Friday, December 18, 2009

Holy Exciting!

Remember that broken mirror I fixed up a while ago? Well, Amy from Mod Podge Rocks is featuring it tomorrow!


So make sure you stop on by and see for yourself! And then Add her or something, because she features awesome ideas EVERY DAY. And its all stuff you could do yourself to decorate, or fix stuff up, or just make your life a little better.

And you are going to want to check back here tomorrow, because in honor of being featured, I will be hosting my most awesome Giveaway yet!


Unknown said...

You're so cute Helena. So not surprised that you are being featured.

GroverFamily said...

yay!! congrats on being featured:) i just checked out the mirror project and that is a smart idea...i would have never thought of that!!

Unknown said...

So awesome! Thank you for mentioning me! xo

I need a Cricut too. BIG time. :D

Chantel said...

Congrats! I that is so awesome! Mod Podge Rocks is a cool blog

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