Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm glad, too.

We were cuddling on The Foam, watching a romantic comedy. His fingers were playing with my hair.

"Kurt, what do you love most about me?"

"Your nose." He responded automatically.

"How romantic. I meant, what quality do you love most about me."

He thought about it for a second.

Then he started to answer, but I cut him off.

"And why the heck would you choose my nose? I don't even like my nose. That's like saying "that's a really good picture of you" when I hate that picture, and if that's a good picture of me, how bad must I look in real life? So then I'm left feeling ugly and insecure and wishing I had a smaller nose because then we wouldn't be having this conversation."

He blinked. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but then changed his mind. And we went back to watching the movie.

A few minutes later:

"Hey Kurt?" I asked sweetly.

He looked at me warily.

"Is it fun being married to me?"

He thought about it before answering.

"Usually. But not all the time."

I considered it, and decided he was probably right.

"Yeah. I know."

After a few seconds, his fingers started playing with my hair again.

"Helena? I'm glad I married you."

I knew that too.


I'm linking to Briana's new Party,

Life in the Pitts

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gosh, I miss the 90's.

Well, ok. I really don't. The 90's were an awkward time for me. But I read that line on someone's blog the other day, and thought to myself "Someday, I'm gonna look back and say 'Man, I miss the...'"

And then I stopped.

Because I have no idea what to call the decade we just finished.

The Early-Two-Thousands? The Zeros?

It has been the best decade of my life and I have no idea what to call it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Green

It's time to start thinking green.

No, I don't mean granola. I'm talking about Irish.

(I didn't draw this. It's clipart from Microsoft Word.)

I've never decorated for this holiday before. Even though my birthday is the very next day. And even though my Dad is 99% Irish.

A few weeks ago I decided that I really need to celebrate my heritage. Which means I should drink a lot, right? And maybe make a violent statement about English oppression?

I ran that idea by Kurt, and he just rolled his eyes and went back to studying. Probably because he's jealous of my red hair and freckles.

Alright, that was a lie. I don't have red hair. But both of my brothers had bright red hair when they were little, and they are covered in freckles. So there's a good chance I'll be passing the ginger gene on to my children, despite their daddy's Finnish influence.

I do have freckles on my nose and cheeks and shoulders, though. That part was true.

(This is an actual photograph of my brothers, taken back in 1996. Jimmy was 12, and David was almost 1. Obviously, they are in a snowstorm. And David is floating.)

Up until now, my St. Patrick's Day traditions have been to watch Boondock Saints (I love that movie), and eat green ice cream. And announcing to everyone I've ever met that my birthday is tomorrow, and there is still time for them to buy me a present. I will still be doing that, but I am looking for more.

I wonder if they have an Irish music station on Pandora? Because I have some Ghillies in my closet, gathering dust...

So here is today's Discussion Question: What is your heritage? And do you celebrate it?

My Favorite Comment:

"I've never seen that picture before! But I do fondly remember that day. There was so much snow! And David was crazy! Just floating there. Good times." -Chantel


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Amber!

I hope you like being 23 as much as you liked being 22. Or even more.

Monday, February 22, 2010


(my current makeup. Neutrogena mineral powder, in the extra-pasty shade)

Let's talk about skin. Mine's awful. It's oily, and 'acne-prone' doesn't even begin to cover it. You know what else doesn't cover it? Makeup. No matter how much skin-colored stuff I paint on, you can still see what I'm trying to hide.

I'm bringing this up because The Stories of A to Z hosted an awesome link party last week, called Get Your Face On. Maybe you saw it? A whole bunch of beautiful, brave ladies bared their faces and showed Before and After pictures of them getting ready in the morning.

We're talking uncensored, real pictures of their naked faces. Then they gave their best beauty tips.

I didn't participate. And I'm mad about it. Because even after 13 years of dealing with acne, I am still too embarrassed to be seen without my makeup on.

I've never had clear skin. Not since I was 12. And it defined my life. Which is stupid because, really? Who cares whether you have red spots on your face. It is definitely not something worth agonizing about.

I say this easily, but of course I don't really believe it. There is a huge um, tiny part of my brain that thinks if I forget my foundation, people will stop and stare in horror on the street, my family will avoid me, and all of my Facebook friends will unfriend me. Then I'll die childless and alone.

