Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Tree

Here it is, our very first tree. Which, as I mentioned here, was also my in-law's very first tree. See how nice and big it is? And how full the branches are? That's why it took up 4 huge boxes; Kurt's Dad (Bill) never smooshes them down. He gently sets them in the boxes all full like that, so when you set it up you barely have to do any fluffing. Wonderful.

Also notice how all my pictures cut off the top of the tree? That's on purpose. Because we do not have a tree topper yet.

These pictures are very much staged. "Take it from a good angle! One where you can't see my chubby belly!" (No, before you ask, I am not pregnant. I just really like Halloween candy, brownies, and Christmas cookies)

We bought some red, silver, and green bulbs. But since our Christmas budget is very limited, we only had around 30 to work with. Thank goodness for Kurt's Mom, Pirjo! While we were visiting she brought out her original ornaments, which she doesn't use anymore. They are handmade and lovely and she gave me a bunch of them.

For their first Christmas, Kurt's parents were really poor. They bought the tree, but had no money left over for decorations. What they did have was a lot of yarn. Pirjo crocheted these little flowers in red and white, added some gold glitter to the middle, and placed them all over their tree. There were hundreds! Bill said that it was so beautiful. Simple, but made with love.

A few years later, Pirjo and a friend made these ornaments.

I thought this was really clever.

All they used were styrofoam balls, cheap Holiday napkins, some glue and glitter, ribbon and pins. They cut a circle around the poinsettia flower out of the center of the napkin (they didn't bother to trace the edges). Then they used plain old Elmer's Glue to stick them on the balls. After that dried, they painted a thin layer of the same glue on top of the paper and the rest of the ball, and stuck on some white glitter. Next they made a ribbon loop (to hang on the tree), and pinned the ends together into the ball. The end. She said they were really fast and super cheap and I just love them on my tree! Vintage homemade ornaments circa late 1970's. How trendy am I?


Chantel said...

Your tree is so pretty! And so BIG! I like how fluffy it is. Ours isn't that big. We also don't have enough lights on it. But I love it! I'll post pics soon.

Good job!

Christy said...

I love the vintage ornaments! The crocheted ones are very cool. You should learn how to make them so you can send me some. I got ornaments every year from my Grandma as I was growing up so I had plenty for my tree when we got married. Now Katie complains because it's not color coordinated. Bratty child.

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