Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick Or Treat!

Kurt is studying on campus tonight. Lame. He has a Final on Monday, and the review yesterday has him scared. So I dressed up as a witch and got ready to pass out candy by myself.

But no one came.

Well, ok. Thats not true. One couple brought their 5 month old by. She was so cute- they dressed her up as tigger. I tried to give them the whole bowl of candy, but they wouldn't take it! Something about her being too little, and them not wanting to become diabetic.


So now I'm stuck with a butt load of butterfingers and you KNOW I'm gonna eat them (Lisa, that "butt load" was for you! Be proud).

To keep myself busy I made marshmallaw fondant, and watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose on Hulu.

By myself. If there is one thing you learn from my blog let it be that YOU SHOULD NEVER WATCH A SCARY MOVIE ALONE ON HALLOWEEN.

I've never been so scared in my life.

...Except maybe on Prom night when the homeless guy started screaming at us outside our restaurant, and made me shake his blood-soaked hand... but really, nothing could be scarier than that.

a REAL Haunted House

The other day we went with some friends to a REAL Haunted House! The background on how it's haunted is pretty vague... something about a witch and some men going missing... but I'm sure its true!

Here are some of my favorite moments from that night:

Getting lost on our way there. But hey, driving around in a spooky rural area just helped set the mood!

The website said there weren't gonna be any chainsaws. They lied.

A girl walking out of the house was horrified: "They used real mud!" she squeeled, in a teenage voice. We laughed, and kept making fun of her, saying, "Watch out! That's real mud!" to each other. Turns out they did use real mud at the end. And it got in my shoe. Karma, anyone?

McCall snapped a picture, and was immediately confronted by a red neck farmer with blood on his shirt. "No pictures!" he yelled. "Oh, ok." McCall said, about to put her camera away. "You have to erase that. Now." He stood over her, and checked to make sure that the blurry picture was really gone. I hope you learned your lesson, McCall!

Kurt and I were leading the way for most of the house. And by Kurt and I, I mean me. He kept pushing me in front of him. He says he wasn't scared. Uh huh. So why was he hiding behind me again...? I didn't mind protecting him. I'm pretty tough. But I was NOT ok with how he kept letting go of my hand. I need something to grab onto while I'm screaming and jumping up and down (Ok, I guess I'm not that tough).

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Craft Night

I found this awesome blog the other day. And realized I HAD TO MAKE THIS CRAFT. I could not let this halloween season go by without it. I found instructions here, and was all set to make them by myself.

Then I had a great idea- why not invite the other Wives to do it with me? Thursday seemed like the perfect night: Kurt was studying for his Final on Monday, and there wasn't anything else going on... or so I thought.

I sent out an email, and included pictures, and thought who could resist coming? Turns out everyone can WHEN YOU ARE COMPETING WITH BOOK CLUB. How did this happen...?

As soon as I realized it my mistake, I sent out another email saying "I completely understand if no one can come" (they are very serious about book club out here). I thought about rescheduling- but Halloween is 2 days away. It was now or never.

A few people RSVP'd, and Maretta ended up coming. We had a lot of fun painting and cutting and picking glue off our fingers. Here is my finished project:

(The example pictures from the links look better, but I think mine are cute too. And if I can make them, you can- I promise!)

This afternoon I went hunting for jars. I had a few in my craft stuff, but I wanted more. After perusing my fridge for a few minutes, I made an executive decision: we did not need all these half filled jars of food.

I got out some tupperware, and went to work.

When Kurt got home tonight, he ooh'd and aah'd over my little Jack-O'-Lanterns for a few minutes.

Then he asked where I had gotten the jars from. "Oh, from the fridge. the little ghost one used to be the Maraschino Cherries."

He gasped in horror.


The look on his face was so great, I had to go with it. "Yeah, I just tossed them."

I thought he was gonna pass out!! Maraschino cherries are like his favorite thing ever.

He caught on when I almost collapsed with laughter.

"How can you joke about this??"

He did not see the humor in the situation. But he was relieved to see the zip lock full of his favorite food.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fling Party

I was wondering what to cook last night. I opened the fridge, hoping for leftovers- nope. We ate them already. I looked through the cupboard: Mac N Cheese? Oatmeal? Nothing looked good. Well, ok. Lots of stuff looked good- but it also looked like a lot of effort. I sighed, and shut the door. Maybe I should do spaghetti again. That's healthy, right? It's got tomatoes in the sauce... And I think we have some Ragu in the fridge. I walked over, and reached for the handle. Then something caught my eye.

