Friday, April 30, 2010

Featuring Other Stuff

We are going to have to take a detour from our regularly scheduled....schedule. As I described here, I haven't had a chance to look at all of the projects that were linked up this week. Because I'm out of the country right now. For the first time in my life. And I don't think there is internet on the ocean.

So instead, here are some awesome things I've found on Etsy.

blue recycled scrabble pendant, from Tiny Trees Boutique

Poppy Lamp Work Earrings, by The Bead Aerie

Hand Knit Apple Jacket, by Jacqueline Knits, ltd

Mother and Child Chickadee Amigurumi, by Missus D's shop

Victoria Grey Ribbed Knit Spats, by Knit Lush's shop

Set of 3 handmade buttons, from Hodge Podge Arts

Nice, huh?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I don't remember this. Because I was sleeping.

I take myself very seriously when I'm sleeping.


"Hey Helena, time to get up."


"You said to wake you up at 7:30"

*distressed noises*

"Come on." He shook me slightly. "It's 7:30"


"Helena. It's 7:30"

I blearily opened an eye, and tried to focus on his face. It didn't work, so I closed it again.

He shook me a little. I tried to roll away.

"But...but which 7:30?" I asked over my shoulder, trying to bury my head under the pillow.


He pulled the pillow away, proving just how heartless he really is.

"You say it's 7:30" I was very distressed. "But there are a lot of 7:30s!"

"Um..." There was laughter in his voice. Which just made me more mad.

"Is it 7:30 Eastern time?? Or...or Mountain time?? Or Pacific time???!"

"Oh. Um, It's 7:30 Eastern time." He was almost snorting with laughter.

"Why didn't you just say so?" I spit out in my most scathing voice.

"Wow. You're right. Sorry about that." He was shaking with laughter as he placed the pillow back over my head.

"See you in a few hours" he said, walking out the door.

He really needs to be more specific about these things.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Guerrilla Glue

I did it. I tried Guerrilla Glue for the first time. And... it kind of worked?

2 weeks ago, I was very inspired by the projects that were linked up. And so I tried a few.

I went to the dollar store and got 3 little candle stick holders. Then I went to Target and got some pretty plastic plates.

I spray painted the candle stick things white, and then added a clear coat to seal it.

Once that dried, I glued the candle sticks to the plates, with my Guerrilla Glue. I placed heavy objects on top, and left them overnight.

Ta Daa!

They look so awesome!

Oh, wait...

Huh... that doesn't look very good...

It bubbled. A lot. And I'm not sure how to fix it.

Any ideas?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jamaican Giveaway!!

Oh hey, did I mention that
Wow, sorry. That just popped out.
I guess I'm excited?

Well, I'm bringing stuff back.
And when I do, I'll need someone to give it to.

That's right, a Giveaway!
To enter, just leave a comment.
Starting Saturday.
On any post.
(I am a comment addict.
And coming home to an inbox full of comments?
Yes please!)
Only 1 entry per person,
But you can leave me extra comments if you'd like.
Because you know I love them.

We are going to Mexico, and Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.
For someone who has never even been to Canada,
This is a big deal.

Ok, ok.
I'll give you another way to enter.
1 entry if you participate in a discussion in my Blog Frog Community.
See the purple icon on the left sidebar?
The one that has a picture of my face?
Click there.

So now there is a total of 2 possible entries.

I'll announce the winner once I get back.
Let's say....
The first Monday in May.

I'll try to make it something good :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This post is funny, because I'm actually in another country right now.

I know a LOT about Flag Etiquette. It's kind of my job. And by kind of, I mean it actually is my job. I'm not sure why I said it like that.

I get calls all day every day with people asking me things like "Which side of the stage does the flag go on" and "can I leave my flag out all night" and "I think anybody who steals my flag from my front yard and burns it should be shot and YOU SHOULD PUT THAT IN YOUR PAMPHLET."

I love my job.

A few months ago, I had no idea how to properly retire a flag. Heck, I didn't even know private citizens can half staff their flags whenever they want to!

I know.

