Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Little Hypochondriac

A while ago, Kurt was stressing out about an anatomy test. Not thinking, I said "Careful dude, you'll get a ulcer." That was weeks ago.

I'm bringing this up now because I just came out to the computer, and noticed some open windows. "What does is Ulcer feel like?" was typed into google. I started laughing. Kurt came over. "It's not funny! You said I'd probably know if I had an Ulcer. But it says here that a lot of people have them, and don't know it!"

"You don't have an ulcer, dude."

"I could." He said defensively.

"Would you like to go see a doctor?"

"Well... no."

Then I clicked on the other open tab: "What is Chron's Disease?" was the title of the article.

"But I really think I have that one."

"Hmm. Maybe. Or... could it be Hypochondria?"

He seemed interested. "Tell me about that one."

So I typed it in. He was not amused. I guess I'm not taking his self diagnosis serious enough.


Annie said...

You make me spit my blue drink. Ha HA!

Fox and Amy said...

Heehee! Reminds me of the time I googled "early pregnancy symptoms", and Fox was not amused. So fun, though!

Patricia said...


you are too funny!

thanks for stopping by today i hope you are feeling better!

~~Mia~~ said...

I think they should rename it "I'm a man disorder" cuz my hubby has it too!! I enjoy telling him that he is going to get "this" or "that" and watch him come down with the symptoms over the next few hours. *rolls eyes*

Chantel said...

Hahaha! Wow... I need to try this "I'm a man disorder" and see if Michael has it too... That is too funny. Alicia was the same way.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Hey girl!
Thanks for the shout out and sweet words! You rock!

Liz said...

Chad currently thinks he has pneumonia because I had made mention of it a few days ago. He listens to me as a nurse when I say that kind of stuff but apparantly NOT when I tell him he DOES NOT have it. Men.

Christy said...

Oh My Gosh. I seriously think that Kurt and Kennedy may be soul-somethings, because that is EXACTLY what she does! And she is only 10! I shudder to think what she will be like when she learns how to google symptoms herself!!!

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