulders)

Then I auditioned for the Folk Dance teams. I'll post about that another time. For now, I'll just say that I studied a whole lot of dance styles. My favorites were Irish, Indian (both classical and bhangra), Israeli, Spanish (flamenco), and clogging.

(these are Hungarian costumes. I'm in the front row, on the right.)

But my real love? Swing dance. I love swing dance.

 (can you tell these pictures are 2 years old?)

 My brother and I began country swinging when I was in highschool. That's fun an everything, but my favorite styles are West Coast, Lindy, and Blues. In that order.

(this is what you wear when you know how to swing dance)

But the absolute best is when the guy knows all three and dances a west coast/lindy/blues cross over. That's what heaven feels like.

(My favorite part of this picture? The cleavage. Obviously.)

My last year at BYU I gave in and joined the swing team. And dang it was fun. See?

(Yes, I realize I look ridiculously excited. Also, that guy on the left? He's dropping her on her face, not grabbing her boob.)

I recently discovered the intricate swing scene here in Pittsburgh, and I am loving life right now. I just wish I knew more people.

(I'm in the back, dancing with Ransom. Who is 2 feet taller than me)

Kurt doesn't know how to swing, and he's much too busy to learn. Which is ok. I just go by myself, and dance with random strangers all night.

So if you are in Pittsburgh and you swing dance, lets be friends. And if you don't, what are you waiting for?


Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Awesome Brother In Law (this might change your life)

Hey guys, Have you checked out my Sponsors? They are all there for a reason. BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME.

Do you see the one in the middle of the top row? Here, it looks like this:

Life in the Pitts

That button leads to an awesome website, designed and run by my brother in law, Dave Hulihan (Amber's Husband).

I love it. It's called the Wishilist Factory, and it has made our birthdays and holidays SO much easier.

Here, I'll let him tell you all about it (and I'll even add more pictures, just for you guys).

Hi, my name’s Dave, and I’m the owner and developer of, a private wishlist website for friends and families. This website lets you create wishlists(for any event or person) that you can then share with a group of people.
A little background

I have a big family, and my wife’s family is also pretty big. As you can imagine, keeping track of what one individual person wants for their birthday or for Christmas can be a nightmare...

Growing up, I often received bizarre gifts like Volcano Documentaries, Oven Mitts, Socks, Thermometers, etc. Not bad gifts, but not always appropriate for a teenage boy. I think these were the result of people not actually knowing what I had on my wishlist.
Originally, I made this website for my wife, who loves Christmas and buys a ton of gifts for everyone. During the holiday season it can be tough to stay sane while keeping track of what people want and who has already bought a gift on someone’s wishlist. This website helps out with that.
WishlistFactory lets you create a wishlist for yourself or anyone else in your family, and you can create groups(like one for your family and one for your in-laws) of people that can then see that wishlist.

Surprise Protection is very important, the person who the wishlist is for must never know what other people are getting them!
Other people in the group can add gifts to anyone’s wishlist and change the status of the gift(if you bought the gift, you would mark the gift as Purchased and so on) so no one ever buys the same gift as someone else(which prevents awkward moments).
There’s a lot of other cool features on the website, so stop by and check them out. This is a free service, so create an account and try it out. Hopefully it will help with keeping your sanity when it comes to gift-giving.

So here's the thing- this website has made holidays and birthdays so much easier. Especially since I moved across the country.

No more calling people over and over to say "Do you have any idea what to get this person?"

So go check it out. It's awesome.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Am I the only one who wishes she were going to NY next week?

I'm going to start saving immediately. Next year, I'm there.

(And by there, I mean here)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Subtlety is overrated.

I'm learning Spanish. I feel like it's a smart thing to do, since Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the US.

I didn't learn it in high school. Actually, the only languages I currently speak are English, ASL, and that irritating dialect used to speak to cute babies and furry animals.

Here's my plan so far:

I added the Spanish Word of the Day widget to my iGoogle. Se lo recomiendo.

Also, I've been watching Spanish Soap Operas on YouTube.

(if it doesn't work, come back later- it's worth it)

Here's what I've learned:

No quiero vivir sin ti = I don’t want to live without you

Te juro que no es veneno = I swear it's not poison

Te voy a matar = I’m going to kill you

Necesito sentirte = I need to feel you

Vamos a mi hotel ahora = Let's go to my hotel now

No me toques = Don’t touch me (this one comes in handy when I have a "headache")

Me muero de ganas = I am dying of desire

I feel like this is a good start.