But don't worry, I am now the voice of Flag Authority. Ask me a question. I DARE YOU.

(and if I don't know the answer, I can always ask my boss.)

And since you are wondering, I will tell you one of the most frequently asked questions. Heck, I'll even throw in the official answer. YOU'RE WELCOME.

"I have an American flag, and a State flag, and another country's flag, and a company flag. Which order do I hang them in?"

Where do I even begin?

First, determine your audience. Which direction will most people be looking at the flags from? Is it in a room with a bunch of chairs facing a stage? Or is it outside, in between a building and a freeway? Once you figure out your audience, we can move on to The Phrase I Repeat 50 Million Times Per Day.

"The American flag is ALWAYS to the extreme Left of the audience."

So on that stage? It goes to the speaker's right. Because that is the audiences left.

In between the building and a busy Freeway? The Freeway is your audience, because more people will be looking from that direction.

Now for order. As you know, the American flag goes on the audience's left. Next, you can put either the State flag, or the International flag. That's up to you. And then your company flag goes to the extreme right.

Adding a POW flag to the mix? Stick that next to the American flag. Unless you don't want to. Really, that is up to you, and someone is going to get mad no matter where you put that one.

But should the American flag be higher than the others?

Well, it depends. If you take the International flag out of the mix, then sure. If you want. You can fly the other flags lower, or at the same height as the stars and stripes.

But if you are flying another Nations flag, you MUST fly it at the same height as the US flag. It cannot be flown lower than the US flag. It also cannot be flown higher. We're talking exactly the same height or you will get a million complaints from the concerned citizens of your community.

You see, no Nations flag can be flown higher than another Nations flag.

There is an exception to this. The Medal podium at the Olympics. When one country wins a gold, their flag is flown higher than the others during the medal ceremony, and their national anthem is played.

But that's it. At all other times, all Countries flags must be flown at the same height.

Now, here is something super important. What happens when you half staff the American flag?

Well, no flag can fly higher than the US flag**. So you half staff them all.

BUT WAIT. What about the foreign flag?

We do not have the authority to half staff that one. So you can either call the embassy for that country and ask permission to half staff their flag, or you can just take their flag down for the duration.

Most people just take it down.

Phew. See? complicated. I bet you're glad you asked.

**ok, this one has an exception, too. On UN soil, all of the Nations flags are flown at the same height as each other. And the UN flag flies above them all. But that's only ok because they are the UN, and they get to do whatever they want.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess what color my hair is?

If you're guessing brown, you're a little bit right. I mean, that's what it's supposed to be.

(This is the first color I ever dyed my hair. Aww, memories!)

When I turned 16, my Mom told me I could dye my hair (but nothing extreme). I was SO excited. My hair was brown, so of course I went and dyed it...Brown. Again. Not sure what I was thinking with that one.

But back to the question. What other color could it be?

You're probably thinking red, huh? Nope.

I've done it before, though. Once I dated a guy for 3 months before he realized I wasn't a red head. Which was really weird- I mean, I have black eyebrows. What red head has black eyebrows?

(This is the kit I used back in the day. And it turned out really pretty)

You might be thinking purple. I probably seem like the type who would rock that look. Turns out I am. Not rocking that look- but able to rock it.

The summer I graduated high school, I had light purple highlights. It was really pretty um, hardcore. My mother was understandably horrified. It was my first major rebellion.

(This stuff fades really fast. Just sayin')

But a few months later I went off to BYU, and my hair was dyed back to brown. Turns out purple is not an acceptable color for a BYU student.

So what about now?

Why blond, of course!

I know, some of you probably guessed that right off. Go you.

But most of you are shocked, huh?

I went in to my friend's salon, and told her to do whatever she wanted. She knew I was going on a cruise next week, and so she gave me a lighter, flirtier color to go with my soon-to-be-tan skin. Or, more realistically, my soon-to-be-burned-and-blistery skin.

I wasn't sure at first. I never am when I change the color. But Kurt loves it. I was blond when we first started dating, and only dyed it back to brown for the wedding because I felt like those pictures shouldn't be full of lies.


