Monday, May 3, 2010


Note to self: next time you go on a trip, ask for an extra day off work, just for unpacking and blog posting. Because catching up in the office took all day.

I know what you are thinking. "Who actually works at work?" Or maybe, "Gosh, how rude of them to expect you to earn the money they are paying you."

I know.

So for now, I'll just say the trip was awesome. I got VERY sunburned. And here is what I bought in Jamaica.

Cool huh?

And this is what I'm giving away! (the next picture)

You know you're excited! This little wooden turtle is carved out of wood, and the necklace is made out of wood beads and coffee beans. At least, that's what the guy told me when I bought it.

I think he's really cute.

I kind of want to keep him myself.

See? From Jamaica.

Holy cow, Jamaica was an experience. I'll tell you all about it later. For now, let me just say if you are in Jamaica, and someone tries to hand you something ("Take this necklace! It's free!" or maybe "Look at this pottery!"), put your hands in your pocket and back away. Don't touch it, don't take it, and don't even look interested. Because once it's in your hands, it's yours, and you have to pay for it.

Poor Kurt got stuck with this necklace. It looks so pretty on him.

(please ignore the extreme mess in the background)

Still, the island was beautiful and the people were wonderful.

You're probably wondering who won the giveaway, huh? Alright, alright, I'll get to the exiting stuff.

According to, the winner of the Jamaican Giveaway is.....

The Gofsam!!
"Oh yes totally agree with you on Pop-Tarts and Kraft Mac N Cheese!! Generic brands I save where I can :)"


Please email me your mailing address at laniereeblog(at)gmail(dot)com, and I'll get those out to you.

And be grateful I didn't choose to give away these things. Blue plastic water shoes, worn by me in the Dunn's River Falls, in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Turns out they don't let you climb in flip flops. When I had to pay $7 for these beauties, Kurt was all "I think we've found your giveaway item."

I was tempted.

But in the end, I decided that a cheap pair of size 6 watershoes was just not exciting enough.

Am I right?



Unknown said...

Cute turtle!! So did everyone try to sell you guys the green stuff??? I had a friend who vacationed there and she said it's all over the place.

Unknown said...

Oh, one more thing. We took a cruise to the Bahamas about 5 years ago. My husband and sister went their separate ways and I walked around with my 6yr old. When we met back up, both my sister and my husband said they were approached and asked if they wanted to buy pot and cocaine. Guess nobody bothered with me since I had a child. How nice of them!! :-)

Christy said...

Wow. Those water shoes are sure something else. Not sure what else, but something. Love the turtle! And the necklace and the goodies you bought. Jealous. I am thinking for our 20th maybe I'll hit him up for a trip to Jamaica man.....

the thrifty ba said...

i love those turtles! next time someone goes to there PICK ONE OR 2UP FOR ME!

seven thirty three said...

Loving the turtles! Too cute. ;)

Gosfam said...

Oh thank you so much!! The Turtle is so cute. I am glad you didn't go with the water shoes, because they wouldn't even have come close to fitting me :) I am e-mailing you right now. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Can't wait to see pics from the Island.

~~Mia~~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~~Mia~~ said...

AHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! kurt's comment about the water shoes makes me laugh really hard, that is so awesome!!! i would have totally thrown them in just for good measure :) 1 (super cute) turtle, 1(super fabulous) necklace and 2 (skip description) water shoes :) woohoo!!!!

that turtle is so cute, the necklace is uber cool and i was thinking perhaps kurt would like me to take his off his hands?? ;)

hehe, i'm glad you are back and posting again!

good luck getting caught up at work and home and life and stuff. UGH. everyday should be holiday day.

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