Thursday, April 29, 2010

I don't remember this. Because I was sleeping.

I take myself very seriously when I'm sleeping.


"Hey Helena, time to get up."


"You said to wake you up at 7:30"

*distressed noises*

"Come on." He shook me slightly. "It's 7:30"


"Helena. It's 7:30"

I blearily opened an eye, and tried to focus on his face. It didn't work, so I closed it again.

He shook me a little. I tried to roll away.

"But...but which 7:30?" I asked over my shoulder, trying to bury my head under the pillow.


He pulled the pillow away, proving just how heartless he really is.

"You say it's 7:30" I was very distressed. "But there are a lot of 7:30s!"

"Um..." There was laughter in his voice. Which just made me more mad.

"Is it 7:30 Eastern time?? Or...or Mountain time?? Or Pacific time???!"

"Oh. Um, It's 7:30 Eastern time." He was almost snorting with laughter.

"Why didn't you just say so?" I spit out in my most scathing voice.

"Wow. You're right. Sorry about that." He was shaking with laughter as he placed the pillow back over my head.

"See you in a few hours" he said, walking out the door.

He really needs to be more specific about these things.


gillian said...

HAHAHA Oh my gosh that is so funny! My husband talks in his sleep ALL the time! I wrote about it back in september on my blog I think... ? But yea, its awesome to watch. He always thinks spiders are crawling on him. It's crazy.

P.s. sorry I havent commented in a while! Life has been CRAZY! I have been catching up on reading though :)

Goat Gal said...

My husband is a sleep talker as well. Oh the adventures we have...

Chantel said...

Michael can relate to Kurt. For sure. I have the hardest time waking up, and sometimes I'll talk in my sleep. I think I'm rubbing off on Michael thought, cause sometimes he talks in his sleep too :-)

Denise said...

That is TOO much! Lately my 3 yr. old has decided to "help" me get out of bed. She prefers to tell me that I can't go back to sleep "because IT IS daytime"....

Christy said...

Guffaw, chortle, wheeze, gasp, giggle.

~~Mia~~ said...

hahahaha!!!!!! that's awesome. when i was in high school, my friend and i took up jogging every morning at 6 am. well after the first day, she woke me up, apparently i *quote* growled at her like a gremlin *unquote* so she wouldn't wake me up anymore. my jogging career was short lived due to my love of sleeping.

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