Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There will soon be a new Second Year Wife here at the Dental School (ha, it sounds like a compound when I say it like that). Tonight I am going to Rachel's Bridal Shower. And of course, I'm bringing lingerie.

I'm kind of an expert on buying this stuff. Back when Amber (my sister) was turning 16, I couldn't find her a present. I was walking around WalMart, my 7th store, when it caught my eye: a pink bra and thong set, COVERED in feathers. So tacky. So perfect.

Unsuspecting, she opened it in front of a group of friends at her party. She turned bright red, and shoved it back into the bag. It was so funny. For my birthday, she retaliated. And a tradition was born.

Every Birthday, Christmas, anything with presents all the girls get "sister's gifts." By the time we all got married, we had drawers full of the stuff. Some of it is cute, and some of it is really awful (or confusing). And we always try to disguise the package, so it gets opened in front of everyone. The guys in the family know not to ask when one of us starts to open something, and then quickly shoves it under the table.

So that's the history. And here are some tips I've learned over the years:

1. Try to keep a record of your friends sizes, so you don't have to ask before a birthday. "What's your bra size" is a dead give away.

2. It doesn't have to fit them perfectly. It's not like it stays on that long.

3. There is no need to go for the expensive stuff. Victoria's Secret is nice, but you can get some awesome stuff for less

Which brings me to the real reason for this post. Burlington Coat Factory. They have THE BEST lingerie. The selection varies from store to store, but it is always $10. And it is high quality. The one out here has a HUGE lingerie section, with everything from naughty maid costumes to silky babydolls. So next time you are going to a bridal shower, or just want a gag gift, check it out.


Amber said...

Fun times!
Oh and it was actually purple... Thanks again for that...

Thompson Family said...

I love it! Let's make a trip to Burlington coat factory:)

Unknown said...

Matt says, you're a perv. Lol. Love ya

Rachel DeFreese said...


My cheeks were the color of the amazing piece of lingerie you found! Game on, sugar.... Now I just need to find when your birthday is. Thank you so much for bringing me one of the most fun pieces in my collection, and for coming and supporting me :)

Chantel said...

I love our tradition... However, I must say I'm slightly offended that you didn't mention me in your story of finding Amber's lingerie. If I remember correctly I played a big role in convincing you it was a good and funny idea. :-)

Liz said...

I'll totally have to check out Burlington coat factory. Our tradition is that I slip some lingerie in Chad's stocking every Christmas. After all, it really is for him:).

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