I'm linking this to my sister's new meme, Small Treasures Tuesday. Because knowing how to say dirty phrases in Spanish is a treasure.

Usted trae los condones, voy a traer la cerveza


Monday, July 26, 2010

Is it weird that I was jealous?

I went swing dancing on Saturday. It's one of my favorite things to do.

A few hours in, I was dancing with a really old man. Late 70's, maybe mid 80's. He leaned in close and whispered "My friend isn't wearing any pants."


"See?" He said, pointing to his buddy. "He didn't know he forgot his pants until he got here. And then he figured he might as well just stick around and dance anyway."

His friend was a tall, 85 year old man wearing a bright orange shirt, a black fedora, and 4 leaf clover boxer shorts.

I couldn't make this stuff up.
This is why I love Pittsburgh.

...and old people.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Pittsburgh,

I hear Driver's Ed isn't required for your residents to get a license.

And guess what?

It shows.

Get Craftin'

Hey guys. Have you noticed all the buttons over in my "sponsors" section? They aren't just there to look pretty. You know you want to click them!

That first one belongs to a friend of mine, Ana Paula. She is one of the cutest people on the internet. Her blog is full of craft ideas and adorable outfits and you're probably going to want to go and check her out.

Today, I've invited Ana over to tell us a little bit about herself, and her blog Get Craftin'


A little about myself...

I'm a newlywed to my best friend!
 with a newlywed budget.

I love my husband and I enjoy life, I'm always trying to live it the fullest. 

I often have to remind myself that I am too blessed to stress. 

I live in the wonderful state of Utah, and absolutely LOVE IT!

This is simply just what i love to do. 

I'm no expert whatsoever.

 I love fashion



 the color purple

cafe rio salads




 italian food


 being barefoot


the beach

reeses peanut butter cups

painted toes nails

hopeless romantic movies


the sun shining on my face

Thrift stores

 and of course shopping

I created my blog Get Craftin to share my creativity and ideas with everyone, and to get to know all the creative bloggers out there. It's my hobby enough said! 

Well there you have it, just a tad bit about me...Thanks for getting to know me.

Have a shabby day!!

Ana Paula from {GET CRAFTIN'}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not bad for a bunch of college students.

You guys have seen this Old Spice commercial, right?

But have you seen the spoof?

I found this on my friend Tara's blog, A Boy And A Girl.

"and props to my alma mater for making a fairly decent spoof. has YOUR school made a spoof? didn't think so..." -Tara

I am so proud.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Granny Panties: the wedgie-free alternitive.

Guess what I wore under my running shorts last night?

Life in the Pitts

"Hey guys, check out my underwear! It goes up to my boobs."


"It was the only thing clean. I promise."


I'm linking this up to The Alabaster Cow's Stick Figure Saturday. Go check it out, and then stay a while: It's one of my favorite blogs.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Giveaway with Gerrí, from I Love Charms! (closed)

Life in the Pitts

“Why put all your memories in a scrapbook? Wear them instead!”

Let me introduce you to a new friend of mine. Her name is Gerrí (that's right, she has an accent in her name, too!), and she cracks me up. When I approached her about this giveaway, she replied;

"Okay, now I'll be honest and admit that I'm your parent's age...are you going to de-invite me now that you know that? Please don't...I am young at heart, really."

I assured her that I wouldn't de-friend her because of her extreme advanced age.

Here is a little info about Gerrí, the lady behind I Love Charms:


Gerrí and her beautiful daughter, Kristin

I am a happy mom to 4 kids, all grown and out of the nest.

I have one darling monkey, my grandson Ian.

And I have a sweet husband who encourages me and spoils me :)

Gerrí and her man.
(She promises his head isn't really that big)

I love crafts, my flower garden, reading, beachcombing (when I get to a beach once a year),

And of course I love jewelry!

(this is Gerrí's personal charm bracelet. Each charm has a special meaning for her)

I was a consultant for a small sterling silver charm business about 10 years. My life got too busy so I had to put the business on hold.

Because I missed the jewelry business and because I still had many charms left, I started my etsy shop I Love Charms a few months ago.

