Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giveaway With My Sister! (closed) (I'm still mad at her)

You guys met Chantel this weekend when she guest posted about her foot phobia which I didn't cause. And then you got to meet her again yesterday, when she snuck back in my blog and posted all those awful pictures.

(I'm going to add a bunch of pictures to this post, to illustrate our relationship)

She is a terrible person.

And she is lucky it was her birthday.

Don't worry guys, I'm planning my revenge. But I'm going to be really, really nice to her until then. It will be creepier that way.

Let me tell you a few things about Chantel.

We don't actually call her Chantel very often. It's always Tel, or Tellie, or Tubby or Tubs. 

She is 22, and she looks like she is 14. Mostly because she is only 4'11" tall.

Chantel loves the arts. Acting, dancing, painting, writing. She loves doing it, and she loves when other people do it.

She has a new passion for blogging. And jewelry making.

We are so good at gang signs. My favorite is Annies.

And she loves her family. Especially me. Oh yeah, and her husband. And maybe our sister Amber.

She likes animals and small children. No, not to eat. (although she does look creepy that picture...)

She also loves Bath and Body Works. She has an extensive body splash collection, and more soap than she knows what to do with.

Today she is giving away this set of Bath and Body Works hand soaps. The scents are Tangerine Burst, Crisp Cucumber, and White Citrus. Beautiful.

You may be wondering why I agreed to host this giveaway. It's Stage 1 in Operation Be Incredibly Nice To My Future Victim.

This Giveaway is great if:

A. you like pretty smelling things, and

B. you wash your hands after using the bathroom.

I imagine that's most of you...

There are a few ways to enter. You can choose any, or all of them. The more times you enter, the better your odds of winning!
(be sure to leave a comment for each entry. That way we won't miss any)

Optional Entries:

1 Entry: Do you have any funny stories about your sisters? Or maybe you've heard funny stories from friends. Tell us about it in a comment!

1 Entry: Follow My Thoughts And Treasures (Chantel's blog)

1 Entry: Follow Life in the Pitts

1 Entry: "Like" the Life in the Pitts Facebook Page.

Up to 3 Entries: Promote this Giveaway. Tweet, blog, make it your facebook status, etc.

The winner will be contact through email. Or twitter, or their blog, or maybe smoke signal if email isn't provided. 

This Giveaway will close on Sunday the 4th, at Midnight, so be sure to enter before then!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Belleza Mia Jewelry Winner!

Life in the Pitts

I hate my sister. There, I said it.

CHANTEL. I am so mad at you.

These are the kinds of photos that I untag in facebook. FOR A REASON.

You're lucky today's your birthday.  That is the only thing keeping my feet from your face.

Pictures of Helena

When Helena went on her "Weekend Getaway" she gave me her log in information for her blog... 

Well I figured I would take this opportunity, before she changes her password, to inform you all about some of the reasons why my sister is awesome: 

She makes out with pillows

a lot...

 after this I left to give them privacy

 She plays with knives

 she steals candy canes

She reaches for the stars while hanging out upside-down

she's clueless all the time sometimes

sometimes she's annoyed

she is a creepy stalker

she loves food

and eating

a lot
she sucks her thumb

she pretends to sleep

she reads a lot

she loves hotel safes
but hates sporks
she tries to eat me
and again

If she tried, she would win America's Next Top Model

She could coach people in "mattress aerobics" 

and she's a good friend.

Did I mention she likes to eat?

(Helena would want me to post these... I'm sure...)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Weekend Getaway

Hi guys! My name is Chantel.You may have heard Helena mention me a few times. 
For the record, this was not my fault.

This is me and my wonderful husband, Michael :-)

Helena (Lanie) is my awesome/crazy/lovable sister

She wanted me to introduce myself a little

I got married august 21, 2009. That's right, just I month and 12 days after Helena! But despite what she may have told you, she has no right to complain- my father got married the day after me!

Yeah, it was a pretty busy, but awesome, summer

I started a blog not too long ago, I'd love it if you guys checked it out
(Once I get to 100 followers I'll be having a jewelry giveaway...hint hint ;)

My blog is a place for me to store my thoughts and the treasures I find, including the treasures I make

I recently started making jewelry, and let me tell you, I love it!

Soon I'll be opening an etsy shop, as well as giving some away, so you
might want to keep an eye out!

Helena called me last night to let me know what was going on:

She got home from a long day at work on Friday, hoping to blog, relax, maybe craft, and definitely sleep. 

When she walked in the door, there was Kurt, holding a suitcase...

He told her to pack some clothes, he was taking her on a romantic getaway for the weekend!

What a cute surprise :-)

So she asked me to write on her blog today, to let you all know where she is. 

