Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Friends

Dinner at the Clubhouse was delicious. I know we probably pay for it in our rent, but I feel like I'm getting the best free meal of my life every time they do one of these.

We ate pasta and chicken and ham and grilled veggies, and while we were enjoying jumbo pieces of restaurant-quality chocolate cake, Mary and Tough showed up again. I am glad they came when they did, because I wasn't as focused on the food this time. They are a really nice couple who just moved here from Tampa. And Tough is a back up player for the Steelers. Basically, he is one specific player's understudy. So he practices with them, and is part of the team, and gets a salary- but he only plays if the guy is out for a long time. So its nice for his wife because he isn't traveling all the time. And its fun for him because he gets to train with the team and work out every day.

And get this- they are BOTH crafty. She will find cool projects for home decor, and he will get excited and make some himself. But as you can tell from his name, he isn't femme at all. Just a normal guy who likes crafts.

I think we are gonna be friends.


Erica said...

Hooray for the Steelers! When I lived there Cordell Stewart was a big name... and we even saw him once while driving around Pittsburgh! Oh, and your new frames are so cute! I wish I had more time to be crafty, but until then I like seeing what you come up with. So creative!

Chantel said...

So, are you only friends with crafty people??? Haha. That's cool that he does it too. Maybe I can get Michael to be crafty. I got him to like candy, and other sweet stuff. Making him be crafty will be my next project. Hehehe

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