Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have many flaws. But my new hair isn't one of them.

Remember a few weeks ago, when I wrote that totally obnoxious post about my new hair color?

Yeah, about that. I suck. It's just a fact. I'm always late, I steal clothing (just from sisters and roommates. I've never successfully** stolen anything from a store), and I'm messy. Like, really messy. And I sleep a lot. Basically, you should not be surprised when I do things like write a post about my new hair color, and then forget to take a picture to include in the post. And then publish it anyway. And then add 5 other pictures because I feel lame and I'm hoping to distract you.

Sorry guys. Here is that picture I promised you.

(I couldn't resist! Man, it's a good thing Kurt never checks my blog)

And here is a more hair-centered picture.

What do you think?

**This one time when I was really little, I tried to break open a little $15 toy gumball machine in a toy store. It was the display one, and it had real gum in it. And by "break open" I mean I was just kind of sitting there, twisting the handle, and hoping for the best.

But the manager saw me, and threw a fit. She yanked me into the back room, closed the door, and yelled at me. Without telling my mother. I think I was 6. I started crying, and she wouldn't let me leave.

Out in the store, my mother realized that 1 of her 4 children was missing, and almost had a heart attack.

5 hours later (or maybe 10 minutes. I don't know, I was 6) my Mom found me in the back room, sitting on a chair, being yelled at by the manager. After telling the whore lady off, we stormed out and we never went back to that toy store again. Looking back, I wonder why the hell we didn't sue. I'm pretty sure we would have won.

(I know, I'm so hostile. Remembering this never really bugged me when I was little, but looking back it makes me really mad. Just thinking of someone doing this to one of my future kids gets my mother-bear-defending-her-young instincts all riled up).

Still, it scarred me enough that I've never tried to steal anything since then. Any time I think about it (yes, I sometimes think about it) I get this feeling that that woman is following me around, just waiting for a chance to finish what she started.

Creepy, huh?


Michele said...

Love your hair...and you totally cracked me up...yes, you should have sued!


Andrea said...

Love the new 'do! And the mother bear instincts are NEVER wrong.

Kendra Goodrich said...

Ug! Who would do such a thing? Isn't that illegal to do that to a little kid? I like your hair by the way, very nice.

Unknown said...

The hair is super cute! I like that you incorporated your vacay into it too. :) Don't worry about posting obnoxious things (which aren't...) I do it too!

Have a great day!

Gosfam said...

Your hair is cute!! and the whore lady in the toy store obviously did not have kids of her own. She sounds like an animal. You should have sued.

seven thirty three said...

Love the hair. If someone did that to my kid they'd be in for it! Just thinking about it sets me off.

the thrifty ba said...

digging the hair!
and i have ripped into someone who was meanly correcting my kid.
here is my thing-it take a village to raise a child. PLEASE HELP ME but do not yell at my kid unless they are in danger.
i would have taken that woman DOWN!

Kurt said...

With photos like that of me posted on the internet by my own wife... is it any wonder I don't check the blog more often? Thanks babe. Love you too.

Chantel said...

Love the hair! I want to see more pics of it though. I want to be able to look at the pictures and feel lie I'm there... so show more. Please.

Also, I think mom should have sat that lady down and yelled at her without letting her leave. It's only fair.

Rachel said...

Love it, and you look very pretty!

Denise said...

It COULD have happened... " (your mother's name HERE), franticly looking for her missing child, calls 911. Police issue Amber Alert after arriving at the front of the store where (your mother's name here) is waiting. After realizing the store has cameras The Police,(your mother's name here) and all NON missing children make their way to the office to review the video. Just before entering the office The Police hear (the whore's name here) SCREAMING and rush in to find you imobilized with fear.(The whore's name here) is arrested for KIDnapping, false imprisonment, and child abuse.
Fast Forward..
(the whore's name here) is still incarcerated, but, has internet priviledges. (the whore's name here) is reading this blog now and is plotting revenge when she is freed in 2079! THE END:)
Happy Thursday!
Luv the hair!!!

Rebekah Greiman said...

When I was eight or nine, I was falsely accused of stealing candy at a local store in my home town of Manhattan, Ks. The lady made me empty my purse (which for some reason was incredibly embarrassing to me at the time) and my pockets. After finding no evidence of stolen candy, then she made me say 'Ahhhhh' to make sure I hadn't hidden it my mouth. I don't know what I did to be pegged, but she was barking up the wrong tree....

~~Mia~~ said...


I do that too feel sad for my former, younger, cuter self.

Chantel said...

Oh! I like Denise's idea! I wish that had happened... Well, now I'll just fall back on that in case that ever happens with one of my future kids.

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