I love wearing jewelry, I love making jewelry and I especially love charms.

I come from a tradition of jewelry shop owners: my dad owned a jewelry and watch repair shop in New York City, my uncle owned a small jewelry shop in Long Island, New York.

And my great, great Uncle Sam immigrated from Romania to New York City in the late 1800s with diamonds sewn into the seams of his clothing!

My mother has a very old and beautiful bracelet (art deco style) made with Uncle Sam’s diamonds.

And today, I'm excited to share my jewelry with you.


He had diamonds sewn into the seams of his clothing?? That is such an awesome story!

As you can see, Gerri is extremely talented, and her shop is full of beautiful things.

This one is my favorite:

Enter to win your choice of jewelry from I Love Charms!

The winner gets to pick pick anything from I Love Charms as their prize! (except that last bracelet, because it's mine!).

And the runner up will get 3 Swarovski Crystal birthstones of their choice!

Awesome, huh?

**Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. That way we won't miss any.

Mandatory Entry:

1 Entry: Go check out I love Charms. Pick your favorite piece. And then come back here and tell us about it in a comment.

Optional Entries:

1 Entry: Follow Life in the Pitts (Already a follower? Tell us in a comment!)

1 Entry: "Like" I Love Charms on Facebook

1 Entry: Make I Love Charms your Favorite on Etsy

1 Entry: Purchase something from I Love Charms**

Up to 3 Entries: Promote this giveaway! Tweet it, post it, make it your facebook status, etc.

(Entering once means you could totally win. Entering 8 times means you could win- times a thousand)

** Right now, Gerrí is offering a 20% discount on everything in her shop! Just mention this Giveaway in the notes section as you check out.

Eligibility: US and Canadians!

This Giveaway will end Sunday, July 18th, at Midnight. So be sure to enter before then! And the winners will be announced the next morning. Probably.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Aw, young love. It's those little moments that you remember the most.

"Can you pop the trunk for me? My backpack is inside."

I stared at him in disbelief. "You're so needy."

He smiled. A minute later he shut the trunk, and we started walking up to our apartment.

"A real man would have found a way to open it by himself," I informed him. "....with his teeth."

He rolled his eyes. "I knew you were going to say that."

"You did not."

"I did! I was waiting for you to say it. We've been married too long."

"Stop lying Kurt."

"I'm sorry you're so predictable."

I stopped in my tracks. Predictable??

I punched him in the chest. Then I stared him down, daring him to say another word.

Satisfied, I turned and started up the stairs again.

"I knew you were going to do that, too."

I hate him.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 1 Year Anniversary To Us!

The wedding was beautiful. I cried. Kurt cried. Pretty much everyone with a soul cried in that sealing room.

And then it was over. And we were married.

"Weird." I thought to myself. "Helena Eriksson. I wonder what she's like."

(I'm still trying to figure that one out)

Walking out into the sunshine and seeing my friends and family was unforgettable. Mostly because it's on video, and I've watched it about a million times.

The pictures took a while. Hours. But I am so glad we took them. That is one thing I recommend 100%. Get a good photographer.

Life in the Pitts

And then we headed back to my dads house for brunch.

"Amber! I'm.still.scared. We have barely even kissed since we got engaged! And now I'm supposed to just jump right in??"

It's true. I traded our make out sessions for that ring back in march. Kurt didn't want us messing up, and so he instituted some fun-killing guidelines. It worked. And it was awful.

So that day, the thought of going from NO KISSING EVER to, well, everything was scaring the crap out of me.

"Here. Why don't you guys go downstairs and "pack". Only, just make out and, you know, stuff."

"Amber. No. I will not have my first time be in my dads basement with my friends and family wondering where we went!"

"Set some boundaries. Like maybe...underwear on. Or something. That way later it won't be such an abrupt change."

...Huh. That wasn't a bad idea.


About an hour later I got a call from Annie. When I answered it, I was in tears.

"Um, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"No! Annie, you won't believe what just happened."

I took Amber's advice, and we were downstairs rolling around on the bed when someone knocked on the door.

It was my Dad.

"Helena, can I come in?"

I was horrified.

"DON'T COME IN!" I shouted frantically, pushing Kurt away.

He didn't hear the "don't" part.

As the door started to open I shouted "NO!" at the top of my lungs.

