Saturday, October 3, 2009


Kurts parents are really sweet. They drove to Utah from Michigan for our Wedding and Reception. Yup- they drove. They did this so they could rent us a moving truck, and then drive it back across the country for us when they went home. See what I mean about them being sweet?

They also threw us a second wedding reception in Michigan. I flew into Detroit that Wednesday. Kurt didn't fly until the next evening. His was a one way ticket, so he and his dad could take the moving truck the rest of the way to Pittsburgh after the reception. There, they moved all our stuff into our apartment. I had a round trip ticket, because I was still in class for the summer, and had to get back right away. I think I timed that really well.

The day before Kurt arrived, I spent a lot of time running around Detroit with his mother, Pirjo. She had a lot of stuff to buy, since she had been gone for a month, and the reception was just days away. It was nice. We got back from our errands, and picked up Kurts dad, Bill. He hopped in the back of the van.

"Can you turn up the air? It's hot back here."
"No" said Pirjo. "Helena is cold."
I was? This was the first I'd heard of that.
"Oh, I'm fine! Don't worry." I said, confused.
"No. You are cold, and I don't want you to get sick."
What was I supposed to say to that? No, you're wrong?
"It's ok! I would just aim it away from me if I was cold. I'm really fine."
"And anyway, I'm cold too" she said.
Ohhh, I see. She's cold. I decided to just let it go.

Big mistake.

Kurt didn't come in until midnight. Pirjo stayed home, and so it was just me and Bill in the car waiting at the airport. When Kurt got to the car, he just hopped in the back.

"Hey, it's hot back here. Can you turn up the air conditioning?"
I was reaching for it when I heard: "No, Helena is cold."
"I'm fine! Really!"
"No, I don't want you to be cold."
I just didn't know what to do.
"She was really cold when we were in the car earlier."
What could I say? No, your wife was lying?
"Oh, ok." Kurt just shrugged and dealt with the sweat.

When we got home, his mom was waiting. after hugging him, and asking about his flight, and feeding him dinner, she said, "And there are plenty of blankets! I don't want you to get cold!"

I pulled him aside as soon as I could. "Kurt, I don't know what to do! Your parents are convinced I'm cold. ALL THE TIME. But I'm not!! It's JULY!" I explained about the van, and he just laughed it off. Then I explained about that afternoon.

They were worried I would be cold that night. We were staying in the finished basement, and its chillier than the rest of the house. They showed me the 4 blankets on the pull out bed. And the 3 quilts next to it. And the extra comforters in the closet. And then they said I could get more from the upstairs bedroom if I needed to- but I said no, 15 is probably enough.

Then his dad said he was going to close the vent above the bed, because the air conditioning gets cold down there at night. No big deal, right?

A few minutes later, I heard HAMMERING coming from downstairs! I didn't know what to do! 15 minutes later, he came upstairs and announced that he had sealed all the vents downstairs. SEALED THEM. WITH A HAMMER. I was speechless. I mean, it was really sweet. But... I WASN'T COLD!

Now whenever we are around his parents, Kurt makes a really big deal about asking if I'm cold. He thinks this is just soooooo funny.

I guess I think so too.


Unknown said...

Wow, they are VERY worried about you. By the way, it's October are you getting cold yet?

Unknown said...

This story cracked me up. I read it to my mom because she was wondering why I was laughing and she cracked up as well. I wonder what will happen when winter comes and you visit them...blasting heat your way. Maybe they want you to sweat or something. I hope communication problems don't run in the family...haha.

Amber said...

I haven't heard the story in such detail before! I think it is really funny, you should always make a point of acting cold when you are over there. Ask for tea in July and see if they can turn the heat too. When you guys are there for Christmas, shiver a lot, also make sure to always wear a hat and scarf in the house but you need to keep insisting you are fine and not cold at all...

~~Mia~~ said...

Oh man, I love this story <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> this much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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