Friday, April 9, 2010

9 Months

Today is our 9 month anniversary. Which is a big one for us. Before the wedding I used to tease him a lot.

"So in 9 months and 2 weeks, when we have our first child..."
"Just think, only 9 months and 6 days until you are a Daddy..."
"Thanks for marrying me today. Now lets go get pregnant."

He wasn't amused. But I sure was.

So here we are, and he got his way- no kids for us yet.

Once we start having them (probably in a few years), we want to just have them all really fast and then be done.

And I want 7.

I know, I know. I'm crazy. And I also know that once I have a few (or one), I might change my mind. But right now, in theory, we want a lot. I have always loved the idea of having maybe 4 or 5, and adopting 2 or 3.

But whenever I see my friends and their adorable little babies, the craving starts up.

I think, "They're Dental Student Wives, and they are doing it just fine... and this is the cutest baby I've ever seen... and it would be so fun to dress one up... and I wonder what it feels like to be pregnant..."

But then they cry (or start stinking) and I hand them back as quickly as possible.

It's pretty good birth control.

Back before I had a job, my friend Kendra would tell me to just have one, so I wouldn't be bored anymore (she was kidding. I think).

Now I'm tempted to have one so I don't have to work anymore.

I'm only half joking here.

Awful reasons to get pregnant? Probably. And so we are waiting until I am a little more mature before we think about it.

Anyway, Happy 9 Months to Us!

(I'm not as baby-obsessed as this makes me look. I actually wrote this post 3 months ago, and scheduled it. Stop judging.)


concretenprimroses said...

Happy nine months!
We just passed our 20yr and 9 month anniversary, he he.

Dawn said...

Aww! Happy 9 months!

Jamie said...

Congrats! You are funny about the babies! I didn't want kids forever! I kept saying, in 2 years we can have one. Then, 2 years later I still said, about in 2 more years! I never liked babies until I had them. I always pictured my kids 5 years old. I never wanted to think about the baby/toddler stage! i was so off. Its the best part! (well, I am sure it just gets better, but I am loving it now)

Jenn said...

You are just beginning! We are working on our 14th year married and have 4 kiddos. It goes by quick, so enjoy every moment!
Have a great day!

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

That is so funny!! When I first got married I wanted 8... not so much now. I have three but I wouldn't mind 5 still. We have all of our close, it's crazy but we figure the sooner we have them the sooner we can get on with our lives :).

Unknown said...

Happy 9 months to you and Kurt. We are going 15 years for us. I think I was even MORE baby hungry that you are. I started begging right away then Matt found an awesome job that gave us insurance. The problem is he wasn't ready so he lied to me and told me that his job didn't offer insurance to me for another 6 months. It was a sad day for him when I found out ha ha ha. We started trying right away but thankfully for him it took 6 months to get pregnant with Eimi. That helped him get ready. Whatever, don't judge me either.

Jenn Miyamoto said...

Have I ever told you that I just LOVE your blog?! Okay, well I'll tell you now...I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Thanks for blogging! And happy 9 month anniversary (with the rest of forever to go)!

Rachel said...

Happy 9 Months!

I've got three and I don't think I want to be finished yet. Lately I've been having some pretty intense baby cravings.

But I know that really, we should probably wait until our youngest is in school before having another, because just these three can drive me completely insane some days. The boys are a HANDFUL, and I can't imagine trying to care for a newborn with these two at their current age.

Everytime I see an infant my heart aches a little though. I'm not sure what my husband feels about all of this, I'm always joking that we should have another baby to prepare him for when I start seriously whining for one!

Chantel said...

Happy 9 months!! Michael is the same way as Bryan and Jamie, he wants to skip the baby stage and get right to 3 years old. LoL! There are adorable babies in our church, but I'm not baby hungry yet. Every once in a while I'll get a craving for a baby. But we are not ready for kids yet.

Christy said...

We were married 3 years when we had Katie and even though I though I begged to have one earlier, that worked out PERFECTLY. And don't plan on it taking awhile to get preggo, it was READY OR NOT, HERE SHE IS, when we finally tried to have Katie. Whenever you talk him into it will be a good time. Happy 9 month anniversary. We had our 17 year anniv last Sept! Yikes! Time flies...

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