SAVED! That looked like a much better dinner than anything I was willing to cook up. Plus it would cost a ton of money for me to make that dinner myself. And Kurt got home just in time.

We headed over to the office, and immediately the smells of this wonderful meal wafted through the air. The office here at the Waterfront is really nice. The clubhouse is two stories, with all sorts of fireplaces and pool tables and big comfy couches. You can rent the place out for parties. And I guess the management throws banquets like this every few months. Score!

We met some really nice people: Joanne, from the Philippines. Mary and Tough (yup, that's his real name) from Montana. But really, I was mostly excited about the food. Sometimes procrastinating pays off.

Uh oh...

The pumpkin is leaking again...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We carved Pumpkins last night- at the SAME TIME my family was carving pumpkins in Utah! It was almost like we were doing it together :)

We also had our first dinner guests. We are kind of nervous about inviting people who have mobile children; our place just isn't baby proof. So we decided to start with Nicole and Devon, whose 4 month old can't get into much trouble.

After dinner, we busted out the knives and went to work on our pumpkins. We bought them at the Giant Eagle across the street, and the selection was awful. I think there were 7 left, and half of those were rotten. There were a few other people hunting through them, and so when we found two decent looking ones, we ran! For a second I thought the old lady was gonna chase us down- but I was ready for that. Chantel and I used to train for Black Friday, and I know how to handle old ladies with walkers. We headed home, and put our hard-won prizes by the door. But Sunday morning when we were leaving for church, Kurt noticed an orange puddle and a funny smell coming from under one of the pumpkins. We decided we would carve that one (We are such good hosts), and gave the good one to Nicole and Devon.

It wasn't rotten, exactly. It just had some suspicious soft spots, and the insides were all liquidy and grayish. The good news is we didn't have to scrape out the guts! We just sort of...poured them out. Then we started carving. A few minutes later I looked in it again- and there was another puddle in there! It was bleeding internally.

This one is ours:

And this one is the Gneitings. It's true, we all cheated and used patterns. But it was definitely worth it!

Sidenote: Nicole's baby hates me. Every time I picked her up, she started screaming in my face! But once I handed her back, she was just fine. I'm that good with babies.

Now we have our pumpkin outside our front door. It smells. But it really doens't look suspicious, so we are hoping our neighbors won't realize that that is where the smell is coming from. At least, not until after Saturday.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm so proud of me!

Ohh yes! That's right- I figured out how to change my background! I spent a few frustrating hours working on this back in September, but gave up when I was about to throw the computer out the window. Kurt saw me and was all PUT THE COMPUTER DOWN. Every time I see my blog, I itch to change it. And today I did.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am slowly starting to realize that while I love to write about personal things and post them on the internet, I need to be careful. While some things to me might seem harmless and funny, to others they might come across as mean and offensive. Or embarrassing and private. While I am still going to write about random stuff, and you might not always like what I say, I have decided there needs to be boundaries. So I sat down the other night, and came up with this list.

First of all, I am going to be careful what I write about Kurt. I have him proof-read all of my blogs, and get his approval before (Or shortly after) posting things about him. And while every idea I throw out there gets a "No! Don't write about me again. And stop posting so many pictures!" I will listen when he really means it. He has Veto power.

Also, I am under strict orders not to post his grades. "You can say, "He did great" or something, but keep the scores off the internet!" Duly noted, and fixed.

While I will definitely be writing about his adorable parents (who occasionally drive me crazy) I will do it carefully. Because if they ever find this blog (I hope they never find this blog) I don't want to hurt our relationship.

I learned from one of my favorite blogs that writing about your co-workers is only a good idea if you want to get fired.

Talking about how much you earn is tacky. Unless you are really poor (Or currently jobless). But once we do have an income, I will be keeping the details to myself.

I like to add anecdotal pieces of conversation from my friends, and you might just find yourself quoted on here. But if it ever bothers you, just email me and I will edit whatever you said (or pretend it was someone else).

As for subject matter, who knows what I'm gonna write about (probably everything. And nothing). But I reserve the right to talk about anything that comes to mind. And you are more than welcome not to read it.

So there you go- those are my new rules. But like my English 110 teacher told me: Once you know the rules, you can learn how to break them ;)

The flaws make you shine

For the Priesthood session of Conference earlier this month, Kurt went to the Branch Building. There, the guys met up early and ate pizza and did manly things like scratch and burp and say "You da man"(because thats what guys do when they get together).

