Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surprise Treats!

Tonight was a good night. After we ate dinner, I had a headache. I hardly ever have those. So to distract me from the pain, Kurt took me out for dessert. Seems kind of counter-intuitive, right? Your head hurts- lets go hang out around bright lights and noisy people!! But it totally worked. We decided to check out the Eat N' Park, a restaurant just down the street. It sounds like a 60's roller skate joint, doesn't it? Sort of like Sonic? But no, its just a regular restaurant.
The dessert was good. But we REALLY liked the hostess. Her name was Liz. She's one of those 50-something waitresses who seem like they would work there just because they love it so much. She was so excited when she heard it was our first time at the Eat N Park! She gave us a tour, was super friendly, and told us to make sure we say hi next time we stop in. Then later, she turned up at our table with a bag. "Its kind of a welcome bag. I have our take out menu, the birthday info for you to fill out (so we can give you free stuff), some coupons, and things like that. Make sure you come visit again!" After we got in the car, I saw that she had also included 2 of their signature Smiley cookies! We will definitely be going back to visit.

So I just went looking for a picture of the Eat N' Park, to add to this post. I ended up at their website. AND THEY HAVE A THEME SONG. Awesome.

When we got home, we decided to check the mail. And we had a package! It wasn't signed, but I KNOW it was from Annie! I was super excited. Packages + Halloween Candy = A Wonderful Surprise! And a perfect snack to much on while facebooking and writing blogs.


Amber said...

Those cookies are cute! You should ask your new friend Liz if she could hook you up with a job! I think it would be perfect, maybe you will love it so much you will work there into your fifties!

mccall said...

i have heard a lot of not-so-good things about Eat N Park, so we've never even attempted to go there. Was the food good?

P.S. i'm way excited for this weekend! and we have to go to Red Robin again.

Helena said...

Amber, thats a great Idea! If my goal to be a rich Beggar doesn't work out, I will try this.

And McCall, We really liked the desserts. We haven't tried their regular food. But the couple sitting next to us are regulars, and they love it.

But we did go to the one here at the Waterfront. I bet its a lot nicer than most Eat N' Parks (everything is nicer at the waterfront)

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