He heard that one, and the door slammed shut. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Um, Annie wants you to call her! I'm sorry!"

Then he ran away.

He didn't see anything, which is kind of the problem. If he had opened the door a little more, he would have seen that we weren't naked, and just embarrassed because who wants their dad walking in on their makeout/wrestling session?

But he didn't see that, and so he ran away thinking "I JUST WALKED IN ON MY DAUGHTER HAVING SEX. FOR THE FIRST TIME. IN MY BASEMENT."

"Annie" I managed between gasps of laughter. "What should I do? I don't want him thinking I just ruined my daughters wedding night! Er, wedding day. WHICH SHE CHOSE TO SPEND IN MY BASEMENT? But I'm so embarrassed! I could tell him 'Don't worry dad, we had our clothes on' but that would mean looking him in the eye, and that might be a problem from now on."

In the end, I just let it slide. Awkwardly.


The reception was beautiful. It was at Le Jardin, in Sandy. If you are in Utah have your reception there. You will not regret it.

It was the best party of my life.

Life in the Pitts

Right before our first dance, Kurt disappeared.

After a few minutes, he came out of the bathroom, sweating. And that's never a good sign.

"I threw my ring in the trash."

"Well. I guess that's one way to say it's over."

He rolled his eyes. "No, it's a little bit loose, and I was washing my hands. When I walked out the door my ring was gone! It came off in the paper towel when I was drying my hands."

The poor guy panicked, and frantically searched the trash can. When he couldn't find it, he dumped it out on the floor of the bathroom and started digging around.

A few people walked through, but no one asked him what he was doing. Which is weird to me. If I walked in a room and saw the groom playing with a pile of trash on the floor, I'd probably be curious.

He found the ring, and rushed out just in time for our dance.

This was the best day of my life.

It's hard to believe it's been a year already.

Part of me is thinking "Wait, this isn't our 7th anniversary?"

(It's been a big year)

But mostly? I'm excited about forever.


Thank goodness for sisters......and Cosmo.

A year ago tonight (the 8th of July) I was getting a pedicure. In my dads living room. As my feet were soaking in an inflatable pool of hot water, my fingernails were being carefully french-tipped.

"Stop fidgeting! I need to concentrate."

While Amber worked on my fingers, Chantel sat next to me and stared. Creepily.

"Are you nervous?"

"Um, yeah" I said quietly. "Like, a lot. Not about tomorrow, just, you know, about....tomorrow. I should go work on the signs. Or maybe we can go over the music again?"

"No!" They exclaimed together. Looking from one exasperated face to the other, I realized there was no way my sisters were going to let me leave that couch alive.

Sometimes its hard to remember that I'm the big sister. Amber is so much better at it than I am. Probably because she got married a few years before then, and once people are further along in their life stages, it's weird to think of them as younger.

Or maybe it's because she's taller.

"Helena, tonight is about relaxing. While your fingernails are drying, I'll get your bubble bath ready. That is, if I ever finish them. Stop fidgeting."

I rolled my eyes, but it was just for show. I knew they were right.

Chantel leaned back, and rephrased her question carefully. "So, are you excited?"

"I am. Of course. Except....Well...." I took a deep breath, and then blurted it out really fast: "I'm not sure I want to have sex! I mean, not tomorrow."

They stared at me, eyebrows raised. I leaned in and whispered:

"You guys, it's scheduled."

It was true. Tomorrow night, we were scheduled to do it. It had been penciled in (in dark green ink) and mailed to hundreds of people.

There was even a Facebook group devoted to the event! I mean, it was called something different, like "1+1=FOREVER" or something similarly awesome and facebook-group-worthy. But everyone knew what that meant.


As I slipped into the bubble bath a few minutes later, I made a vow to myself. I might not make him wait for days, but he could damn well wait until after the reception. No after-brunch quickies, or in-the-car hump fests. No way buddy. I waited 24 years for this night, and he had better make it romantic, or so help me...

I felt a lot better after that. In fact, I was kind of hoping he would try to get it on outside the Temple. I knew just what I would say.

I leaned back in the bubbles, and opened the Cosmo magazine sitting next to the tub.

....Huh. So many choices. Maybe that one, with the handstand? Or hey this one is only a level two difficulty...