Kurt left early, to make sure he was there on time. When he walked in, all the guys turned to look at him. "Whoa. Kurt? On time??" Then they paused, looked at each other, and suddenly everyone understood. "Ohhh."

Yup, thats right. I'm the late one. I'm also the messy one, the lazy one, and the one most likely to lose her keys (and her cell phone and her license and anything else she could need on a daily basis). Kurt is pretty much the opposite of me. He is a much better wife than I am. Except in one area.

Blogging. All good wives blog (or so I've been told) which means I am a great wife. It's pretty much my one redeeming quality.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Late Dinner

I was talking to McCall on the way to Hershey, and she started laughing. "So Kurt told Tannon something really funny. He said that the other day, he had gone to sleep early, and you woke him up for dinner. At 1am."

It's true. Since he was already sleeping, I figured it wouldn't make any difference what time I woke him up. So I waited until I was hungry (around midnight) and then I busted out the angel hair spaghetti.

Wow she's lucky

Kurt hung this in our hallway while I was gone this past weekend. It had been waiting patiently on the floor for about a month now. When I walked in with McCall and Jill, this was the first thing we saw.

We made this together while we were engaged. It was for a final in my Religion in the Home class. It's a calendar, with a chalkboard coating. That picture of Christ, on the right? It can be switched out for a different picture each month. And we are gonna put pictures of us on the left.

Since he didn't have any pictures handy, he drew these.

He's got such Style.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He makes a great wife

Yes, I am going to be all obnoxious and newlywed-ish and rave about my husband. I know, I probably sound like one of those first-time mothers who are all OH MY GOSH. MY BABY BLINKED. IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. But so what? This whole marriage thing is still new and exciting and it's been three and a half months, and what can I say? We are still in love. So roll your eyes and read it anyway.

I drove the whole way home from Hershey. Because I'm awesome. And I was the only one who got more than 5 hours of sleep the night before (Remember how I slept in while the rest of the girls went to the spa?). I left my phone in my bag, and forgot to call Kurt to tell him what time we'd be back. When he couldn't reach me, he called McCalls husband, Tannon. Tannon gave him our expected arrival time: 6:30.

They didn't realize I was the one driving.

I went 30 over for most of the trip. I'm not even ashamed of it- the speed limit on the toll road is 55. Fifty Five. And on a Sunday, there was no excuse for going that slow.

We got home an hour early.

Kurt had decided to take advantage of having me gone for the weekend. Have I mentioned that the guy loves to clean? He swept, mopped, scrubbed, and organized everything. Even the bathroom! ( "He's a better wife than I am!" -Annie Kaiser) He went out and bought more shelves and things to organize our kitchen cupboards, got a really nice shower caddy for the bathroom, and even made sense of the chaos underneath the bathroom sink. He found my secret box of smelly stuff "I'm never buying you lotion! You have like 30!" and even made space for my feminine products.

He had stayed up until 3am working on all of this, and then kept going after church was over. So when he answered the door an hour early, he had a look of mingled delight and horror on his face. I felt bad for ruining his surprise, but I was so excited by all of the things he had done!

I feel pretty lucky to have this guy.

He's got Style

Last Friday, Kurt came home with a huge grin.

"Wassup?" I asked curiously.

"You know how we have those practice interview sessions?"

I did know. He had explained them to me earlier. I guess for one of their classes they pretend to be dentists, and there are actors who play the patients, and the students take turns interviewing them in front of the professor. Most of the students get really nervous (I know I would). But you know Kurt- he's pretty chill. Even if he gets nervous, he can tell himself to relax. And it works.

"Well, today after class, the instructor came up to me. And he told me he likes my style. A black guy told me he likes my style."

His grin had gotten even bigger, and he looked like a little kid who had just gotten picked first for a team during recess.

I was so proud of him. And he was so proud of himself. "Do you like my style?" "You're pretty lucky, you know? Not every husband has style like I do." "Did you see how I just washed that dish? Yup, that's my style."

So cute. Um, I mean... stylin'

Monday, October 19, 2009

My yummy weekend!

This weekend I went with a group of Wives to Hershey, Pa. It was pretty sweet (haha). McCall was our main photographer, since she had a fanny pack to carry her camera in (Thank you McCall!). So the pictures I put up here might seem really similar to ones you see on the other Wives' blogs.