Dating (he married me for my teeth):




Yeah, I don't have a picture yet. How obnoxious is that?

Kurt is too busy with his finals to snap any. I've been planning this post for a few days, but I was waiting until I had this last picture to post it.

And then I gave up and decided to post it anyway.

So which color/style is your favorite?

I know, I know. You're hoping I'll go purple again. I think I'm gonna wait until my daughters are in highschool before I revive that look.

What's the point in rebelling if no one is horrified?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is this awful?

We are leaving on our trip this coming weekend, and I just realized that I don't have any clothes to wear.

"How is that possible?" asked Kurt.

"None of those clothes fit right anymore. And you're supposed to dress nicely on a cruise."

"Ok. Um, I guess you'll have to go buy some new outfits."

He hasn't learned how to say no to me yet.

Should I feel guilty? Or should I milk it? Cause I'm leaning towards the second option.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Famous!

Hey guys! Guess what?

Lanie J. and Company

Lanie interviewed me! I've never been interviewed for a blog before. It was really fun.

Click here to read it.

You're probably wondering if you can interview me for your blog now. The answer is YES.

Maybe I should put a new header on my blog:

Will do interviews for free. (Bribes welcome)

I love Lanie J. For a few reasons. First, we have the same same. So basically we are the same person.

Second, she is very supportive. She always has nice things to say.

And Third, she is super creative! So after you head over there and read my interview, take a few minutes to look around. You'll like what you see.

And in other news, I tweeted over ten times yesterday.

Stop pretending. You know you're impressed.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Is this creepy?

Me "It's probably because our nervous system uses electrical impulses."

Kurt "........"

Me "You know what I mean, right?"

Kurt "........"

Me "Dude, are you listening?"

Kurt "Oh, sorry! I was just trying to picture your head, only without skin."

Me "........"

Kurt "I mean, I just had my anatomy head and neck test today. And I've been sawing open dead bodies all week."

Me "........"

Kurt "It's Finals week. What did you expect?"

Me "Well, not that...."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some stuff is worth paying extra for.

I'm eating one of these right now. For breakfast.

You're judging me, aren't you?

It's the healthiest thing I could find in the vending machine. See what it says in the upper right corner? It's a good source of 7 vitamins and minerals.

That means it's good for you.

(I stole um, borrowed this picture from this site.)

I like pop tarts. They aren't my favorite, but they taste pretty good. Well, ok. Actual pop tarts taste good. Generic brand ones? Not so much. Those taste like cardboard with over-sugared jam in the middle.


I usually like buying generic stuff. It costs less, and it doesn't taste all that different. But even if you are the thriftiest shopper out there, you probably have a few items you just won't compromise on.

Here are mine.

Spaghetti Sauce. I can't do the canned, off-brand kind. It has to be Preggo. Or Ragu works too. For me, there is nothing worse than sitting down to a bowl of pasta, and tasting a watery, bland sauce.

Macaroni and Cheese. I hated Mac & Cheese when I was little. It was so gross and tasteless. I would throw giant fits whenever my mom tried to feed it to me (I was such a fun kid). It wasn't until college that I realized I actually do like Macaroni. Just not the off-brand stuff. As long as it comes in a blue box, I'm good.

Pizza Rolls. These are my weakness. For some people it's chocolate. For Kurt, it's ice cream. But for me? Nothing compares. I am always in the mood for them.

I bought one of those giant bags the other week. And they lasted... not very long. Maybe not even 3 days. Or they might have been gone the next morning. Who can remember these details? Kurt never even knew they were there.

I don't buy them very often.

But when I do buy them, I always get the brand name. I tried the other kind a few months ago, and they were awful. Really, really gross.

So there you go. Those are my brand-name must-haves.

What are yours?

(You can tell me about them in a comment, or you can join in the discussion here, in my blogfrog forum.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some thought on Creative Therapy

You know, our Creative Therapy sessions are my favorite part of the week. Hosting a link party is hard work, and it takes a lot of time. But for me? It's worth it.

