Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He makes a great wife

Yes, I am going to be all obnoxious and newlywed-ish and rave about my husband. I know, I probably sound like one of those first-time mothers who are all OH MY GOSH. MY BABY BLINKED. IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. But so what? This whole marriage thing is still new and exciting and it's been three and a half months, and what can I say? We are still in love. So roll your eyes and read it anyway.

I drove the whole way home from Hershey. Because I'm awesome. And I was the only one who got more than 5 hours of sleep the night before (Remember how I slept in while the rest of the girls went to the spa?). I left my phone in my bag, and forgot to call Kurt to tell him what time we'd be back. When he couldn't reach me, he called McCalls husband, Tannon. Tannon gave him our expected arrival time: 6:30.

They didn't realize I was the one driving.

I went 30 over for most of the trip. I'm not even ashamed of it- the speed limit on the toll road is 55. Fifty Five. And on a Sunday, there was no excuse for going that slow.

We got home an hour early.

Kurt had decided to take advantage of having me gone for the weekend. Have I mentioned that the guy loves to clean? He swept, mopped, scrubbed, and organized everything. Even the bathroom! ( "He's a better wife than I am!" -Annie Kaiser) He went out and bought more shelves and things to organize our kitchen cupboards, got a really nice shower caddy for the bathroom, and even made sense of the chaos underneath the bathroom sink. He found my secret box of smelly stuff "I'm never buying you lotion! You have like 30!" and even made space for my feminine products.

He had stayed up until 3am working on all of this, and then kept going after church was over. So when he answered the door an hour early, he had a look of mingled delight and horror on his face. I felt bad for ruining his surprise, but I was so excited by all of the things he had done!

I feel pretty lucky to have this guy.


mccall said...

tannon may or may not be a little retarded. when i text him, i told him we'd be home in about 4 hours and i think he did the math wrong. tell kurt i'm sorry.

kurt really is such a great "wife". what a man!

Amber said...

That was sweet of him!

Chantel said...

Aww that is way sweet. I laughed really hard at the part where you were speeding

beka said...

Oh man, that was sweet of him.
Gosh, a man who loves to organize, etc?? Sounds like my dad. :)
My mom is more of the pack-rat type... LOL.

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