Sunday, November 29, 2009


My last few posts haven't had a lot of pictures. But don't worry- this one makes up for that.

Frankenmuth is a little Bavarian village in Michigan. Well, it was. Now it's a hot Michigan tourist destination!! Think Christmas all year round. I've never been there before, and so Kurt decided this would be my year. He also decided that Black Friday would be the perfect day to go.

This is the Bavarian Inn. It is even cuter in person. We went here for lunch.

We found this statue inside the restaurant. Creepy much?

(My favorite thing about this picture? How much darker my face is than my neck. You probably thought that trend ended after high school. WELL I'M BRINGING IT BACK)

Here I am eating at the Bavarian Inn. We planned on getting there early enough to order lunch, but then we got up late. So when we were seated they handed us Dinner menus. There wasn't a single thing under $20. We awkwardly discussed skipping out, or sharing a plate. When our waitress came back Kurt asked her what time they stopped serving lunch. "Oh, we serve that all day! And actually, it has the exact same stuff on it. Just at cheaper prices." Um, why would anyone pay for dinner? The plates were so big, we could have split one lunch and still had leftovers. Moral of the story: always ask.

Here is a taffy pull machine at one of the adorable shops

There is a great covered bridge which we walked under. Halfway across I stopped and announced it was time to take a picture of us. So I held out the camera and snapped a photo. And then I took another one. And another and another and this is the best one we got. We are really bad at this.

Then he took one of me. Which I like a million times more.

Then we headed to Bronners, which is this GIANT Christmas store. I think it's the biggest in the world.

It was kind of overwhelming. And pricey!

And that was our day. Am I sad I missed out on all those Black Friday deals? Yes. But since I don't have a job, I wouldn't have been able to buy much anyway. And this was a great day.


Amber said...

I am so jealous! I love Bronners... I am taking Dave there someday, lucky for us it is Christmas all year round there, so it doesn't matter when we go!

Chantel said...

I want to go there again! I have pics still from going there before when I went with Alicia. We were so young. Did you love it?

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