Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

The first two hours of church were canceled today, because of icy roads. It was sooo nice to sleep in. One cool thing about the Branch is that when church is canceled, you will hear about it. We got 8 calls and 2 texts from our friends and fellow Branch members. The Bishop (it's just easier to write than Branch President) told everyone to spread the word, and everyone did. At one point Kurt rolled over and said, "Hmm, it's been a while since anyone's called. I'm starting to think church might be at 10." But don't worry- he got the eighth call just minutes later, and we went back to sleep.

When we got to church, a High Councilman pulled us both aside. He asked Kurt to serve as the Bishop's Executive Secretary. I guess he wasn't busy enough before. Poor guy. I feel like it's my fault. The other week the Bishop had asked me how Kurt was holding up. I told him he was doing good. He asked about his grades, and his study habits, and whether I was feeling neglected. I said Kurt works really hard at everything he does, and even though I don't see him all the time, I don't feel forgotten at all. He's really good at managing his time.

See? that was my mistake. If I'd said "It's awful, he's failing, and we're thinking about a divorce" I bet this never would have happened.

One of our friends came up to us after the meeting, with some great advice. "Just keep a 6-pack in your fridge. Then whenever anyone from the Branch comes over, pull it out and offer them a drink. You'll never have to worry about callings again."

Such a good idea :) Honestly, I am really proud of my husband. I figure God wouldn't ask him to do more than he could handle, and so this means He has a lot of faith in Kurt. I know that he will need to get the time for this calling somewhere, and he can't take it from his school work- which means it'll come out of our time together.

But on the bright side, I'll have so much more time for crafts and blogging. YES!


Unknown said...

Don't worry too much about it. It's not that busy of a calling. At first it will seem like it but once he gets into a routine then it will be no big deal. Good luck Kurt.

Chantel said...

Dang... Is he excited about it? I'm sure he'll do great, and you guys will still get to spend lots of time together. Maybe not at first, but like Nikki said, once he's in the routine I'm sure he'll be just fine.

Also, I love how you got called so many times!

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