(I know, I'm married. This phobia needs to be updated.)

I assumed it would go away once I turned 18, and so I endured it (with extreme embarrassment). This was just some kind of cruel, twisted right of passage. And in the end, I'd emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon, become an elegant swan, etc. etc. Right?

But that didn't happen. Now I'm 25 (almost), and I'm worried that I'll soon be fighting acne and wrinkles.

You guys, I have a reoccurring nightmare about asking my grandchildren if I can borrow their pimple cream.

Well ok, that might be a lie. But now that I've written it, I probably WILL dream about it. Nice job, Helena.

At some point in the past 13 years I've tried every department store/infomercial/totally-awesome-home-remedy out there. I've done hours of research, changed my diet, changed my makeup (liquid, powder, mineral, etc), and used dozens of moisturizers. I've used toothpaste, people. I even went to a dermatologist and did the prescription thing.

I feel like the only thing left is hard-core prescriptions- you know, the kind that if you get pregnant while using them, legally you must abort the baby. And at this stage in my life, I'm not risking it.

Is anyone else dealing with this?

I know, dumb question. I'm sure a lot of you are. What are you doing to fight it/cope with it? Any words of advice/encouragement? Or would you just like to gloat about your perfect skin? Any and all feedback will be welcomed (and mildly censored).

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not a satisfied customer.

We got Comcast a few weeks ago. Before that, we were just stealing our internet from the neighbors. And I didn't even feel bad. Kurt did, but until I had a job we couldn't afford to pay for internet. And once I had a job, I kept "forgetting" to remind him about it. I feel the same way about this as I feel about downloading music illegally. I know, I know. I am a bad person.

But we did get Comcast. Not because I had a moral change of heart, or grew a conscience, or anything like that. Nope, it was because when you're stealing internet, and the router needs to be reset, you can't exactly go knock on their door and ask the owner to do it for you.

Comcast internet worked great for a few days. Super fast. BUT THEN (aren't those the worst words?), it started slowing down. Even though we constantly delete the browser history. And I have to reset it all the time. WITH A WRENCH. And that doesn't always fix it!

I am not happy.

Have you guys got any internet stories? Please tell me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Little Hypochondriac

A while ago, Kurt was stressing out about an anatomy test. Not thinking, I said "Careful dude, you'll get a ulcer." That was weeks ago.

I'm bringing this up now because I just came out to the computer, and noticed some open windows. "What does is Ulcer feel like?" was typed into google. I started laughing. Kurt came over. "It's not funny! You said I'd probably know if I had an Ulcer. But it says here that a lot of people have them, and don't know it!"

"You don't have an ulcer, dude."

"I could." He said defensively.

"Would you like to go see a doctor?"

"Well... no."

Then I clicked on the other open tab: "What is Chron's Disease?" was the title of the article.

"But I really think I have that one."

"Hmm. Maybe. Or... could it be Hypochondria?"

He seemed interested. "Tell me about that one."

So I typed it in. He was not amused. I guess I'm not taking his self diagnosis serious enough.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hi Everybody.

You know those times when you are so sick, you need a 3 hour rest after walking to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice? Yeah, that's me right now. Only orange juice gives me canker sores, so I'm just drinking water.

And did you guys catch the opening ceremonies last night? Not bad for 30 million.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye, Honeymoon

I had a 6 day weekend. Crazy, right? It's because my boss loves me.

Ok, actually it was because of the giant storm that hit the East half of our country. We got 18 inches of snow in one night. Which isn't that bad if you're in Western Michigan, but Pittsburgh didn't know how to handle it. 5 days later the streets still weren't clear. The whole city just shut down!

(I just stole this picture from my friend Rachelle's blog. Because I am too lazy to take my own pictures. Won't she be surprised when she sees it here...)

Yeah. There was a lot of snow.

Kurt was supposed to have a test on Monday, but school was canceled until today. At first he was excited for the break. But by day 3 he was going crazy.

I was all "But isn't it fun that we get to spend so much time together?"

His response? "Sorry, I just would rather be at school."

