Friday, October 30, 2009

Craft Night

I found this awesome blog the other day. And realized I HAD TO MAKE THIS CRAFT. I could not let this halloween season go by without it. I found instructions here, and was all set to make them by myself.

Then I had a great idea- why not invite the other Wives to do it with me? Thursday seemed like the perfect night: Kurt was studying for his Final on Monday, and there wasn't anything else going on... or so I thought.

I sent out an email, and included pictures, and thought who could resist coming? Turns out everyone can WHEN YOU ARE COMPETING WITH BOOK CLUB. How did this happen...?

As soon as I realized it my mistake, I sent out another email saying "I completely understand if no one can come" (they are very serious about book club out here). I thought about rescheduling- but Halloween is 2 days away. It was now or never.

A few people RSVP'd, and Maretta ended up coming. We had a lot of fun painting and cutting and picking glue off our fingers. Here is my finished project:

(The example pictures from the links look better, but I think mine are cute too. And if I can make them, you can- I promise!)

This afternoon I went hunting for jars. I had a few in my craft stuff, but I wanted more. After perusing my fridge for a few minutes, I made an executive decision: we did not need all these half filled jars of food.

I got out some tupperware, and went to work.

When Kurt got home tonight, he ooh'd and aah'd over my little Jack-O'-Lanterns for a few minutes.

Then he asked where I had gotten the jars from. "Oh, from the fridge. the little ghost one used to be the Maraschino Cherries."

He gasped in horror.


The look on his face was so great, I had to go with it. "Yeah, I just tossed them."

I thought he was gonna pass out!! Maraschino cherries are like his favorite thing ever.

He caught on when I almost collapsed with laughter.

"How can you joke about this??"

He did not see the humor in the situation. But he was relieved to see the zip lock full of his favorite food.



Unknown said...

I hate to admit, but I threw away a jar of cherries last night. Sorry Kurt.I can dig them out of the trash if you want

Amber said...

They turned out so great! Someday (when I have time and space) I will make them too!

Tyson and Rachelle said...

Glad you guys had fun, wish I could have made it!

Chantel said...

Those are so CUTE! I want them. I too will make them someday.

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