Your projects always thrill me. Seeing the huge variety of projects that are linked up each week is amazing. Simple or elaborate, experienced crafter or beginner, each one of you makes me stop and think "I wonder if I could do that."

For someone who is intimately acquainted with depression, getting that jolt of enthusiasm and excitement can make all the difference.

It helps me want to do more than just sleep when I get home.

Which, if you ask my family (or any past roommates), is saying a lot.

So thank you.

I would like to ask you to do something. When people link up their crafts, please click on the links. Even just a few of them.

Then? Leave a comment. You guys know what it's like- checking your email 6 times per day, hoping for a comment.

Don't worry, I'm not asking you to visit all of them (you know, unless you want to). That's my job. But please, visit a few. Even if they aren't at the front of the list.

Some of these women are beginning crafters. They have no idea how to take a good picture of their project. Their tutorial skills might suck. But they need encouragement. They need to feel like they are a part of this community of creative women.

Isn't that why we all blog? To make new friendships, and learn from each other?

That's what I want this Creative Therapy to be about.

Now, here are the rules.

1. Make sure you link directly to the page your Creative Project is on, not your main blog page (please, no Etsy Shops or online stores).

2. Leave a short description of your project.

3. Grab my Craft Therapy button, and put it somewhere visible. Or you can just create a link back. I'm not too picky.

4. Visit the person above you in the Linky list, and leave them a comment. And if you'd like to visit a few more people, that would be great, too!

The linky will close at Midnight on the 14th, so be sure to link up before then. And if you don't get your project done on time, don't stress. Enjoy the projects that were linked up, and participate again next week.

Life in the Pitts

Eavesdropping, cussing, and threading my eyebrows.

Blogger Chix Designs hosts a party each week, called Talk About It Tuesday. It's an excuse to talk about anything you want.

Not that you need an excuse, of course.

But still, it's nice to have someone to blame, in case you get in trouble.

Talk About it Tuesday

Today, I'm talking about my eyebrows.

My office is right next to the lunchroom. Since my desk isn't visible from the hall, I think people forget that I'm here. Which is awesome, because when they stand out in the hall and gossip, I can hear every word.

My favorite line so far?

"Yeah, this hot Asian surfer chick. And she totally wants me. I can tell, man."

.....sure she does, buddy.

I usually spend my lunch hour at my desk. Because I'm cool like that.

Also because there is a tv in the lunchroom, and every time I wander in there, a group of 50-something women and men are watching a soap opera. And if you make any noise, you get death glares.

Which is probably why so many people stand in the hallway to gossip.

Today I spiced up my lunch routine a little bit. By threading.

Yup, that's right, threading.

Who knew you could do it yourself?

I know some of you are scratching your head, wondering what the heck threading is. That was me, a week or so ago. I'd never heard of it.

Turns out, it's an ancient Middle-Eastern hair removal technique, which has recently become popular in America.

All you need is a spool of thread.

(This isn't actually my thread. Mine was much less shiny. I found this picture here.)

So today I sat at my desk, hunched over, with my compact mirror balanced against my monitor.

That's a pretty good example of what not to do.

But I kind of got the hang of it after a while. And I felt very sophisticated and cultured.

Except for, you know, that hunching thing.

(I found this picture on Google Images. But we can pretend my eyebrows look that pretty.)

I didn't mind doing my eyebrows. It was much less painful than plucking, which is my usual grooming technique.

I don't really recommend doing the upper-lip, though. That hurts like heck. And by heck, I mean,

"holy mother f*#$%!&*$@#*!!!"

Abrupt silence from the hall. I bet those guys weren't expecting that reaction to their Hot-Asian-Chick conversation.

Here is a how-to video I found on YouTube, in case you are thinking of trying it yourself.

There was no embed code, so you'll have to click here

Monday, April 12, 2010

To vinyl, or not to vinyl?

I can't think of anything to write about. So instead of trying too hard to come up with a topic (you can always tell when I'm trying too hard), I'm just going to show you what I've been doing this morning.

