Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some stuff is worth paying extra for.

I'm eating one of these right now. For breakfast.

You're judging me, aren't you?

It's the healthiest thing I could find in the vending machine. See what it says in the upper right corner? It's a good source of 7 vitamins and minerals.

That means it's good for you.

(I stole um, borrowed this picture from this site.)

I like pop tarts. They aren't my favorite, but they taste pretty good. Well, ok. Actual pop tarts taste good. Generic brand ones? Not so much. Those taste like cardboard with over-sugared jam in the middle.


I usually like buying generic stuff. It costs less, and it doesn't taste all that different. But even if you are the thriftiest shopper out there, you probably have a few items you just won't compromise on.

Here are mine.

Spaghetti Sauce. I can't do the canned, off-brand kind. It has to be Preggo. Or Ragu works too. For me, there is nothing worse than sitting down to a bowl of pasta, and tasting a watery, bland sauce.

Macaroni and Cheese. I hated Mac & Cheese when I was little. It was so gross and tasteless. I would throw giant fits whenever my mom tried to feed it to me (I was such a fun kid). It wasn't until college that I realized I actually do like Macaroni. Just not the off-brand stuff. As long as it comes in a blue box, I'm good.

Pizza Rolls. These are my weakness. For some people it's chocolate. For Kurt, it's ice cream. But for me? Nothing compares. I am always in the mood for them.

I bought one of those giant bags the other week. And they lasted... not very long. Maybe not even 3 days. Or they might have been gone the next morning. Who can remember these details? Kurt never even knew they were there.

I don't buy them very often.

But when I do buy them, I always get the brand name. I tried the other kind a few months ago, and they were awful. Really, really gross.

So there you go. Those are my brand-name must-haves.

What are yours?

(You can tell me about them in a comment, or you can join in the discussion here, in my blogfrog forum.)


the thrifty ba said...

i wouldnt ever eat pizza rolls (not judging you-just cant do it)so you are welcome to my share!
my kids HAVE to have the walmart brand mac and cheese. they hate kraft. weirdos.
i also have this thing about real cheerios. the fake ones never taste just right to me.

Andrea said...

I eat mostly organic, now. My body/health needs for me to be more diligent. My kids use to eat pop tarts when they were teens...they love them, too (brand name, only)!

Blessings, andrea

seven thirty three said...

You make me laugh.

When I got married I told my husband there were two things I would not compromise on:

I needed brand name toilet paper and brand name cereals! ;) Doesn't really matter the brand name, but I cannot use/eat generic of either.

He laughed at me at the time, but then he went potty at my parents house and realized why I would say such a thing - they get the generic TP that is two-ply, but really is only one and it takes half the roll just to finish your business. ACK!

seven thirty three said...

Oh - I forgot! Did you know that today is NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY?

So here is your HIGH FIVE for the day! ;)

Keri said...

Thanks for the good laugh inspired me to list a few Etsy items that I have been putting off. Check this one out in particular:)

Rachel said...

- Toilet paper. Nothing worse than having to wipe your who-ha with a thin, scratchy piece of tp. We buy Cottenelle with Aloe.

- Chicken broth. Always get Swanson's just because a good broth is the foundation to an excellent finished meal.

- Diapers. My favorite has always been Pampers...but if money is tight we will get Luv's. Generic diapers tend to bust open, leak, the straps fall off easy, etc etc etc

- I'm with you on the boxed Mac n Cheese.

That's about all I can think we don't buy a whole lot of boxed or frozen foods in the first place.

Michele said...

Too's what I can remember cuz I'm not standing in front of my pantry...

- TP...gotta be cottonelle.
- generics AT ALL
- soda..cannot stand the off brands
- canned beans...all I can say is ugh...when you buy generic you get all kinds of stems and crap

I'm sure there's more....


GroverFamily said...

not judging at husband has a pop-tart and a coke every morning for breakfast...he eats 30 pizza rolls at a time...if i could eat like that i would but my butt would be the size of texas...he on the other hand can gain 20lbs(really) and still where the same size...its really strange! not to mention not fair!!

Crystal Farish said...

The only thing better than a strawberry Pop Tart, is a blueberry Pop Tart. But you probably already know that if you grew up on a Bluberry Farm. How lucky are you.

By the way.... when I was in high school, I had a Coke and a candy bar every morning for breakfast. What was my mother thinking!!!!!

Tara : Damon : Ellis : Hudson said...

macaroni and cheese too!!! i can't even stand the thought of generic mac.

and toilet paper. charmin's nice but i like cottonelle... mmmm... so soft...

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

I HAVE to have the real shake and bake, my hubby always is like why can't you just buy breadcrumbs or the generic.....uh cause I want THE REAL DEAL!! Loved this post!!

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Meet Virginia!

Lisa Wolf Smith said...

Vlasic pickles- has to be the brand name- no other will do. They only last a day or two as well- a strange phenomena.

BTW- we drove through Pittsburgh on our way to DC- I thought of you! It's only like 4-5 hours from here- we should meet up in Cleveland sometime- haha

Cas said...

I can eat generic cheerios but not generic captin crunch. I like name brand poptarts and cereal bars...the off brand doesnt taste the same. We use Charmin Ultra Strong exclusively..but I buy off brand paper towels that you can break up into different sizes they last way longer. I will eat off brand veggies but can't do anything but Kraft Mayo...and as for pizza rolls....I am so addicted to them (name brand only) dipped in french or ranch kid is going to come out as a big pizza roll.

Chantel said...

You're so funny! And it's true, pop-tarts and pizza rolls have to be the brand. They just aren't even worth eating if they aren't.

Why can't we catch each other on the phone ever!?!

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