Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was feeling restless today. I had a million things I wanted to do, but I was having some major commitment issues. I'd start one project, and after a few minutes I'd wander away and start another one. I began putting up some decorations, but then I left that to go start a craft. Which I abandoned on the floor 15 minutes later for the internet. Then I started a different craft, which I also left on the floor after a few minutes. Then I thought "I should probably go shopping. You know, for more decorations. And craft supplies."

Before I left, I looked around at the huge mess I had made. It was impressive. In fact, here is a picture. Imagine this, but all over the place.

I sent Kurt a text:
Warning: the apartment is full of half-started crafts and clutter. You will go crazy if you come home too soon.
He came home before I got back. I found him studying in the bedroom, and avoiding the front room like the plague. I didn't feel too bad though. He had fair warning.

I thought about picking up everything, but unpacking my shopping bags and looking at all the stuff I bought at the dollar store seemed like a much better idea. I got excited about all of it, and I was gonna put those things up- but then I thought "I should probably write a blog about this first. And sleep. You know, to give me energy."


Amber said...

I like how you gave Kurt warning (you know him so well!)

Ohh and I want to see pictures of your tree!

Chantel said...

hahaha, I understand that feeling, of wanting to unpack what you just bought instead of cleaning up. Been there, done that :-P It was nice of you to warn him.

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