I just spent a whole lot of time clicking through some beautiful pictures. If you want to see some really amazing stuff, type in "vinyl" on Etsy.

How do you feel about vinyl on walls? I think I like it. But I'm not sure. I guess it all depends on how you use it.

Here, I'll show you what I like. There is an Etsy Shop named Love Mae Store where I just got lost for a few hours. All of these pictures are from her shop.

And even though I found this stuff by searching the word "vinyl," they are made out of a adhesive fabric and can be used over and over again, which vinyl definitely can not do.

So if you see something you really want to buy me, go for it.

Winter Dress Up Doll

Up Up and Away


Boys Twitter Birds

Build a Tree

Here Birdy

Dainty Toadstools

Build A Tree

Creepy Crawlies

Oh Dear

I love how the stickers are almost interacting with the furniture. This is my favorite shop so far.

If I had the money, I would buy this stuff right now. Who knows what will be available when I have a kid?

When you are on Etsy, what do you like to look up?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stop motion videos

I love stuff like this.

Kurt's comment: "oh hey, she's almost as active as you are when you sleep."

Friday, April 9, 2010

9 Months

Today is our 9 month anniversary. Which is a big one for us. Before the wedding I used to tease him a lot.

"So in 9 months and 2 weeks, when we have our first child..."
"Just think, only 9 months and 6 days until you are a Daddy..."
"Thanks for marrying me today. Now lets go get pregnant."

He wasn't amused. But I sure was.

So here we are, and he got his way- no kids for us yet.

Once we start having them (probably in a few years), we want to just have them all really fast and then be done.

And I want 7.

I know, I know. I'm crazy. And I also know that once I have a few (or one), I might change my mind. But right now, in theory, we want a lot. I have always loved the idea of having maybe 4 or 5, and adopting 2 or 3.

But whenever I see my friends and their adorable little babies, the craving starts up.

I think, "They're Dental Student Wives, and they are doing it just fine... and this is the cutest baby I've ever seen... and it would be so fun to dress one up... and I wonder what it feels like to be pregnant..."

But then they cry (or start stinking) and I hand them back as quickly as possible.

It's pretty good birth control.

Back before I had a job, my friend Kendra would tell me to just have one, so I wouldn't be bored anymore (she was kidding. I think).

Now I'm tempted to have one so I don't have to work anymore.

I'm only half joking here.

Awful reasons to get pregnant? Probably. And so we are waiting until I am a little more mature before we think about it.

Anyway, Happy 9 Months to Us!

(I'm not as baby-obsessed as this makes me look. I actually wrote this post 3 months ago, and scheduled it. Stop judging.)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I've been practicing like you wouldn't believe.

How many deviled eggs can you eat in one sitting?

Yeah, I think we all know who wins this competition.

(I stole that picture. Mostly because I was too busy licking the mayonnaise/egg yolk stuff off my fingers to take one of my own.)

Getting to know you

Hey guys, guess what? I started a Life in the Pitts community! I'd like this to be a place where we can ask questions, have discussions, and get to know each other better.

Here's what you do.

Click on the Widget, on my left sidebar. It's the pink one.

Annnnnd... I'm not exactly sure what else you have to do. Sell your soul, or something.

But then once you've done that, you can join my community, and participate in the awesome Forum discussions! There are 3 super exciting ones already on there (And by "super exciting" I mean I'm the only one participating, and it's kind of lonely). so get on over there, and keep me company!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I'm participating in Top Two Tuesday again over at The Undomestic Momma. You guys probably remember the last time I played along- when the topic was Top Two Baby Names? Well, today's subject is Top Two Magazines. You know you are curious.

My favorite magazine is Cosmo. I love it so, so much.

When we were teenagers, my sister Amber had a subscription of Cosmo Girl, and we faithfully poured over those pages every month. The embarrassing stories were my absolute favorite part.

But when I say Cosmo, I actually mean the grown-up version. It's a whole lot more, um, adult than the version I read in highschool. And by "adult" I mean "awesome".

Back at BYU, I would buy copies at the grocery store and feel like I was getting away with something naughty. And then I'd stash it right next to that month's Ensign.

