Sunday, February 7, 2010


You may have noticed my new buttons. In the right column. Under the Archive list.

What? You hadn't noticed them? You men you don't frequently check my blog, looking for something new?

Well, I guess I understand. You're probably so riveted by my engaging stories and pictures here in the middle column to pay attention to what's going on in my side bars.

Now that you've seen them, I could use some feedback. I just made these two buttons:

Life in the Pitts

Life in the Pitts

What do you think? Are they keepers? Or do you hate them?

And if you'd like, you can snag them to help decorate your blog. I don't mind. The code is over there, on the right.

** Added Later** I just made this third one. Feedback, anyone?

Life in the Pitts


Chantel said...

I love your new buttons! Good work. They're so cute! How do you make them??

Appleseed Gifts said...

Love the new button! I snagged one! I made me some new buttons too...nice to change it up a bit.

Appleseed Gifts

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