Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Mail Boxes

Once a week, we have "Family Home Evening." Basically, the whole family gathers together for some quality time. That sounds a lot more impressive than it really is. Right now 'the whole family' is just Kurt and me. But we don't let that stop us!

I was in charge this week, and so, of course, we made a craft. He was such a good sport.

I saw some plain white mini mailboxes in the Target dollar Section a month or so ago, and picked them up. Since then, I've seen dozens of ideas on how to decorate them! They are all over blogland.

I thought this would make a cute Valentines Day tradition. The idea is, we can leave little notes or gifts or pieces of candy in each others mailboxes. When we have children, they can stick valentines and other little things in them too. Original idea? Nope. But I think it'll be a fun way to celebrate this holiday.

Kurt designed this yellow one by himself:

It was his first time using Mod Podge. He wasn't exactly excited about it. The man hates glue on his fingers.

When I was little, I would coat my hands with Elmers glue. I loved peeling that stuff off.

When I told him this, he just stared at me. It was like he didn't understand how that could be fun.

He is so weird.

Cute, huh? I got the "you've got mail" idea from this post, over at Miss Crafty Pants. Her font is much cuter. Actually, my mailbox looks a lot like hers. But Kurts is very original.

I'll link these up to the usual places on the right.


~~Mia~~ said...

Very pretty!!! And I totally love how you planned craft night with your hubby, you are too fabulous!!!!


Rachel said...

This is too cute! I'm sure this is something my 3 kiddos would love. I'll have to see if I can find some mini mailboxes too!

I'm not sure if I could get my husband to play along, though lol. I think painting eggs for Easter is about as crafty as he gets.

Chantel said...

So cute! Aww, I love it. This makes me want to do an activity like this with Michael.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

hey girl,
Can't believe it's taken me so long to visit everyone from the party! sorry! These mailboxes are super cute! how fun!
happy crafting,

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