Thanks, jerk. So much for the Honeymoon phase. I remember back before we were married (8 months ago), when we couldn't get enough of each other. Rushing to see him after work and class. Conversations that ended with "You hang up first." "No, you hang up!" Talking to my sister, and saying "I know every couple fights, but I just can't imagine Kurt ever getting mad at me. We just agree on everything!"

Yeah, that's over.

Still, it's nice to have someone to keep me warm when the thermostat claims it's 65, but it's really more like 48. And when he asks if I want him to cook dinner, it melts my heart. Sure, it's just soup. But I so did not feel like cooking. And when I say "I can't think of a single thing to get you for Valentines Day." and he replies "I already have everything I want" it makes me want to smack him because that is so not helpful. But then I'd kiss it better. And maybe that's what love is all about.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Red Shoes

I was planning a post about a recent trip to the dollar store but that is going to have to wait. Because Classy Covet is hosting a Giveaway.

For these:

(image probably copyrighted, and snagged from the Giveaway illegally)

I.KNOW. I'm drooling.

And she isn't asking you to blog or tweet or facebook while doing jumping jacks and singing "I'm a little Teapot" (which is what I would make you do). Nope, she's just asking for a follow, and a comment.

Ten seconds of time in exchange (hopefully) for a hot pair of shoes? DONE.

Now get your butt over there (by clicking here), and take a look.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Japanese Inspired Wall Art

I had some leftover flowers from this project, and so I decided to make some wall art. This is maybe the coolest thing I have ever made.

I was at the Dollar Store the other day, and I totally hit the jackpot. I'll have to do a separate post sometime to show all the awesome stuff I found there. I'll just say this for now: GO THERE. And bring more than $10 with you.

Here's my tutorial attempt.

Frames, $1 each.

They came in this red color. They also had black, white, and natural ones. But for Valentines Day, this color was perfect.

And even more so when I distressed it. Did you know they have sand paper at the Dollar Store, too???

I painted some Mod Podge on the glass.

Then I pressed some burlap onto the Podged glass. Sorry, no pics of this part. After it dried, I trimmed down the edges of the Burlap. Then I stuck the glass back into the frame.

And it looked like that.

I chose two little branches, which I had gathered the previous day. I hot glued a few paper flowers to the ends.

Then I glued the branches to the Burlap in the frame. Using a little dot of Gorilla Glue would probably turn out prettier, but I didn't have any on hand.

And ta daa! Beautiful 3D artwork, perfect for Valentines Day. I think they look a little bit like Japanese wall art.

See? Pretty.

This one is my favorite.

What do you think? (your feedback would be much appreciated)

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A new one?

Yup, that's right! There is a new link party every Wednesday RIGHT HERE. So check back then, and link up your crafts! (even your old ones- they will be new to me :)


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Now that you've seen them, I could use some feedback. I just made these two buttons:

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

I just added a new tab to the top of my blog! Look up. See it? FAQs. Because my life is so interesting, people keep asking questions. And it's just so much easier to look at them blankly and say "How about you just go read my FAQ page?"

Well, ok. I haven't had enough questions to actually need a FAQ page. So I made some up. Because it makes me feel important.

If you have any ideas for more questions to add to it, either comment here, or shoot me an email. Which you can do by clicking on that nifty little "contact me" button on the right.

Flower Trees

I got branches!

I went and gathered a whole bunch of them after work on Thursday. And it's a good thing I did- we got 18 inches of snow last night! If I had waited, it would have been a while until this snow melted enough for me to find them.

I shook up some white spray paint, and coated most of the branches. Then I added the flowers I made the other night (which you can see if you click here). And viola!

I stuck the bigger branches into a red vase, and the smaller ones into a candle.

I think the big one looks pretty good in front of our TV stand. The smaller one is hanging out on our table for now.

I got the tutorial for the flowers, and the idea for the trees, here. But my branches are more, um, branchy. And she didn't spray hers white.

This was a really fun project.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A String of Hearts

Remember how I was going to have my Valentines Decorations all ready by February 1st? Well, that didn't happen. But here is one I finished last night.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's really pretty in person. I cut out different size hearts in pretty colors, and embellished them with the same techniques I used here. This makes my kitchen look so cute (and draws the focus away from the dirty dishes in the sink).