The first item on our agenda was to go hit up all the Roller Coasters at Hershey Park. I was VERY excited because Kurt is not really into amusement parks. You know the thrill of a 50-foot drop, when you are being held to your seat by nothing more than a bar across your knees? Kurt could care less. So saying, "forget the husbands" and going on an all-girl trip to an amusement park is a perfect solution.

But as we drove past the park we noticed something strange. None of the rides were moving. It could have had something to do with the pouring rain. Or the 38 degree weather. We decided to hit up Hershey's Chocolate World first.

Going with a Chocolate World Veteran has its perks. Jill got us around the lines and onto the tour in seconds. We passed singing cows, and chocolate making machines, and life was wonderful.

They don't do tours of the actual Hershey factory anymore. And I think this is why. I don't think I could resist if I saw these chocolate blocks running right past me on a belt- some things are worth getting banned for life.

Then we spent an hour wandering the Chocolate shop. It was like Heaven. We stopped to get some chocolate milk at one of the food counters. There, the girl behind the register forgot to give me a dollar back in change. "Next time someone pays in change I'll give it to you." This took 5 minutes. I stood there waiting expectantly as she carefully counted out the other customers change. then she shut the cash drawer again. "Oh! Sorry. Um, next time someone pays in change." 5 more minutes went by...

We headed back to Hershey Park. It was still raining, and still cold. But there was a giant Reeses Man- which must be the best job ever.

The people at the admissions counter said that there were only a few rides going, and only 2 roller coaster that may or may not run off and on all day. But it would still cost full price. So Dumb. Tiffany jokingly asked if we could just go in for free. And they said yes. They gave us a tip, and we ended up at guest services asking about the shopping pass. BEST DEAL EVER.

(Jill and McCall are in front, April and my eyes are behind them, and that creepy person in the back is Tiffany)

They run your credit card for the full price, and you have 45 minutes to go check out the park. If you come back then, they will delete the transaction and you leave. So we got to go on two roller coasters and the swings FOR FREE. In fact, we basically SAVED $25 doing it! then we went back to the hotel and warmed up in the hot tub.

That night we all talked and laughed and did mini-facials until 2 in the morning. Well, they did facials- Kelly and I watched (because we are lame like that). The next morning they all went and enjoyed the Hershey Spa (which sounds amazing). Since I don't have a job yet, I decided to skip this part of the trip and just sleep in.

Please click on this picture! Then you can see my favorite part- Tiffany's chocolate covered teeth!

Before we left, we hit up the little cafe connected to the Hershey Museum. There Tiffany and I tried chocolate shots. Each cup is made from chocolate beans in different countries. Sooo yummy! they had us start in mexico, and work our way around to Africa. I think McCall really liked these.

So I decided: Girls weekends are very important to the sanity of Dental Student Wives. I hope we do more of these!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Surprises

Ok, this is definitely the week for unexpected treats. We just got 3 more packages in the mail- 3!!! These ones were from my Dad. I can just see him at Wal Mart, getting really excited as he picks out Halloween stuff to send to us. Can I say cutest Dad ever?

We got one box earlier today. Inside I found picture frames from JoAnn (my Dad's new wife), and 4 boxes of my favorite Halloween treat- Pumpkin Delights!! So much for my goal to lose weight before the Holidays...

Then this evening we got another knock on the door. It was the same UPS guy, with the other 2 boxes. Inside we found tons of Halloween decorations and candy. The candy is for the little ankle-biters who come knocking on our door on Halloween (but we'll see if it lasts that long). I am really excited about the fake spider web stuff, and Kurt really likes the skull. Which I named Morty.

I love my family. I've been missing them like crazy. Halloween is the start of my Dads favorite time of year (which lasts through December). Last week everyone out in Utah went to a Haunted Hayride thing in Thanksgiving Point. And I'm sure pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and scary movies are on the schedule. Then when its closer to Halloween, they will all get together and watch Arsenic and Old Lace, a black and white classic. It's a tradition in our family. They will eat doughnuts and drink cider and munch on my dads Pumpkin Seeds. Without me.

I'm not sad to be in Pittsburgh. But I sort of wish that my family would decide to follow me again- like they did when I moved to Utah. Until then, I guess I will just have to enjoy the packages.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surprise Treats!

