Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck the Halls

I just thought I'd post some pictures of our place, all decked out for the Holidays. I have been working so hard on it, and no one is even going to see it! Except you guys.

I wish I could capture stuff better on film.

Our TV area. It's much cuter in person.

Here is our Secret Food Storage, all festive and exciting. I'll show you some close-ups.

I got these candles on sale forever ago at Bath and Body Works.

This is my favorite Nativity

Pretty much because of these guys. They just look so excited!

This is the first Nativity I ever bought for myself.

This sign is pointing to my messy craft area. I got it at the dollar Store.

Annie (my sister in law) likes to decorate with Christmas Books. And I just love that idea.

(Please ignore the messy boxes)

My Mom collected Nativity's. She had over 130 when she died. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY. It wasn't her fault though! Once people found out she liked them, it's all she got for Christmas and Birthdays. I probably bought her 20 over the years. She couldn't put them all out at home- there wasn't enough room. but whenever there was a Creche Exhibit, she was willing to provide them. "Come see 150 Nativity's" (And 130 were ours).

The year before she died, my Mom told us that we could each choose our favorite Nativity to take with us when we got married. None of us were even engaged back then. I chose this jewel tone one she got at Frankenmuth a few years before she passed away.

There's more, but the internet is being dumb, and I can't upload any more pictures until it starts working better. I hope you liked this mini-tour! And if you have any pictures of YOUR Christmas decorations, I'd love to see them. Just write your own blog post, include lots of pictures, and post the link here :)


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well! Welcome to the blogging world! Although it looks like you have been here for awhile! Im so excited now we can keep in touch better!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait Im not anonymous, it's Kendra.

Danielle said...

i got the ornaments in the mail today!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!!! you have inspired me to make some. =) I really like the snowman, and the mitten! =)

Danielle said...

I have always wanted that bookcase!!!! =) you lucky ducky.

Chantel said...

I love it all!!

That's a good pic of the area -your first pic. I think it captures it good.

Cute wreath! Is that the one you made? I like your TV area. I tried to make mine look cute, but it isn't that good :-P

Your secret storage of food looks way good! It is really cute!

I'm jealous of your candle holders. I was when you bought them, and I still am

Your nativity is really good. I also love how excited the kings are! I've always thought that whenever I see them

I like the nativity you got for yourself too! I love how it's carved like that. It looks beautiful

Your santa sign is so cute! I would've thought you made it if you didn't say you bought it

Also, I love the decorating with books. You were so excited when Dad got you a bunch of those books

That nativity that was moms, is beautiful

Good job!

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