Saturday, October 31, 2009

a REAL Haunted House

The other day we went with some friends to a REAL Haunted House! The background on how it's haunted is pretty vague... something about a witch and some men going missing... but I'm sure its true!

Here are some of my favorite moments from that night:

Getting lost on our way there. But hey, driving around in a spooky rural area just helped set the mood!

The website said there weren't gonna be any chainsaws. They lied.

A girl walking out of the house was horrified: "They used real mud!" she squeeled, in a teenage voice. We laughed, and kept making fun of her, saying, "Watch out! That's real mud!" to each other. Turns out they did use real mud at the end. And it got in my shoe. Karma, anyone?

McCall snapped a picture, and was immediately confronted by a red neck farmer with blood on his shirt. "No pictures!" he yelled. "Oh, ok." McCall said, about to put her camera away. "You have to erase that. Now." He stood over her, and checked to make sure that the blurry picture was really gone. I hope you learned your lesson, McCall!

Kurt and I were leading the way for most of the house. And by Kurt and I, I mean me. He kept pushing me in front of him. He says he wasn't scared. Uh huh. So why was he hiding behind me again...? I didn't mind protecting him. I'm pretty tough. But I was NOT ok with how he kept letting go of my hand. I need something to grab onto while I'm screaming and jumping up and down (Ok, I guess I'm not that tough).

I hope you all had a great Halloween!


Amber said...

Wow Helena, way to be the man! It was nice of you to protect Kurt :)

Chantel said...

that was nice of you to protect him! Did he scream? Man screams are funny. I hope he has a deep scream... Did you see any ghosts in the real haunted house?

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