Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Cards

I was in charge of the card making activity tonight at my Church. It was nice, just the grown up women getting together, being crafty and eating candy. I would have enjoyed it a lot, if I wasn't stressed out.

There are two main reasons that I was anxious tonight. 1) I was in charge and 2) I was too busy this week working on my procrastination skills to actually make the example cards. So I made them as fast as I could, while the ladies all sat there and watched me. I felt like standing up and saying YES, I AM REALLY THIS IRRESPONSIBLE. BECAUSE I HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS FOR 3 WEEKS. AND I AM JUST MAKING THESE NOW.

If you look too closely you will see the uneven circles and splotchy shading around the edges. But I think they look damn good since I made them in 5 minutes.

I know, I said damn. My sisters are going to kill me.

But 'darn good' just didn't cut it. Usually dang works alright, but tonight only the real thing really expressed my feelings about these cards, the stress, and the fact that they look so good.


Christy said...

You are right. Sometimes you gotta use that word to express what you really mean. Now go repent and send me 2 cards in the morning. B/c they turned out great for only spending 5 min on them.

Unknown said...


Chantel said...

i agree with both of the previous comments. You are a sinner, and they look awesome enough to swear by it :-) Also, I am expecting the Thanksgiving giveaway prize, the Christmas giveaway prize and these cards in the mail.... :-P

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