(Warning: You aren't gonna want your kids to be staring over your shoulder for either of those. Or, you know, your boss)

So thank you Chantel, for keeping me company. And Amber, you knew just what to say. And Cosmo....what the heck are you doing in my wedding pictures?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog Bash Post

Hi guys, I am participating in

Blog Bash

To participate, click on that button and read the rules. It's pretty fun, and you get to answer a bunch of questions about yourself. And who doesn't like talking about themselves? It's why you blog. You know I'm right.

1.) Why do you blog?

I blog for a bunch of reasons.

Because I'm married, and that's what good wives do. Obviously.

Also because my sister in law reads my posts every day, and I don't want to let her down. Peer pressure doesn't end in highschool y'all.

And finally, because it keeps me sane. I suffer from depression, and there are days when blogging is the only thing that gets me out of bed.

2.) What do you blog about?

Myself (of course). But also my friends, family, husband, Pittsburgh, and any crafts I happen to make.

Reading my blog is like having a conversation with me. That's what my sisters tell me when they don't answer my calls.

"Didn't we talk yesterday...? Oh wait, no, I just read your blog. Same thing."


3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?


(I wish)

Um, the biggest reward is....all the friends I have made. I love meeting new people, and some of my closest friends I've met through my blog.

4.) How long have you been blogging?

Since last August. Huh. That anniversary is coming up. Maybe I should plan something big...

5.) Let's hear the story behind your blog title! :)

My thought process was pretty simple: My life... In Pittsburgh...

And that's me. Here is a link to my favorite posts, and another to my FAQ page. If you want to get to know me, just start reading there.


Chic Click

Hi, I'm Helena. And this is my blog.

I'm a 25 year old Newlywed (I think. We just had our 1 year anniversary, so we might be an old married couple now...).

We live in Pittsburgh. I started this blog to keep in touch with my family (who never answer their phones). And it got way out of control...

You will like my blog if: You are into laughing.

You will hate my blog if: You are my mother in law.

Here is a link to one of my favorite posts. And here is a link to ALL of my favorite posts.

And here is my favorite Peep of the Week! Tiffany, from The R Family Diaries. Her hot OB story cracked me up!

To find more awesome blogs, check out this widget. It can normally be found on my sidebar, but I'm putting it here, too, for your convenience.

You're welcome.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

A used condom? Aw, thanks Pittsburgh. How did you know?

I went over to my friend Alexia's house after work, and helped her clean. She's getting married TODAY, and she needed to be out of her apartment by last night. It was the last minute kind of stuff- scrubbing floors, packing up the food, cleaning the refrigerator, etc.

I think that counts double. I cleaned, and it was service. Pretty sure that means I don't have to clean my apartment for at least a month. All in favor, say Aye!

I've been thinking about starting a new series, about Pittsburgh. After all, this is Life in the Pitts. Now that it's warm out, I've started exploring a little bit more, and you guys- Pittsburgh is awesome! I want to start taking pictures of it, and showing it to you.

What would I call that? Pictures of Pittsburgh? Steeler Scenes? I Suck At Titles?

If you have any ideas, let me know.

No rush or anything- it's not like I can start right now. My camera is in the shop. It has been for almost 3 months. And I am really, really mad a Sony.

Last night I went running again. I go all the time.

Ok, that was a lie. I go sometimes. And I do more walking than running. But don't worry, I'm still on for the 1/8K this fall.

After I got home from my grueling cleaning session over at Alexia's (see? I totally earned that break), I grabbed my sports bra and running shoes and headed out the door. In Kurt's socks.

"Hey Kurt, you, uh, may have noticed that my socks are suspiciously large. I think my feet have shrunk."


"Ok, that might be a lie. I'm wearing your socks. See ya!"

I ran out the door before he could answer. I thought about not saying anything, but he would have figured it out. He has a very organized sock drawer.

When I got to Schenley, I noticed a used, juicy condom that someone had thoughtfully left right next to my parking spot.

Oh Pittsburgh. You shouldn't have.

Just be glad I didn't have my camera, because I would definitely be putting that image up.

I thought about grabbing it. I don't have a gift for Alexia, and this could be from me, AND Pittsburgh. Or maybe we could use it to decorate their car.

...Just kidding. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

At least, not while my camera is broken.

Thanks Sony. You just ruined Alexia's wedding.


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