Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Review

I just got back from a girls night out! And I can't find Kurt (I think he's at the gym). Which is ok, because that means I get to blog!

I got a call tonight from some of The Wives, asking me to join them at the Movie Theater right next to my house. We saw New Moon. I was nervous because am still not over how bad the first movie was. But I was excited too, because I had heard this one was so much better. AND IT WAS.

There were so many things about the first movie that drove me nuts, and most of them were fixed!!! Here are some things I thought were so much better this time:

Victoria's hair was more flame-like (If you've ever watched Twilight with me, you know how mad I was about this).

Edwards hair was less pouffy.

The Vampires skin looked more natural. In this movie Edward looked like he was deathly ill, instead of wearing some bad Halloween make-up (not great, but a big improvement).

Bella was less angsty.

Jasper was less constipated.

Edward was slightly less awkward.

Jacob was hotter. Much, much hotter.

Bella closed her mouth when she wasn't talking (well, sometimes). It hung open during the ENTIRE FIRST MOVIE. And drove me crazy.

She also blinked a million times less.

The sparkles in his skin! So so so much better.

This film had a much bigger budget, which helped a whole lot with effects.

And then there are things that I am glad they kept. Like Jessica, her friend from school. I thought she was perfect in the first movie, and she did just as well in this one.

And Alice. She is the only Vampire who looks as pretty as described in the book. I thought she was wonderful.

And now for my big dilemma:

In the book Edward wins hands down. He is charming, caring, and the hottest guy on the planet. And Jacob? He irritated me so much. Whiny, possessive, and so very immature. When I re-read them, I just skip over everything Jacob in that book.

But in the movie! Jacob is so kind and strong and grown up. And Edward is so awkward and tortured and badly cast. If only he could unclench his teeth when he's talking. If only he looked attractive with his shirt off.

I'm so torn.


Fox and Amy said...

Helena--You described my feelings about New Moon perfectly! Edward, ugh--I just can't stand how moody he is on film. Okay, what did you think of that "flash-forward" scene where Edward and Bella are both vampires and running in the forest? Heehee..

Chantel said...

Hahaha! Wow, that is pretty much exactly how I felt as well. I saw it with Amber, Dave, and Michael. After the movie, Michael was like "I don't understand, Jacob is so much better than Edward, why would she choose him?" I had to explain that in the book, he was much better, and Jacob is as you described.

That flash forward scene was ridiculous!

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