Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday David!

My brother David is turning 15 today! He is such a great kid. Always has been. Probably my influence.

David is ten years younger than I am. when I was little I thought that was so cool- It would always be easy to remember how old he was.

But now I'm all "In just 4 years he'll be going on a mission!

...and I'll be almost 30. CRAP."

Last year for his Birthday, we threw a surprise party for him at Outback Steakhouse. He loves that restaurant. Especially their bread. I think he ate 12 of those little loafs of bread all by himself.

The waitress made him get up on a chair and dance. At first he was all "Heck no I won't!" But then he got into it.

He had broken his collar bone tumbling a few weeks before, which is why he is rocking a sling in this picture.

Kurt and I weren't even engaged at that point. I'm pretty sure that was during the "Is he ever going to propose???" phase of our relationship. Here's a picture of us from that night.

Notice how tan I am? Yup, that's over.


~~Mia~~ said...

love it! great pic of you really should start scrappin'!

Chantel said...

You don't have to be tan to be beautiful :-)

We went to Pizza Factory. I think he had a good day, they sang to him in seminary

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