Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hold on to your running shoes!

You guys, I'm doing it! I'm training for a something-K!

(This photo was staged. I promise I wore socks in real life.)

Some of the wives invited me to go running last night, and then convinced me to train with them. I can't remember what number it is though... a 5K? A 10K? I'm hoping for a 2K.

I hate running.

But I also hate having to buy new pants because my old ones won't fit over my knees.

I have fat knees.

Just kidding. I do have fat thighs though. So, you know, YOU'RE WELCOME for that mental image.

Now, before someone calls BS, I'll admit that I actually love shopping for new clothes. As long as "I have nothing to wear" isn't a literal statement, I'm all for it.

But lets face it. Those dressing room mirrors are not exactly flattering, and when you're buying up a size (or three) it's just not a pleasant experience.

That's where my 1.2K comes in.

Also, exercise is good for depression. Obviously, the Universe has a dry sense of humor. When you can't even get out of bed to use the bathroom**, exercise is not gonna be high on your daily to-do list.

I'm gonna go wash my sports bra. Wish me luck.

**I don't wet the bed. I promise. I just wait about an hour and a half longer than I should, and then run to the toilet at the last possible moment. I like to think of it as "exercising my bladder." I wonder if they have 1/4K's for that, too?


Goat Gal said...

Yay! I love it when people start running! It's so exciting and there's nothing like a runners high! You can do it! * insert me jumping up and down with pom poms here :))

Unknown said...

Good luck!! I'm impressed! I need to get back in shape after #2...maybe I should train for a 1.2k also :-)

beth kruse custom creations said...

i started running too...and i still hate it. i think i need the fifth street mama to bring her pom poms over here. a bit of advise: run somewhere you know people. this works on 2 levels. a) you won't want to stop because you are too embarrassed someone will notice you only ran a few yards OR b) you will HAVE to stop to talk to people. it would be rude not to!

Carissa Mason said...

Good luck! I used to hate running but now it's my meditation time. Plus, I LOVE how I feel when I get through even though I have to wrestle with myself to go. I am running my 3rd 5K this Saturday. Am I excited? Not terribly, but like you, I'm running with friends so that makes it more fun. All I try to think about is the water weight I'm losing! Holla!

the thrifty ba said...

i only exercise so i can eat. i really hate it. i do aerobics although im VERY VERY unco-ordinated.
i guess that waking up at 4.30am doesnt help much either. (only time i can do it w/o the kids)

Kirsten and Colby said...

I can't believe you're running! I remember Kendra and I begging you to jog every day... Always had a good excuse...! =) I need a running buddy to get me motivated, wanna move to portland?~Kirsten

Chantel said...

Do you read The Lawson's did Dallas? It is a really funny blog. Here's the link:

She runs too, and she hates it. She has a few blog posts about why she does it, maybe it will help you enjoy it :-)

Also, I know you do wet the bed. It's okay. I don't judge.

I like how the length of the run kept going down during your post :-)

Amie Jo said...

you're so funny and I HATE running too...yet I do it. It is the best way to start shopping DOWN a size....if I ever get there. There were 2 times in my life that I would get up at 530 EVERY day, well except Sunday, day of rest and all. and I lost a ton of weight that way. I know it. I remember it, which is a feat because I can't seem to remember a whole lat lately. I know the benefits of it. and yet I just don't want to go! I have such a hard time convincing myself to go to the gym, which at my house is VERY close and kid it's not like I don't have convenience on my side...ugh! I hate running, I just don't want to! I feel your pain and I DO wish you luck...I hope this works out better for you than me.. C:

~~Mia~~ said...

I actually burst out laughing at your 1.2 K comment!!! HAHAH!!! I start training every spring but usually get distracted very quickly and easily by chocolate and donuts. *sigh*

mtom said...

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