Sunday, November 1, 2009


Remember the good old days? Back when being sick meant you got to stay home from school, and get some one on one time with mom? Not only did you get to watch cartoons all day, and eat as much soup and crackers as you could stand, but you totally got to miss that spelling test that you hadn't studied for (Bologna? are you kidding me? That can't be right). And even when you weren't faking it, everyone treated you special and that sort of made up for the puking and the fever.

Yeah, I miss those days.


Unknown said...

I'm sorry to say that those days are long gone. It gets even better when you have kids to chase, then puke, feed meals, then puke, bathe them, then bathe in your own puke. Oops, I meant it's all wonderful.

Amber said...

Ahh the good old days! Dave will still take care of me when I am in the 'can't move to even go to the bathroom without throwing up or almost passing out' mode, but we all know it is hard to get that sick ;) But mostly you just have to suck it up and go to work/take care of the kids/everything else that makes it so you can't rest and get better.

ps. Dave would take care of me every time if I let him but work demands that I don't have the time to be sick!

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