Monday, October 12, 2009

My First Trip To DC

I found the camera! Now I can tell you guys all about our trip. Saturday morning, we got up and went to the DC Temple. I've never been before, and it's our Temple district now. I was really excited, cause that's where my parents got married. My favorite moment was when I walked by the Brides changing room, and realized, "that's where my Mom got ready. Right there, in that room." When I shared this thought with Kurt, he replied, "Well, there could be another Brides room."

...excuse me? SOMEONE needs to work on his sensitivity merit badge. "Um, no. I prefer to think that that room is where she was. Go with me on this." He smiled, and hugged my shoulders, and said, "You know, I bet you are right." I love my husband.

After the Temple, we went on the Subway! to check out the sites. I've never been on a Subway! before, and so I was REALLY EXCITED. It ended up being very similar to Utah's Trax... but I decided to ignore that, and be REALLY EXCITED anyway.

We stopped at the Museum of Natural History. I love free museums. When we were walking up the stairs, I saw a single protester across the street, yelling about God's Mighty Judgement through his Megaphone. Curious, I scanned the building to see what he was protesting. Ohh, It's the Anniversary of Darwin's book. The guy was protesting Evolution. Personally, I don't feel threatened by evolution. And I'm pretty sure God doesn't either. But the guy looked pretty happy out there holding his giant sign, and it's always nice to see someone enjoying their hobbies.

Inside, we checked out this AWESOME dinosaur exhibit. And I'd like to point out that it looks like the dinosaur is about to poop on Kurt's head in this picture.

We visited all the monuments and memorials around The Mall (I'm not sure why they named a big grassy field something as exciting as The Mall. The Empty Field seems like it would fit better). I took pictures of all of the sites- But then I realized that I am not a professional photographer. And none of my pictures make them look nearly as cool as they are in real life. For instance: I have seen dozens of pictures of the Lincoln Memorial. Thousands, if you count all the pennies I chewed on as a child (I know. So gross). But until I was actually there I had NO IDEA. But if you want, here are some pictures that kind of do them justice.

We did a lot of stopping and sitting in between tourist sites. See, I wore a super cute pair of flats, which do not have much support in them. Ok, honestly, I'm pretty sure all they have is a piece of cardboard and a thin layer of rubber for soles. And we walked, like, 20 MILES. Or at least, it felt that way after a few hours in those shoes. My advice is forget about looking cute while you are a tourist. It's just not worth it. Go for Comfort. Go for Convenience.

Suddenly, fanny packs are making sense to me...

Once it was dark, and Kurts offer to carry me was getting more and more tempting, we headed back to the Subway!. It was a great day.


Unknown said...

We were married in the Washington D.C. Temple as well. I loved it there. It holds a special place in my heart as well. Funny story. The night before we were married I had to sleeep in the same room as my parents as grandparents. I was lucky enought to sleep on the roll away got (boo). Needless to say I didn't get much sleep. After we got married we went with our families to the church bookstore. My Grandfather and I were standing together waiting for everyone to finish shopping when I told him " I am ready for bed" I meant I was tired and ready for bed. He thought I meant something different. He said to me "honey, we don't talk to Grandpa about things like that." Ha ha I will never forget that.

Helena said...

That is SO funny! He was probably shocked.

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