Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Green

It's time to start thinking green.

No, I don't mean granola. I'm talking about Irish.

(I didn't draw this. It's clipart from Microsoft Word.)

I've never decorated for this holiday before. Even though my birthday is the very next day. And even though my Dad is 99% Irish.

A few weeks ago I decided that I really need to celebrate my heritage. Which means I should drink a lot, right? And maybe make a violent statement about English oppression?

I ran that idea by Kurt, and he just rolled his eyes and went back to studying. Probably because he's jealous of my red hair and freckles.

Alright, that was a lie. I don't have red hair. But both of my brothers had bright red hair when they were little, and they are covered in freckles. So there's a good chance I'll be passing the ginger gene on to my children, despite their daddy's Finnish influence.

I do have freckles on my nose and cheeks and shoulders, though. That part was true.

(This is an actual photograph of my brothers, taken back in 1996. Jimmy was 12, and David was almost 1. Obviously, they are in a snowstorm. And David is floating.)

Up until now, my St. Patrick's Day traditions have been to watch Boondock Saints (I love that movie), and eat green ice cream. And announcing to everyone I've ever met that my birthday is tomorrow, and there is still time for them to buy me a present. I will still be doing that, but I am looking for more.

I wonder if they have an Irish music station on Pandora? Because I have some Ghillies in my closet, gathering dust...

So here is today's Discussion Question: What is your heritage? And do you celebrate it?

My Favorite Comment:

"I've never seen that picture before! But I do fondly remember that day. There was so much snow! And David was crazy! Just floating there. Good times." -Chantel



Danielle said...

I am english, german, french, scottish, irish, dutch and french...

i go to the scottish festival when i want to be scottish.. thats in payson. haha

when i want to be irish i just look at my face or my dads red hair..

i usually claim being german during the olympics at some point...

i claim being dutch to have a legit argument to want to wear those clogs..

i dont usually claim france but we do have a tradition from my french heritage called "hope chests" we collect things throughout our life and put them in our hope chest for when we get married and start our own families. =)


the thrifty ba said...

im going to tell you-pittsburgh is the BEST place for st pats day! there is a HUGE parade! they color everything green! (they did when i was a kid at least) you must decorate!
that being said-im italian. growing up, i was told that only the lucky ones were italian. and my greatgrandmother, who came from italy in 1915, used to call people who lived in AMERICA 'medigans' if they werent italian. she was proud to be american-but was a little predjustice.

~~Mia~~ said...

O.M.G. You. Make. Me. Laugh. Out. Loud!

Um, I'm part Irish, hubby is a lot of Irish, like to the point where he has relatives there living in big castles and stuff! *wink* Okay so not so much living in them but hey...whatev, who's keeping track?

Chantel said...

You know what I am...

I've never seen that picture before! But I do fondly remember that day. There was so much snow! And David was crazy! Just floating there. Good times.

I love you and your blog! It makes me happy.

Erica said...

So my amazing mom made me an Irish Double Chain quilt... if you want a super big project, you could try this! The quilter even did the quilt-stitching in a clover pattern. (You said Irish and I thought: ooh! Share awesome quilt!)

beka said...

It annoys the heck out of me when my sister (younger one; at that annoying 13-yr-old stage) comments on my blog.
Now, if we were older, or at least living in different states, I'd tolerate it. But I freaking live with her!!!

That's out of the way now.
I'm German, Norwegian, a tiny-tiny bit of French... Danish, too, um....I forget everything else. mainly the first two. :)
How do I celebrate it??
Oh. Well.
Everyone else doesn't do this, they're way to talented and gifted in the gene department. I celebrate it by spending summers getting sunburned!! Yippee!!
I'm done now. Don't worry. :)
We make krumkaka --norwegian stuff-- sometimes. That's yummy.
Um..... that's it, all I can remember. :)

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