Kidding! That was just for shock value. Man, the look on your face...

But my roommate Kendra loved that magazine (Cosmo) at least as much as I did, and I was glad she didn't look down on my for this vice. She looked down on me for other things, like my love of trashy romance novels, my penchant for sleeping through church, and my habit of eating her food. But when it came to Cosmo, we were on even ground.

(Look closely at this cover. No, not the sex part. And not that other sex part, either. Over there, on the left, towards the bottom... Her boyfriend didn't change his boxers for 3 months! I have to know more!)

So... yeah. Cosmo. Good magazine. If you're looking for a late birthday present for me, you just found it.

For my second magazine, can I just choose a whole category? Or is that cheating?

Well, I'm doing it anyway. Home Decorating magazines. Sometimes I grab a few off the shelf and find a corner in the bookstore. This is especially fun if the bookstore has a coffee shop, and you grab something yummy, like an Italian Soda and a piece of coffee cake. Mmmmm.

Country Living, House Beautiful. Even Martha Stewart Living gets read on a semi-regular basis. But I never buy them.

I just like looking at the pretty pictures, and dreaming of my future home.

So there you go. What are your two favorite magazines? And do you have any you'd recommend?

Monday, April 5, 2010

The most-used phrase of my work day

"The American flag is always to the extreme Left of the Audience."

There. Now you know.


I'm still recovering.

You know when you half-finish a post, and then forget about it? That isn't so bad. But when it's a half finished scheduled post, and you forget about it, and then it posts when you aren't looking... that's not quite as fun.

How was your Easter? Mine was dramatic. You know, for someone who studied Marriage, Family, and Human Development in college, I sure make a lot of mistakes.

I mean, everybody is going to make mistakes. But I seem determined to make every single mistake that we covered in class over and over again.

You know, the classic ones.

Getting mad when he doesn't read your mind.

Getting so caught up in your holiday traditions that you ignore his ideas.

Running to your sisters to complain about how awful he is, and then getting mad at him when he gets mad at you for "turning your family against him" (which is so not true. They like him more than they like me).

I know better.

But I can't seem to help myself.

Or, I guess I can't seem to care enough in the moment to help myself.

And here I thought marriage was going to be easy.

(just kidding, I'm not crazy)

Everything was good, right up until The Fight Of The Century.

For example, Our Easter baskets turned out awesome. I filled them with Cadbury Mini Eggs and baby gummi bears, and even stuck in a few games and movies. He even said "This is the best Easter Basket ever!"

Which I already knew, of course.

Do you guys hide your Easter baskets? We did. Last year at my Dads house I hid Kurt's so well, it took him 12 hours to find it (I am that good).

This year it was the opposite- I had to get 2 hints before I found it! And we live in a 1 bedroom apartment. I was impressed.

And even though the evening was rather explosive, we did make up eventually. And we decided that we are going to talk about our holidays in advance, and plan them together, which is probably a good idea.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Did you guys have a hard time adjusting to being married?

Silly question, I bet everybody does. Still, if you have any similar stories to share, or words of encouragement, I would love to hear them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Checkers

I design checker boards. It's kind of my thing. Making a board is pretty simple, but super time consuming. Still, I love it, and it's a really great creative outlet for me.

I've been working on some new designs. But my favorite part? The checker pieces. Here, I'll just show you:

Pretty, huh? I was going to make more, but Michaels ran out of their little wooden disks, and I'm waiting for them to get a new shipment.

If you want to make some yourself, here is a tip- the bag says that they are 1", but none of them are completely round. Plus the edges are tapered. So even if you use a hole punch or a Cricut (I am jealous of your Cricut) you will still need to trace and trim each piece of paper individually.

Yeah, I wasn't kidding about the time consuming thing.

Luckily I have Netflix to keep me entertained while I'm making them.

Unluckily, our DVD player broke.

So maybe it's a good thing my Michaels is out of the wooden disks?

So what do you think?

I'm going to link up to these parties.

And to this new party here:

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