Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guess what you guys?

We just woke up. At noon. And we realized that it was 10am in Utah. And that exactly 6 months ago to the minute we were getting married. How romantic is that? I think Kurt planned it. I think he slept through his alarms on purpose, just so we could wake up right then (he denies it, but he can't fool me).

Right Now is our 6 month Anniversary. Crazy. It's been a big 6 months. Probably the hardest thing about it was learning to live with someone, and still love them :) Marriage sure isn't easy sometimes. But it's totally worth it.

I know I know, I'm so mushy. But I'm still a newleywed! ...I think. Or does 6 months make me an old married woman? Crap, I don't know how I feel about that. I was just getting used to the Newleywed thing!

Anyway, happy anniversary to us.


Chantel said...

Happy 6-month anniversary! Yay! You're right, I'm pretty sure he planned it. You guys are so cute! I think you can always consider yourselves to be, and act like newlyweds. Keep the honeymoon alive :)

Genoveva said...

Hey! Congrats! :) I'm so sad I couldn't participate on your last give away... that clip was so darn beautiful! I guess I will have to try next time :)
I love reading your blog! now it's time for me to put some updates... I've been so bad at posting but I will try to follow your example :)
Take care girl!

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