Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top Two Baby Names

I know, 2 posts in one day. But the last one was little, and I really want to participate in this. Don't judge me.

Taylor over at The Undomestic Momma is doing favorite baby names for her Top Two Tuesday. PERFECT TIMING. I just barely figured this out.*

It's like she read my mind. Or has spy cameras in my house. Either way, I'm flattered.

My Top 2 Favorite Names are:

Girl: Piper.

But Kurt hates it. This was my second favorite until he announced that he would rather die than name his child Piper. At that moment, it became my very favorite name, and I would rather die than give it up.

Boy: Ammon. Which he is ok with.

And Kurt's top 2 are:

Girl: Harper. I like it. But not as much as Piper.

Boy: Hunter. I'm not sure about it yet.

(If you were just curious about the names, you should probably stop here)

*I couldn't sleep the other night. So to pass the time, I grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper, and started writing down all my favorite baby names. It took me a few hours (Yes, hours), because I needed to try all kinds of first and middle name combinations. And boy/girl combinations. I mean, what if I have twins? Rhyming names are so overrated (unless your baby names rhyme. those are probably adorable).

No, I'm not pregnant. Just obsessive.

Names are a big deal in our family. When I was 10 years old, I announced that I was gonna name my son Parker. It's a family name.

A few years later, Amber got mad because she wanted to use that name, and she had always been planning on it, and it just wasn't fair.

That's when I remembered that I had really decided on it when I was 3- no, still in the womb.

Turns out she remembers wanting it before she was even conceived.

You guys, this fight still hasn't ended.

Then Jimmy (my brother) married Annie. Who is gonna name her son James Parker Kaiser the 5th. Or 6th. Or maybe 3rd. And then instead of calling him Jimmy, like his daddy, she is gonna use his middle name. Parker.

I hate her.

So yeah, names are a big deal. To avoid any more hostility, my sister decided to get organized. We each have a baby name list which we update yearly.

And if someone has already called a name, you can't have it on your list. Unless it's far down on your list. And then you need permission.

I know.

So there I was, updating my list, erasing ones I'd gotten over, adding new ones. ALL NIGHT.

In church the next day, I earnestly whispered to Kurt "So, I have 8 girl names and 8 boy names that I love. Looks like we are having 16 kids."

He rolled his eyes. Which is code for "I completely agree."


Erin said...

Haha I love the naming rights contest with you and your sister, too funny!
I really like the sound of Ammon. I have never considered it before.

Rachel said...

We always had a REALLY hard time coming up with names for our kids. The boys were harder than the girl...I had known what I wanted to name her years before she was even conceived (Teagan Kyla). The first boy was pretty easy since my husband wanted his first son to have a family name (John Christopher, and now we have about 5 living Johns in the family, including 3 John Christophers. And his sister named her baby William John which is another family name, so there's the John again for ya).

My second son was so much harder because we weren't going to do another family name and neither of us had a clue what we wanted to name him. He wasn't named officially until a couple days before I was scheduled to have my c-section. I really wanted to name him Jericho. But my husband wasn't down with that at all.

So we agreed on Hayden Alex...which I didn't even think of this at the time, but my husband has a cousin who has two boys: one is named Aiden and the other is Alex. So she probably totally thinks we copied her names, or at least nearly copied. But whatever. That wasn't the case at all!

Rachel said...

I guess I should say that we had a REALLY hard time coming up with the name for our last one...I went on to explain in my first comment that the first two kids weren't too hard lol.

the thrifty ba said...

here is how i got the names i wanted...
we were building a home and i wanted a gas range and chris wanted an electric. i told him that he could have his dumb electric one if i could name our 2nd kid (wasnt even conceived yet).
i got the name i wanted and he has his electric range that we all hate!
so when it dies, i will get a gas range AND i got to name nathan patrick.
yup-it is all about getting my way.

Chelsea said...

Your story is HILARIOUS! I hope you get all the good names ;)

Kristen said...

I love your names, and your story!

New follower :-)

The Undomestic Mom said...

I love you name picks!!! Your story is cracking me up!

Rachel said...

Ah! I just had to come back once more and correct myself...I wanted to name Hayden JUDAH. Not Jericho...lol. I've got TV shows on the brain!

Annie said...

I love Piper!!
My huns adn I had a hard time coming to a concensus too....ugh...what a challenge!!

Chantel said...

I am proud to say that I have never been in these fights. I have names that I've loved for years, and sometimes I'll tell you guys what they are in the hopes that you'll respect my wishes. However a few years ago you told me you had to have on of the names on my list... I was tempted to join the fight then. But I refrained. :-)

16 kids? Wow, I'll babysit, but only sometimes.

Wiz said...

Love the names! I love Piper but I know my husband would rule it out. I think since we have to carry the baby and go through pregnancy for NINE months, we should get baby naming rights :)

Amber said...

Don't worry Chantel she does that to me too... I tell her a name I like and then a month or two later she thinks she came up with it and 'defiantly' had the idea it first... I have an old list she gave me a year ago, at the same time she gave me the list I told her some names I was considering and a WEEK later she gives me an 'updated' list with at least two of the names I had JUST told her! Lol!

I like your names Helena and don't worry the fight over who gets Parker will be settled once and for all as soon as one of us has a child (Preferably a boy)... Good luck and let the most fertile woman win :)

RN Mama said...

Oh my goodness! First of all, you are my new blog best friend because your name is Lanie, and I have never met a real life Lanie, other than my daughter! Oh, and you grew up in Michigan:)

Second, Piper. Really? That is my number one choice right now if I ever have another girl! I haven't broken that news to my husband though, I'm pretty sure he'll hate it:(

Kenj said...

Yay fr Piper.!! (: My fav fav fav.!

Danielle said...

im obsessive too! & im a planner. boy oh boy am i! i also had to feel out my husbands ideas of "good" names and boy - some of them are not...... good. haha i think its better to hash it out now then when were under pressure and only have 9 months to figure it out!! and no im not pregnant. just obsessive. and i dont tell anyone ANYONE my top names b/c i don't want anyone to steal them.. it was too much of a hassle to think them up! p.s. piper is so cute!!

Christy said...

HILARIOUS! And so I must tell you that Drew got so sick of listening to me think of new names for Kaitlyn before we decided definitely on Kaitlyn that he started to call her Button. Yes. You read that right. Button. Hello, yeah, what a dork. With Katie I picked the girl name, he picked the boy name (Ian) and I won b/c we had a girl....

Christy said...

OH! And I also have the perfect boy name, I'll just have to give it to a dog or something since I have all the kids I can handle. Someday we will yell "Here Weston, c'mere Weston." And I can kick Weston outside when he is noisy (unlike kids) The end.

Leanne said...

My youngest son's name is Ammon, sooo we love that name. He's 6 now and very proud of his name. And he's the only Ammon in his class.

Cindy said...

Love Piper! (and am enjoying your blog, which I just found, as well!) :)

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