Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I'm participating in Top Two Tuesday again over at The Undomestic Momma. You guys probably remember the last time I played along- when the topic was Top Two Baby Names? Well, today's subject is Top Two Magazines. You know you are curious.

My favorite magazine is Cosmo. I love it so, so much.

When we were teenagers, my sister Amber had a subscription of Cosmo Girl, and we faithfully poured over those pages every month. The embarrassing stories were my absolute favorite part.

But when I say Cosmo, I actually mean the grown-up version. It's a whole lot more, um, adult than the version I read in highschool. And by "adult" I mean "awesome".

Back at BYU, I would buy copies at the grocery store and feel like I was getting away with something naughty. And then I'd stash it right next to that month's Ensign.

Kidding! That was just for shock value. Man, the look on your face...

But my roommate Kendra loved that magazine (Cosmo) at least as much as I did, and I was glad she didn't look down on my for this vice. She looked down on me for other things, like my love of trashy romance novels, my penchant for sleeping through church, and my habit of eating her food. But when it came to Cosmo, we were on even ground.

(Look closely at this cover. No, not the sex part. And not that other sex part, either. Over there, on the left, towards the bottom... Her boyfriend didn't change his boxers for 3 months! I have to know more!)

So... yeah. Cosmo. Good magazine. If you're looking for a late birthday present for me, you just found it.

For my second magazine, can I just choose a whole category? Or is that cheating?

Well, I'm doing it anyway. Home Decorating magazines. Sometimes I grab a few off the shelf and find a corner in the bookstore. This is especially fun if the bookstore has a coffee shop, and you grab something yummy, like an Italian Soda and a piece of coffee cake. Mmmmm.

Country Living, House Beautiful. Even Martha Stewart Living gets read on a semi-regular basis. But I never buy them.

I just like looking at the pretty pictures, and dreaming of my future home.

So there you go. What are your two favorite magazines? And do you have any you'd recommend?


gillian said...

HA- I too love Cosmo! It's amazing! That and People Magazine. I always hid my cosmo magazine when I was younger because my mom would die if she knew I had them! I like looking at wedding mags and home decor mags too just because they are all fun and you can get logs of fun ideas from them!

Beth McC. said...

YAY! I love your picks! I love all the picturs in House Beautiful! I Hope You Have A Great Day!

the thrifty ba said...

im too broke to get cosmo now at the store...thankfully i get it at the library. but i hide it under pokemon movies for the kids.

Anonymous said...

I also love cosmo, it's like a surprise box, you never know what you will find in it!

The Undomestic Mom said...

hahah I love Cosmo! Your story cracked me up!

Kendall Welsh said...

I would have to say my favorites are Romantic Home Magazine and the new magazine Flea Market Style. Good magazines full of incredible photos that actually get me to READ what the articles say instead of just looking at the photos.


Rachel said...

I can't just pick two...and since it's now Wednesday I would say that it's okay to list more than that:

Good Housekeeping - lots of neat little housewife stuff and a good variety of topics.

Cooks Illustrated - because I love to cook and I'm always looking to perfect my mad skillz.

National Geographic - love the articles and the pictures. Kind of similar to why men love Playboy.

Family Fun - lots and lots of ideas for things to do with my kids, make with the kids, etc.

Basically any craft or decor magazine...I guess that's about it.

Mandy said...

I love COSMO too. I remember buying it sometimes in highschool & thinking I probably shouldn't be reading some of this but HEY..I can't wait to read about the 3 month boxer. GROSSS!

Chantel said...

Very good choices! I don't buy any magazines right now, but I'll sometimes browse through them in the store

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