Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thankful Tree

Before Jamie could come over yesterday, she had to wait for Peter to finish his nap. The kid slept for 4 hours!I kept myself busy though. Don't worry.

As you know, I've been irritated with the lack of Thanksgiving decorations. It's a blessing in disguise though, because it's forcing me to get creative! I got the idea for this craft here (but I didn't do the interactive stuff. I just wanted wall art). I'll walk you through it, in case you want to make it sometime.

First I picked out the papers. Then I made a stencil (I used my printer and an exacto blade). I grabbed some black paint, and Mod Podge, and I used some leaves from the Dollar Store. I mounted everything on a piece of cardboard (gotta use those moving boxes for something!). And finally some Raffia. That's it for materials.

First I glued on the brown cardstock as the ground, and the striped paper as the sky.

Then I cut out a strip of Orange, backed it with White, and taped on my homemade stencil. I used black paint instead of ink, cause it was easier.

Then I cut out the tree, and put everything together. The leaves made me nervous, but most of them stayed on!

I braided some Raffia, and then couldn't figure out how to attach it. I wanted the picture to lay flat against the wall. Finally, I grabbed 2 wire twist ties from the kitchen, and used those(I hope this part makes sense). I poked holes in the upper corners of the cardboard, under the leaves. Then I ran the twist ties through. Finally, I attached the raffia to the twist ties on the sides of the picture.

This is probably my favorite craft yet.


Jamie said...

aw ya. Go crafts! It was a blast!

Amber said...

Helena I was so worried! You had to entertain yourself for FOUR hours! All by yourself! I can't believe you had to wait for someone to finish their nap... (I actually think that might be a first for you, usually the roles are reversed... People are waiting for you to finish your nap...)

Nice job with the craft :)

Kyle and Aly said...

That is way cute!!! I need to make some Thanksgiving decor too. I agree with not being able to find any. It is really sad. Thanksgiving is important too! LOL!

Chantel said...

It is just like the picture! GOOD JOB! I think it is way cute.

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