Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am slowly starting to realize that while I love to write about personal things and post them on the internet, I need to be careful. While some things to me might seem harmless and funny, to others they might come across as mean and offensive. Or embarrassing and private. While I am still going to write about random stuff, and you might not always like what I say, I have decided there needs to be boundaries. So I sat down the other night, and came up with this list.

First of all, I am going to be careful what I write about Kurt. I have him proof-read all of my blogs, and get his approval before (Or shortly after) posting things about him. And while every idea I throw out there gets a "No! Don't write about me again. And stop posting so many pictures!" I will listen when he really means it. He has Veto power.

Also, I am under strict orders not to post his grades. "You can say, "He did great" or something, but keep the scores off the internet!" Duly noted, and fixed.

While I will definitely be writing about his adorable parents (who occasionally drive me crazy) I will do it carefully. Because if they ever find this blog (I hope they never find this blog) I don't want to hurt our relationship.

I learned from one of my favorite blogs that writing about your co-workers is only a good idea if you want to get fired.

Talking about how much you earn is tacky. Unless you are really poor (Or currently jobless). But once we do have an income, I will be keeping the details to myself.

I like to add anecdotal pieces of conversation from my friends, and you might just find yourself quoted on here. But if it ever bothers you, just email me and I will edit whatever you said (or pretend it was someone else).

As for subject matter, who knows what I'm gonna write about (probably everything. And nothing). But I reserve the right to talk about anything that comes to mind. And you are more than welcome not to read it.

So there you go- those are my new rules. But like my English 110 teacher told me: Once you know the rules, you can learn how to break them ;)


Chantel said...

I'm glad you made rules. Now I won't worry every time I read your blog.

Totally kidding! you've never offended me. On here anyway. :-) That blog you posted a link to is pretty cool. Have you read her books?

Helena said...

No, I haven't. I just read her blog. She has a list of her boundaries, and I got jealous and wrote my own.

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