Monday, October 19, 2009

My yummy weekend!

This weekend I went with a group of Wives to Hershey, Pa. It was pretty sweet (haha). McCall was our main photographer, since she had a fanny pack to carry her camera in (Thank you McCall!). So the pictures I put up here might seem really similar to ones you see on the other Wives' blogs.

The first item on our agenda was to go hit up all the Roller Coasters at Hershey Park. I was VERY excited because Kurt is not really into amusement parks. You know the thrill of a 50-foot drop, when you are being held to your seat by nothing more than a bar across your knees? Kurt could care less. So saying, "forget the husbands" and going on an all-girl trip to an amusement park is a perfect solution.

But as we drove past the park we noticed something strange. None of the rides were moving. It could have had something to do with the pouring rain. Or the 38 degree weather. We decided to hit up Hershey's Chocolate World first.

Going with a Chocolate World Veteran has its perks. Jill got us around the lines and onto the tour in seconds. We passed singing cows, and chocolate making machines, and life was wonderful.

They don't do tours of the actual Hershey factory anymore. And I think this is why. I don't think I could resist if I saw these chocolate blocks running right past me on a belt- some things are worth getting banned for life.

Then we spent an hour wandering the Chocolate shop. It was like Heaven. We stopped to get some chocolate milk at one of the food counters. There, the girl behind the register forgot to give me a dollar back in change. "Next time someone pays in change I'll give it to you." This took 5 minutes. I stood there waiting expectantly as she carefully counted out the other customers change. then she shut the cash drawer again. "Oh! Sorry. Um, next time someone pays in change." 5 more minutes went by...

We headed back to Hershey Park. It was still raining, and still cold. But there was a giant Reeses Man- which must be the best job ever.

The people at the admissions counter said that there were only a few rides going, and only 2 roller coaster that may or may not run off and on all day. But it would still cost full price. So Dumb. Tiffany jokingly asked if we could just go in for free. And they said yes. They gave us a tip, and we ended up at guest services asking about the shopping pass. BEST DEAL EVER.

(Jill and McCall are in front, April and my eyes are behind them, and that creepy person in the back is Tiffany)

They run your credit card for the full price, and you have 45 minutes to go check out the park. If you come back then, they will delete the transaction and you leave. So we got to go on two roller coasters and the swings FOR FREE. In fact, we basically SAVED $25 doing it! then we went back to the hotel and warmed up in the hot tub.

That night we all talked and laughed and did mini-facials until 2 in the morning. Well, they did facials- Kelly and I watched (because we are lame like that). The next morning they all went and enjoyed the Hershey Spa (which sounds amazing). Since I don't have a job yet, I decided to skip this part of the trip and just sleep in.

Please click on this picture! Then you can see my favorite part- Tiffany's chocolate covered teeth!

Before we left, we hit up the little cafe connected to the Hershey Museum. There Tiffany and I tried chocolate shots. Each cup is made from chocolate beans in different countries. Sooo yummy! they had us start in mexico, and work our way around to Africa. I think McCall really liked these.

So I decided: Girls weekends are very important to the sanity of Dental Student Wives. I hope we do more of these!


Chantel said...

I wanna do chocolate shots!

That looks, and sounds, like you had a lot of fun! What happens in a Hershey spa? Do you get to soak in chocolate?

ps. I miss you, and I like how you call them "the Wives"

mccall said...

Magistros = MC2: the chocolate shots are very deceptive! don't let yourself be fooled. BLEH! those things were nasty (although Helena really did like them).

thanks for the fun trip! we really do need to do another. boston, MA, anyone???

oh and don't worry- jobs are WAY overrated!!!

Unknown said...

For the next treip you should come to Zeeland, Mi.

It sounds like being a wife is treating you well. How fun to be with a group of ladies. Is everyone in the same ward? We lived in a dental student ward when we were first married. The dental students wifes really took good care of each other. In fact we had 21 pregnant ladies at the same time. Must have been something in the dental rinse.

Amber said...

That looks like so much fun! I am glad you are meeting great people and having a good time out there! I got to tell you Helena, I am a little disappointed that you didn't end up jumping in to a huge vat of chocolate... You went to Hershey and didn't find a way to jump in... (you are losing your touch):)

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