But since I'm here, I might as well tell you a story as well

Here's something you probably didn't particularly want to know about me: I have a phobia of feet touching me. It freaks me out. There are a few exceptions -baby feet and my husbands feet.

I have memories of when Helena first found out...

She would chase me down, pin me, and rub her feet in my face! All the while laughing and telling me to get over my phobia.

I would struggle, and yell for help, while trying not to let my mouth open too wide because then her feet might make their way in there... No wonder I hate her feet most of all.

Fortunately my other sister, Amber, would always come to my rescue

You gotta love sisters
I think mine are pretty great :-)

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is all Kurt's fault. Possibly.

BREAKING NEWS: My work computer is broken. There was a massive blackout/power surge yesterday, and my computer is fried. If you 'like' the Life in the Pitts facebook page, then you already know all about this.

(yes, that was a shameless plug for the facebook page. And I'm not even embarrassed about it)

Today I was checking out the questions over at Thursday Thunks (from my boss's computer), and I saw this one:

"When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?"

If by mailed it you mean faxed it, the answer is yesterday.

Since my computer is out of commission, I spent all day drawing stick figures by hand, and faxing them to Annie's office. Turns out she wasn't there. I hope she doesn't get in trouble, because these are obviously not work-related.

Life in the Pitts

(Cover letters are important)

Life in the Pitts

Chantel is my sister. And it's usually her fault.

Life in the Pitts

Kurt would do anything to get me to clean.

Life in the Pitts

Annie just posted pictures from the Strawberry Days Rodeo on Facebook. You guys, that's my favorite rodeo. It's like she's taunting me.

Life in the Pitts

I could barely read my handwriting on the last two. And so I re-did them using the most childish font I could find.

The moral of this story:

I have terrible handwriting.

Also, you probably shouldn't trust me with your fax number.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Giveaway with Belleza Mia! (closed) (because jewelry is awesome)

Life in the Pitts

A while ago I got an email from Kendra, who owns Belleza Mia, the Etsy shop. She was wondering if I wanted to do a product review for her jewelry. My reply?


I was expecting her to send me 1 or 2 items.

But a few days later I opened a package and found 7 pieces of jewelry!!

And the best part? It's all beautiful. Here, let me show you:

(please excuse the awkward self-portraits)

In my expert opinion, this is the prettiest jewelry I own.

I get compliments every time I wear these pieces. And you guys- I live for compliments.

Also? Her prices are awesome. You should probably go buy some.

I asked Kendra to tell us a little bit about herself, and her shop:

My name is Kendra and I'm a craftaholic. I love to create because, to me, one of greatest feelings in the world is creating something amazing out of something ordinary. Also, it is my form of therapy and it keeps me sane.

(The Juliet)

I am a mother of an almost three year old boy who makes me laugh constantly, and a one year old boy who lights up a room with his infectious smile.

I am also married to the greatest guy in the world who is extremely supportive and encouraging. I'd be lost without him, both physically and figuratively speaking.

Currently I do a little work for a law firm from home and am doing my very last class to finish my undergraduate degree, but most of the time I am home with the kiddos.

Ever since I was little I have loved making things with my hands. I have dabbled in just about everything from jewelry making (way back in Jr High!), painting, clothing construction, quilting, scrapbooking.... and if I haven't tried something yet, I'm sure it's on my list of things I want to do.

Currently I am VERY into jewelry making again and have my own shop, Belleza Mia, which means 'my beauty' in Spanish. I named it this because 1) I speak fluent Spanish having served a mission for my church in Bolivia and 2) I believe that every woman is beautiful in there own way. And to me to me, I can feel that beauty come out just a little when I am wearing a sparkly necklace or fun pair of earrings.

(Isabella Earrings)

I started my blog On My Side of the Room because I would make something and people would keep asking me how to make it, so to save time, and remember my ideas as well as the things I wanted to do, I started my blog!

The reason my blog is called "On My Side of the Room" is because that's what my craft room is, half craft room for me and half office for my husband.

One day I'll have my own room but until then I'm makin' it work!

Thanks Kendra! I've loved getting to know you a little bit better.


And now, guess what?

Kendra is letting me host a Giveaway!

Enter to win your choice of jewelry from Belleza Mia!

Awesome, huh?

**Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. That way we won't miss any.

Mandatory Entry:

1 Entry: Go check out Belleza Mia. Pick your favorite piece. And then come back here and tell us about it in a comment.

Optional Entries:

1 Entry: Follow Life in the Pitts

1 Entry: Follow On My Side Of The Room

1 Entry: Heart Bellaza Mia on Etsy

Up to 3 Entries: Promote this giveaway! Tweet it, post it, make it your facebook status, etc.

(Entering once means you could totally win. Entering 7 times means you could win- times a thousand)

This giveaway is Closed

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