Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry you guys! These past few weeks have been pretty busy. And I forgot my camera cord. But I'm back now, and ready to get blogging!

New Years Eve was wonderful. We were in Utah, and since my family was all together, my Dad hosted Christmas that night. Which is a pretty cool way to wait for Midnight. Opening presents is really fun- but watching people open the presents you made for them is even funner (that's right I said funner. Deal with it).

I know, I know. You're thinking SO SHOW ME THE GIFTS ALREADY.

It's just, there are so many! Here, I know what I'll do. I'll show them to you a little bit at a time. Because I like to torture you. And because I don't think I want to publish a post with 60 pictures in it. Check back later for those.

For now, would you like to hear a little bit about New Years? I'll take your silence as a heck yes. But hold on to your seat, because this is going to be a very family-oriented blog post!

It was so nice seeing all of my family. I missed them more than I even realized. We hung out and talked and munched on snacks.

Chantel (my youngest sister) was modeling the hat and scarf her Mother in Law made her. It totally blends in here, but there are 3 pretty flowers on the side, above her left ear. Someday, I want to have skills like that.

My brother David has grown so much. He's 14, way taller than me, and his voice is like 3 octaves deeper than it was last time I saw him.

My sister Amber and her husband Dave let us stay with them in their new House. She is only 22, he is 24, and they are Homeowners. Which blows my mind. That's them on the left. And that's Dave's foot, being featured Front and Center. Jimmy, my older brother, is on the right.

Here is Annie, who is married to Jimmy. Then there is JoAnn, my Dad's new wife (who we all really like), and on the right is My Dad. Who doubles as My Hero.

Mike is Chantel's new husband. She got married this summer, 6 weeks after I did, and a day before my Dad. It was a busy summer.

And finally, Kurt and Me. I debated putting this picture up, because it's not very flattering (we both managed to gain 15 lbs since our wedding. We are really proud of that). But in the end I posted it because HOLY CRAP WE LOOK ALIKE. I'm not sure I approve. I think it's creepy when I look at a couple, and mistake them for siblings until I see them hold hands or kiss (then I just hope they aren't from Alabama (come on you know it's funny)). And now we are that couple. Cold chills are running down my spine.

But back to New Years. So as per tradition, we all stood around and watched the ball drop. Then we clinked glasses and drank to the New Year.

(calm down, it's just sparkling juice)

After that the boys went downstairs to finish up their game of Rockband.

"But Kurt, it's Midnight. Don't you want to kiss me...?"

"Gotta go babe, I'm in the band."

From what I hear, Jimmy took his job as lead singer VERY seriously.

It was a great night. I miss them already. 2009 was a crazy year- and I have no idea how we are gonna top it.


Chantel said...

Haha, why did you pick that picture of Michael? LoL, I love it. That was so fun. And, welcome back to blogging. I love to read your blog

LĂ­gia Diniz said...

Hi!! You don´t know me, so I guess that makes me a stalker, right? because seriously, I stalk your blog. And good thing we live miles aways or else..kkkk
Seriously, I might be your first Brazilian reader, so that makes me super special, am I right or am I left??
I´ll tell you more about me later on, but I HADTA say: your sister Amber looks just like Drew Barrymore. I mean. I could have sworn it was her first time I saw the pictures!! Man!
Well, I keep reading along, and must say I looove your blog, dude!
Best from Brazil,

Helena said...

I think you're right, I don't even know anybody from Brazil! Which means you might be the coolest reader I have (don't be surprised if I plan a trip to Brazil one day, and then show up on your door. You've been warned).

I am going to tell Amber about her look-alike. I bet she will be delighted.

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