Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Sunday

Here is my first Valentines Day craft of the year. The idea is from this post over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

(Annie, the binoculars were for spying on the creepy van while wrapping the twine. That's right. IT'S STILL THERE.)

I think it turned out pretty well. Especially since this was my very first time using twine (I got a few slivers. Is that normal?).

As far as the finished product goes, I definitely like Linda's more. But until I can find a chunkier frame at a decent price, my red one will have to do.

I took a $5 walmart frame, spray painted it red, and distressed the edges. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. I've never distressed wood before. I've been wanting to for weeks (I'm loving all the blogs featuring shabby chic furniture makeovers), and I had so much fun with my sandpaper.

Now, which project should I do next? I think I'm craving some Mod Podge. And then maybe some Burlap...

Happy Sunday everyone!


Annie said...

I have everything ready to make this but I am confused......what do I do with the binoculars?

Helena said...

I added instructions for the binoculars to this post. Just for you.

Unknown said...

It came out great! The hubs said I can go craft shopping this week. So psyched! lol Twine is at the top of my list!

Chantel said...

That is so cute! I think it looks great with the red frame! I won't object if you send one my way :-P

I'm glad you explained the binoculars. I was wondering.

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