Tonight was a good night. After we ate dinner, I had a headache. I hardly ever have those. So to distract me from the pain, Kurt took me out for dessert. Seems kind of counter-intuitive, right? Your head hurts- lets go hang out around bright lights and noisy people!! But it totally worked. We decided to check out the Eat N' Park, a restaurant just down the street. It sounds like a 60's roller skate joint, doesn't it? Sort of like Sonic? But no, its just a regular restaurant.
The dessert was good. But we REALLY liked the hostess. Her name was Liz. She's one of those 50-something waitresses who seem like they would work there just because they love it so much. She was so excited when she heard it was our first time at the Eat N Park! She gave us a tour, was super friendly, and told us to make sure we say hi next time we stop in. Then later, she turned up at our table with a bag. "Its kind of a welcome bag. I have our take out menu, the birthday info for you to fill out (so we can give you free stuff), some coupons, and things like that. Make sure you come visit again!" After we got in the car, I saw that she had also included 2 of their signature Smiley cookies! We will definitely be going back to visit.

So I just went looking for a picture of the Eat N' Park, to add to this post. I ended up at their website. AND THEY HAVE A THEME SONG. Awesome.

When we got home, we decided to check the mail. And we had a package! It wasn't signed, but I KNOW it was from Annie! I was super excited. Packages + Halloween Candy = A Wonderful Surprise! And a perfect snack to much on while facebooking and writing blogs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you, Facebook

I'm heading to bed early tonight. But before I do, I want to ask you a question. What were you doing 1 year ago today?

I was getting ready to go see a play. I had looked an old friend up on Facebook, and he asked me out on a date. I said sure, why not?

Who knew that one year later we would be married and living in Pittsburgh :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Look what I found!

I could NOT believe my eyes. It's like heaven. Christmas gifts: COVERED.

You know you wish YOU had an Obama Shop!

Helena The Grouch

While I was driving Kurt to clinic today, I accidentally smiled. And my lip split open. Ow. Kurt thought this would be a great topic for a round of "Would You Rather".

"Would you rather have your lip split open every time you smile, or never smile again?" Easy. "I'd never smile again." "But you'd never be happy!" "I can't be happy when I'm in pain. Smiling is not worth it." I was in a grouchy mood.

We got stopped at a red light right before entering schinley park. "This is the longest red light EVER." "We're in Pittsburgh. EVERY light is the longest red light ever." It's true. I've never seen red lights that last this long. In Utah, they have each light set on its own schedule, depending on the amount of traffic going that way. The length of the lights even changes for time of day. Pittsburghs lights are not that sophisticated. They last something like 3 minutes, no matter what the street, and no matter what the time.

Once we were moving again, Kurt realized he had somehow pulled a muscle in his middle finger. "It's because you keep flipping people off, Kurt." (I was teasing) "Well, I would rather have this pain every time than never flip anyone off again."

He knows how to cheer me up. I couldn't help laughing- which made my wounded lip hurt even more. Ouch.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My First Trip To DC

I found the camera! Now I can tell you guys all about our trip. Saturday morning, we got up and went to the DC Temple. I've never been before, and it's our Temple district now. I was really excited, cause that's where my parents got married. My favorite moment was when I walked by the Brides changing room, and realized, "that's where my Mom got ready. Right there, in that room." When I shared this thought with Kurt, he replied, "Well, there could be another Brides room."

...excuse me? SOMEONE needs to work on his sensitivity merit badge. "Um, no. I prefer to think that that room is where she was. Go with me on this." He smiled, and hugged my shoulders, and said, "You know, I bet you are right." I love my husband.

After the Temple, we went on the Subway! to check out the sites. I've never been on a Subway! before, and so I was REALLY EXCITED. It ended up being very similar to Utah's Trax... but I decided to ignore that, and be REALLY EXCITED anyway.

We stopped at the Museum of Natural History. I love free museums. When we were walking up the stairs, I saw a single protester across the street, yelling about God's Mighty Judgement through his Megaphone. Curious, I scanned the building to see what he was protesting. Ohh, It's the Anniversary of Darwin's book. The guy was protesting Evolution. Personally, I don't feel threatened by evolution. And I'm pretty sure God doesn't either. But the guy looked pretty happy out there holding his giant sign, and it's always nice to see someone enjoying their hobbies.

Inside, we checked out this AWESOME dinosaur exhibit. And I'd like to point out that it looks like the dinosaur is about to poop on Kurt's head in this picture.

We visited all the monuments and memorials around The Mall (I'm not sure why they named a big grassy field something as exciting as The Mall. The Empty Field seems like it would fit better). I took pictures of all of the sites- But then I realized that I am not a professional photographer. And none of my pictures make them look nearly as cool as they are in real life. For instance: I have seen dozens of pictures of the Lincoln Memorial. Thousands, if you count all the pennies I chewed on as a child (I know. So gross). But until I was actually there I had NO IDEA. But if you want, here are some pictures that kind of do them justice.