I am also ready to go with another project that I am super excited about. I spent all night making these things:

Now I just need to go find some branches in the park. And pick up a can of white spray paint. If this turns out half as awesome as it looks in my head, we might have a new favorite project on our hands...

I can't stop laughing!

I am trying to be quiet, since I'm at work right now. But I'm not very good at suppressing laughter. I keep snorting.

Here is my brother Jimmy:

(He's the one on the right)

He just turned 26. And for his birthday I decided to get him the Artemis fowl Collection. But I was $1.90 short of Amazon's Super Shipper Savings (If you're ever in that situation, here is a handy little link). So I found this awesome filler present. Have you heard of Stanky Legg? Yeah me neither. Go check it out- you know you're curious.

It's so perfect. I immediately added it to my shopping cart, and checked out. Annie (his wife) is going to tell him "I think it's her favorite song. She thinks you'll really like it too."


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Mail Boxes

Once a week, we have "Family Home Evening." Basically, the whole family gathers together for some quality time. That sounds a lot more impressive than it really is. Right now 'the whole family' is just Kurt and me. But we don't let that stop us!

I was in charge this week, and so, of course, we made a craft. He was such a good sport.

I saw some plain white mini mailboxes in the Target dollar Section a month or so ago, and picked them up. Since then, I've seen dozens of ideas on how to decorate them! They are all over blogland.

I thought this would make a cute Valentines Day tradition. The idea is, we can leave little notes or gifts or pieces of candy in each others mailboxes. When we have children, they can stick valentines and other little things in them too. Original idea? Nope. But I think it'll be a fun way to celebrate this holiday.

Kurt designed this yellow one by himself:

It was his first time using Mod Podge. He wasn't exactly excited about it. The man hates glue on his fingers.

When I was little, I would coat my hands with Elmers glue. I loved peeling that stuff off.

When I told him this, he just stared at me. It was like he didn't understand how that could be fun.

He is so weird.

Cute, huh? I got the "you've got mail" idea from this post, over at Miss Crafty Pants. Her font is much cuter. Actually, my mailbox looks a lot like hers. But Kurts is very original.

I'll link these up to the usual places on the right.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Late night with the Wives

Hanging out with the other Dental Wives is always fun. So fun that we stay up way later than we should. And then I fall asleep at work, and get caught drooling on my keyboard.


Last night a few of the Wives got together to make some blocks. The kind you decorate with paint and paper, and spell things like "home" or "family". Mine spell "Love" because it's that time of year, and I get a one track mind when it comes to seasonal decorating. Sure, I could get some Christmas stuff done early. But where's the satisfaction in making something, just to shove it in the back of a closet for ten months? No thank you. I'll take Immediate Satisfaction for 100, please.

I would post pictures, but I still have to make the "V" block. It's being difficult.

Amber brought her Cricut machine and holy crap I want one. I thought I did before, but until I saw it in action I had no idea. How have I lived without one? Why do I even own an exacto knife? That machine is definitely going on my birthday list.

The only down side to girls nights are the morning after. It wasn't so bad when I didn't have a job and could just sleep until 2pm. But as it is, I keep nodding off. And I wasn't kidding about the drooling.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Gchatting and Facestalking

I spent most of my workday looking at Chainmail bras on Etsy. If only I had an extra $200...

Kidding. Sort of. This is what happens when Kendar (my old roommate) and I both have desk jobs. We gchat all day. And we send each other the weirdest links (sorry chainmail people). We also quote overheards to each other, and chat about celebrity gossip.

Back we were roommates, we would sit in same room and gchat for hours. In silence. That wasn't all we were doing, of course. That would be creepy. But while we were writing papers and facestalking friends, we'd be chatting on the side. So much more convenient than actual eye contact (Kurt thought this was ridiculous. Clearly he was born in the wrong century).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you manage to be roommates and still be friends, you're pretty much soul mates. Even if you marry other people. And especially if you share a love of Stephen Colbert.

Grumpy morning

Getting up at 8am isn't so bad. Unless Kurt plans on getting up at 6:30. And then hits snooze for the next hour and a half.

That I am not ok with.

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