Sunday, October 11, 2009


Friday was our 3 month anniversary. To celebrate, we went to DC. I'm so glad Kurt takes our monthiversaries so seriously. I wonder how he's gonna out-do this one in 4 weeks...?

We left Friday night, and drove right into a rainstorm. And not just any rainstorm. We're talking a no-nonsense, giant, angry thunderstorm. The kind that doesn't even exist in Utah. It was raining so hard, you couldn't see more than 15 feet in front of you. It was headed to DC, too (I hear thunderstorms are obsessed with national history). We got to know our volatile traveling companion very well over the next 5 hours. I named it Trumble: Because what else would you name a Thunderstorm? Eventually, we made it to DC. And we didn't hit any animals or anything.

I guess the wildlife out here isn't quite as eager for a grisly roadside death as the animals in the Midwest. When we were driving from Utah to Pittsburgh a few months ago, we took a detour and hit up some church sites. We checked out Independence one day, and then that night we drove up to Nauvoo. During that drive, we got caught in a thunderstorm very similar to the one I was just describing (Only that one was named Percival). But man, the animals on that trip were crazy! Here are some of the creatures that were playing chicken: A fox, a raccoon, a squirrel, a possum. There was a deer poised at the edge of the road at one point. I'm really glad he didn't have a death wish- the deer in the midwest are a LOT bigger than the ones in Utah. You can't expect to drive away from an encounter with one of these.

There was also a skunk. I say that in past tense. I saw something scurrying across the road, and I let out a strangled, "Left!" I meant watch out, there is a little skunk on your left. But Kurt heard it as swerve left FAST (We are working on our communication skills). It was traumatizing. Both the fact that we hit an animal, which I've never done before, and the smell that followed us for the next 40 miles.

Finally, while we were peering into the crazy rain, I saw a giant owl flying next to our car. Suddenly, he swooped in front of us! What the heck...? I guess he saw a mouse or something. Sadly, we heard his wing clip the right bumper. We didn't feel any bump under the tires, but I don't think a wing can survive an impact like that.

Yes, these details are gory, and probably not necessary. But it helps to talk about it. I'm really glad that the animals this weekend decided to stay out of the rain. I'm sure they are much happier tucked inside their warm, if damp, little nests and burrows.

I was going to post some pictures of our trip, but I think I left the camera in the car. Since Kurt is on campus studying for this weeks tests (I know, its Sunday. We are so apostate), I'm gonna have to wait until he gets home to upload them. so STAY TUNED.


Amber said...

I can't believe you were an accessory to skunk murder! No, not even an accessory, you tricked Kurt into doing it! That is low... And then to go after a poor innocent owl...

ps. I like the storm names, nice job!

~~Mia~~ said...

OH kudos on the storm names, I am loving them....I also love how they were so similar in nature but for their names. Interesting.

Poor skunk. Poor owl wing.

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