Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Weekend Getaway

Hi guys! My name is Chantel.You may have heard Helena mention me a few times. 
For the record, this was not my fault.

This is me and my wonderful husband, Michael :-)

Helena (Lanie) is my awesome/crazy/lovable sister

She wanted me to introduce myself a little

I got married august 21, 2009. That's right, just I month and 12 days after Helena! But despite what she may have told you, she has no right to complain- my father got married the day after me!

Yeah, it was a pretty busy, but awesome, summer

I started a blog not too long ago, I'd love it if you guys checked it out
(Once I get to 100 followers I'll be having a jewelry giveaway...hint hint ;)

My blog is a place for me to store my thoughts and the treasures I find, including the treasures I make

I recently started making jewelry, and let me tell you, I love it!

Soon I'll be opening an etsy shop, as well as giving some away, so you
might want to keep an eye out!

Helena called me last night to let me know what was going on:

She got home from a long day at work on Friday, hoping to blog, relax, maybe craft, and definitely sleep. 

When she walked in the door, there was Kurt, holding a suitcase...

He told her to pack some clothes, he was taking her on a romantic getaway for the weekend!

What a cute surprise :-)

So she asked me to write on her blog today, to let you all know where she is. 

But since I'm here, I might as well tell you a story as well

Here's something you probably didn't particularly want to know about me: I have a phobia of feet touching me. It freaks me out. There are a few exceptions -baby feet and my husbands feet.

I have memories of when Helena first found out...

She would chase me down, pin me, and rub her feet in my face! All the while laughing and telling me to get over my phobia.

I would struggle, and yell for help, while trying not to let my mouth open too wide because then her feet might make their way in there... No wonder I hate her feet most of all.

Fortunately my other sister, Amber, would always come to my rescue

You gotta love sisters
I think mine are pretty great :-)

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


~~Mia~~ said...

Hi Chantel!!! Thanks for posting and sharing :) I will go check out your blog and become a follower too!!

Oh and for the record ~ I am the exact same way with feet, the only exception is BABY FEET...other than that, ICKKK!!!! (I am so glad at this moment in time that Lanie lives sooo far away from me!!)


Caitrin said...

So cute that you blogged for her!! And I'm super jealous of her weekend getaway! hopefully she can share some great pictures when she returns!

viewfromdownhere said...

Hi, Chantel! Cute cute jewelry!

Hope Helena has a great time away! Sounds fun

gone said...

Dropping by to say hello! Love the jewelry, ETSY will treat you well.
Make sure you zoom over and get entered into all of my giveaways, including jewelry. Most recent giveaway Sundays Fabulous Feature.
Hope you have a blessed week.
Stay Fabulous
(My shop will be closing soon, there is a post about it. if you keep up with my blog you will see when my new shop opens)

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