Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A little bit about my family

Top Two Baby Names

OR- The Great Baby Name Fight

Happy Birthday David!

He's an awesome little brother you guys.

Going Green

A little bit about our heritage. And an awesome picture of my brothers.

Happy Birthday Amber!

My little sister is all grown up.

Stanky Legg

You know you're curious.

Eating Healthy

Thank you Amber

Annie's Checker Board

I knew she's love it!

Gifts for JoAnn

The newest member of our family.

Presents for 'Tel

To decorate her new home :)

Gifts for Annie

Some stuff I made that I knew she'd like.

New Years with the Fam

I miss them already!

Annie's Advent Calendar

It's freakin adorable.

Blisters and Blueberries

Thank you Annie!

My Siblings

Aw, just look at all those pretty faces!


And the history behind the "Sisters Gifts"


My Daddy Loves Me :)

Halloween Surprises


Surprise Treats!

What can I say? My family is totally into packages.

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