Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Late night with the Wives

Hanging out with the other Dental Wives is always fun. So fun that we stay up way later than we should. And then I fall asleep at work, and get caught drooling on my keyboard.


Last night a few of the Wives got together to make some blocks. The kind you decorate with paint and paper, and spell things like "home" or "family". Mine spell "Love" because it's that time of year, and I get a one track mind when it comes to seasonal decorating. Sure, I could get some Christmas stuff done early. But where's the satisfaction in making something, just to shove it in the back of a closet for ten months? No thank you. I'll take Immediate Satisfaction for 100, please.

I would post pictures, but I still have to make the "V" block. It's being difficult.

Amber brought her Cricut machine and holy crap I want one. I thought I did before, but until I saw it in action I had no idea. How have I lived without one? Why do I even own an exacto knife? That machine is definitely going on my birthday list.

The only down side to girls nights are the morning after. It wasn't so bad when I didn't have a job and could just sleep until 2pm. But as it is, I keep nodding off. And I wasn't kidding about the drooling.



~~Mia~~ said...

I hate that. Seriously...drooling at work is EMBARRASSING!!

Chantel said...

Haha! Did your boss really catch you, or did you wake up because you drooled on yourself?

That sounds like fun! I should meet other wives and have some get togethers...

Adam and Jess said...

I thought it was way fun too. I wish I were a funny writer like you. I love reading your blog. Thanks for the tutorials too because I didn't have any idea what you were talking about with the raffia too. Glad you had fun. We'll have to do it again soon.

Jamie said...

I love our get togethers too! I love watching you guys do crafts. lol. Someday I will attempt the blocks. they look good.

Miss Crafty Pants said...

I thought you did great for linking up to the original post, I just meant you need to mention where you found it on your blog, {you don't have to on the MckLinky list}. I'm not sure I get what you mean! Let me know! Cute blog BTW!

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