We did a lot of stopping and sitting in between tourist sites. See, I wore a super cute pair of flats, which do not have much support in them. Ok, honestly, I'm pretty sure all they have is a piece of cardboard and a thin layer of rubber for soles. And we walked, like, 20 MILES. Or at least, it felt that way after a few hours in those shoes. My advice is forget about looking cute while you are a tourist. It's just not worth it. Go for Comfort. Go for Convenience.

Suddenly, fanny packs are making sense to me...

Once it was dark, and Kurts offer to carry me was getting more and more tempting, we headed back to the Subway!. It was a great day.

Welcome Home

When we got home from our trip to DC, we had an unexpected surprise waiting in our kitchen. We walked in, and the first thing I said was; "What is that SMELL???" Maybe you can relate: have you ever forgotten to take out the trash before your trip, or left some old produce in the fridge? For us, the welcoming scent of rotten food was coming from a dish we had left soaking in the sink all weekend. The dish I cooked THIS in. I really meant to clean it, but in the rush of packing it completely slipped my mind. Oops.

Originally, I ended this post here. But then I was talking with Kurt, and he was all, "Your blog is so random." It is NOT. I write about current events in my life. The reason I decided to write about this is because I didn't actually clean the soaking dish that night. I decided to work on my avoidance and denial skills, and ignored it for the past 2 days. But tonight, the smell finally got to me. I went and cleaned it in about 2 minutes, and wondered why the heck I waited so long. And then I sat down, and wrote about the whole thing (minus the parts that highlight my character flaws). So don't worry guys- my writing is as current and cutting-edge as any news cast. It just seems more random to some people. *cough*kurt*cough*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My favorite food

I've been thinking a lot about oatmeal recently. Well, for the past ten minutes. I used to hate it. It's just so... Gooey. And oatmeal-y. I spent the first 24 years of my life avoiding it. But then Kurt started making it for breakfast. We have this deal- I make dinner, and he makes breakfast. Sometimes he does something complicated, and sometimes its just cold cereal. He's really sweet about it, especially since getting me up in the morning is anything but easy. So when he started making oatmeal, I couldn't complain. He looked so hopeful when I sat down to that first bowl of it, I pretended it tasted amazing. Secretly, I was trying not to gag.

The thing about oatmeal is, its a lot like running (or so I've heard). At first, you hate it. It's just so gross and awful. But slowly, you start enjoying it. Even craving it, when its been a few days. And suddenly, you are obsessed, and doing awful things; like training for a marathon. That's me. Not running- I would never do that. But I'm training for my oatmeal marathon.

Sometimes, I will ask Kurt to make it for breakfast. He's all, "Oh, I was gonna cook omelets and bacon and hash browns..." But then when he sees I'm serious, he shrugs and gets out the oats. Need more proof of my obsession? During the hot breakfast buffet at our hotel yesterday, I got SUPER excited when I realized they had an oatmeal pot. Forget the waffle iron! I was gonna get my daily dose of fiber!

Sick, right?

You are wondering what brought this on, huh? Well, I just ate a bowl for dinner (Kurt is still on campus). It was AMAZING. I had been standing in front of my open refrigerator door, idly wondering what I was craving. Nothing looked right. Then I wandered over to our secret food storage, and perused the contents. In the back, I found a box of Quaker Oats (we ran out of the instant packets). I knew I had found what I was searching for.

So if you are identifying with my former hatred of this gruel-like breakfast food (or dinner food, for some of us), I say try it. And keep trying it until you like it. You'll thank me for this later.


Friday was our 3 month anniversary. To celebrate, we went to DC. I'm so glad Kurt takes our monthiversaries so seriously. I wonder how he's gonna out-do this one in 4 weeks...?

We left Friday night, and drove right into a rainstorm. And not just any rainstorm. We're talking a no-nonsense, giant, angry thunderstorm. The kind that doesn't even exist in Utah. It was raining so hard, you couldn't see more than 15 feet in front of you. It was headed to DC, too (I hear thunderstorms are obsessed with national history). We got to know our volatile traveling companion very well over the next 5 hours. I named it Trumble: Because what else would you name a Thunderstorm? Eventually, we made it to DC. And we didn't hit any animals or anything.

