Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Year

I was just looking through some Facebook albums from last year, and I found these pictures from Halloween. I had such creative costumes! I didn't spend money on either of them- I just threw them together from my closet. You'll notice that both of them are a little bit skanky...

I wanted to be a Super Villain. And since I was in Utah, I became...


(Yup, that's me making out with myself.)

But one costume was not enough. I hadn't gotten around to making the cape yet for my real costume (the NCMO one) and so I threw this together last minute for a party the week before Halloween.

Yes I was Barbie. And yes, I ratted my hair.

And YES this is a lifesize cut out of Zach Efron. Kendra was obsessed. But he loved me more. He is one of the few things I miss about being single.

This is probably my last shout out to my 2nd favorite holiday. I'll miss you, Halloween. See you next year!

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