Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Helena The Grouch

While I was driving Kurt to clinic today, I accidentally smiled. And my lip split open. Ow. Kurt thought this would be a great topic for a round of "Would You Rather".

"Would you rather have your lip split open every time you smile, or never smile again?" Easy. "I'd never smile again." "But you'd never be happy!" "I can't be happy when I'm in pain. Smiling is not worth it." I was in a grouchy mood.

We got stopped at a red light right before entering schinley park. "This is the longest red light EVER." "We're in Pittsburgh. EVERY light is the longest red light ever." It's true. I've never seen red lights that last this long. In Utah, they have each light set on its own schedule, depending on the amount of traffic going that way. The length of the lights even changes for time of day. Pittsburghs lights are not that sophisticated. They last something like 3 minutes, no matter what the street, and no matter what the time.

Once we were moving again, Kurt realized he had somehow pulled a muscle in his middle finger. "It's because you keep flipping people off, Kurt." (I was teasing) "Well, I would rather have this pain every time than never flip anyone off again."

He knows how to cheer me up. I couldn't help laughing- which made my wounded lip hurt even more. Ouch.

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Amber said...

The things that cheer you up... :)

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