I guess the wildlife out here isn't quite as eager for a grisly roadside death as the animals in the Midwest. When we were driving from Utah to Pittsburgh a few months ago, we took a detour and hit up some church sites. We checked out Independence one day, and then that night we drove up to Nauvoo. During that drive, we got caught in a thunderstorm very similar to the one I was just describing (Only that one was named Percival). But man, the animals on that trip were crazy! Here are some of the creatures that were playing chicken: A fox, a raccoon, a squirrel, a possum. There was a deer poised at the edge of the road at one point. I'm really glad he didn't have a death wish- the deer in the midwest are a LOT bigger than the ones in Utah. You can't expect to drive away from an encounter with one of these.

There was also a skunk. I say that in past tense. I saw something scurrying across the road, and I let out a strangled, "Left!" I meant watch out, there is a little skunk on your left. But Kurt heard it as swerve left FAST (We are working on our communication skills). It was traumatizing. Both the fact that we hit an animal, which I've never done before, and the smell that followed us for the next 40 miles.

Finally, while we were peering into the crazy rain, I saw a giant owl flying next to our car. Suddenly, he swooped in front of us! What the heck...? I guess he saw a mouse or something. Sadly, we heard his wing clip the right bumper. We didn't feel any bump under the tires, but I don't think a wing can survive an impact like that.

Yes, these details are gory, and probably not necessary. But it helps to talk about it. I'm really glad that the animals this weekend decided to stay out of the rain. I'm sure they are much happier tucked inside their warm, if damp, little nests and burrows.

I was going to post some pictures of our trip, but I think I left the camera in the car. Since Kurt is on campus studying for this weeks tests (I know, its Sunday. We are so apostate), I'm gonna have to wait until he gets home to upload them. so STAY TUNED.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just kidding... Or am I...?

Now that I am married to a Dental Student, I brush my teeth a lot more often. I've gone from once or twice a day to EVERY TIME I eat something acidic. Sometimes I finish a lemonade, and freak out when I realize I'm out in public, at least 15 minutes from my toothbrush (lemonade is like death to your enamel). Yesterday I brushed 6 times. It's getting ridiculous.

That's it, I'm done. I'm officially boycotting oral hygiene. Kurt can just fix my teeth later. I'll rub my teeth on my sleeve when I'm going out in public, to get rid of the fuzziness. Pop in a breath mint, and no one will ever know.

...unless they read my blog.

Self Realization.

I think I'm addicted to books.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A gift from Kendra

Kurt took this picture of me tonight, after dinner. I'm just sipping water. But guess what's in my hair...?


Old Produce

So I found some produce in the back of my fridge today. I had forgotten all about this stuff. It's been in there for like a month. I was really nervous when I pulled it all out: Celery, zucchini, onion, mushrooms. But you know what? The only one that wasn't good was the mushrooms (which were furry). I decided I shouldn't press my luck. I wanted to use everything TONIGHT.

I really like because you can type in random ingredients and see if there's a recipe that matches them. Here is what I made tonight:

Awesome Fruity Salad

In a large bowl, combine about 3 cups of any chopped fruit you want to use. strawberries, apples, grapes, etc. Add about the same amount of lettuce as you did fruit (I used Romaine). Stir in one little yogurt cup (I used raspberry). Cover and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. Delicious.

With this next one, you use any veggies you have sitting in your fridge. Really, you can just improvise. Don't have three cups of zucchini? Ok. Add some more celery or something. Mushrooms would work great, too (Just not fuzzy ones). Maybe you have some ground beef, or turkey, or leftover ham. Throw that in there. I dare you.

Everything Casserole
serves 6 (or 4, if you eat like we do)

1 6oz box of stuffing mix
1 cup chicken stock (or 1/3 cup butter, melted)
4 cups cubed zucchini
2 cups chopped carrots
2 cups chopped celery
1 small onion, chopped
2 Tbsp minced garlic (Or just throw in some garlic powder)
1 (10.5 ounce) can condensed cream of chicken soup (I used cream of mushroom)
1/2 cup sour cream (you can replace this with plain yogurt, for a healthier option)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
2. Boil carrots on the stove for 7 minutes. Add the other veggies, and boil for another 5 minutes. Drain.
3. In a small bowl combine stuffing and chicken stock (or butter). In a separate bowl combine veggies, soup and sour cream. Mix in 1/2 of the stuffing mixture, then spread into a 9x12 inch casserole dish and sprinkle the remaining stuffing on top.
4. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake in preheated oven for 60 minutes.

