Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ginger Bread

I have been trying to post this for 2 weeks! But a combination of faulty internet, forgetting my camera cord, and being super busy with family made it impossible to put up until now. I was gonna just schedule it for next year- but then Annie begged me to post it now. And when Annie uses her puppy dog eyes...I just couldn't say no.
This is our Gingerbread House. We made it at the First Year Dental Student Christmas Party. And we pretty much blew the competition away. See the beautiful details? I'll just come out and say it: We have talent.

But for those of you who are more experienced when it comes to Gingerbread, check out this Gingerbread Castle. My friend Adele made it.

Click here to visit her Scrapblog, and see step-by-step pictures.

She even lets you download the plans, so you can try making this yourself. I'm pretty sure your kids would think you were the coolest Mom ever.


GroverFamily said...

I love the snowman...and is that a well on the other side?? This looks way better than the gingerbread house we made last year. Our house had finger lines all over from my boys eating everything as we were making it HAHA

Helena said...

It is a well! That was Kurt's contribution. and if you looked close enough, there are finger lines on this house, too :)

Amber said...

I love the roof... :) I actually think it is pretty cute.

Chantel said...

Wow, good job! I, too, like the roof.

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