Thursday, October 22, 2009

The flaws make you shine

For the Priesthood session of Conference earlier this month, Kurt went to the Branch Building. There, the guys met up early and ate pizza and did manly things like scratch and burp and say "You da man"(because thats what guys do when they get together).

Kurt left early, to make sure he was there on time. When he walked in, all the guys turned to look at him. "Whoa. Kurt? On time??" Then they paused, looked at each other, and suddenly everyone understood. "Ohhh."

Yup, thats right. I'm the late one. I'm also the messy one, the lazy one, and the one most likely to lose her keys (and her cell phone and her license and anything else she could need on a daily basis). Kurt is pretty much the opposite of me. He is a much better wife than I am. Except in one area.

Blogging. All good wives blog (or so I've been told) which means I am a great wife. It's pretty much my one redeeming quality.

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