We really liked this meal a lot. That's why Kurt looks so happy in the picture.

Self Check Outs

I just checked out my sister Amber's blog. She and her husband Dave just posted pictures of the house they are buying. How am I supposed to compete with that??? (Cause as we all know, everything turns into a competition when it comes to sisters) Ok, this is all I've got: I'll tell you about what I did last night. I went Grocery Shopping (Ha! I bet you are sooo jealous Amber!).

Kurt opened a bank account out here before we were married. Since I haven't been added to it yet, I'm like a teenager with an allowance. He gives me cash, and I spend it wisely (Or I pretend to. No Paper Trail = Shopping Spree!!). But last night, I swiped the debit card from his wallet. I also wore a mini skirt and too much makeup. I can only hope that one day, my teenage daughters will read my blog and get ideas.

Giant Eagle is the big chain in Pittsburgh, and we have one across the street. I bought a bunch of groceries: Eggs, milk, produce, etc. Then I realized that if I didn't want to get caught, I would have to go through the self-check out. No way could I pass for a Kurt A. Eriksson.

The self-check outs at Giant Eagle are extremely fussy. Once you scan the item, you have to put it on the long belt down to the bagging area for your terminal. If you, say, have only one item and want to just hold it, it Freaks Out and starts yelling at you. "PLEASE PLACE THE ITEM BACK ON THE BELT! PLEASE PLACE THE ITEM BACK ON THE BELT!" But even if you do, you aren't ever quick enough. "PLEASE WAIT FOR CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE!" I always feel like I've done something awful, like mention explosives at an airport and Oops! here comes security.

The machine also freaks out if you stop scanning for more than a second. So all I could do was scan my 40 items and let them pile up at the end. Once I was done paying (Yes! I got away with it!), I hurried down to the end and started bagging.

As I began stuffing my groceries in bags, a girl after me started scanning her items. She realized I still had a bunch of stuff in the way, so she tried just putting it all back in her cart. Bad idea. "PLEASE PLACE THE ITEM BACK ON THE BELT!" She was so startled, she dropped her cake mix. Once she was scanning again, there was nothing we could do except shoot each other apologetic glances as her baking supplies mixed with my 15 yoplait yogurts. I was bagging as fast as I could. She finished paying, and as she began gathering her things up, I noticed another customer start scanning produce. Crap. His vegetables got jumbled up with her chocolate chips and my bags of fruit, and apologetic glances were flying like crazy. I finished right as a fourth person began to scan.

So here is what I learned: if you are gonna get all dressed up to go shopping, you might as well flirt with the self-check attendant so he will bag your stuff for you.

See? This post is so much more exciting than a boring new house.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I just can't sleep

Thank goodness for online shopping. Stores that close at night are so last century!

I just found these on Etsy. They are not cheap (and the bigger stuff is sold seperately). However, I think they are great. We've talked a little bit about decorating our future kids rooms. Kurt really likes the thought of having cool things painted on the wall, like trees. I'm all, "Ok, but who's gonna paint them?" I don't have skills like that! And then there's the whole question of whose gonna paint over them when we have to either a) move, or b) give them a more grown-up paint job. These take care of all of those worries. Removable, Restickable, Washable fabric cut outs for your walls.

I think yes.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A big post about a little thing

Today was great. We got dressed up, and headed to the Stake Center for the second session of Conference. But we turned around a minute later, when we reached the bridge and realized that there was a Steelers Game tonight. And you think YOUR city is devoted to its sports teams... We decided to head to our little Branch building instead. Less traffic.

After Conference we came home, ate dinner, and went for a walk along the Monongahela River. Perfect. Then it was studying for Kurt, and reading for me. Evening over.

Or was it?

Suddenly, I was attacked by a horrible case of the munchies! It would not be supplicated with a few chocolate chips or a glass of water. This hunger meant business. In the good old days, I would just heat up some pizza rolls. Or rifle through my roommates food if I hadn't gone shopping lately (Yes, I was that roommate). Or maybe grab a piece of bread, slather some spaghetti sauce on it, and call it good. But since I've gotten married, and started cooking my taste buds have taken on a more sophisticated air. Spoiled little....

For my Second Dinner (My brother Jimmy would be proud) I decided to make French Toast. I've never done this before (remember the spaghetti/bread thing). I printed directions off the internet, and busted out the Kitchen Aid. I was PREPARED.

If there is one thing I don't like about cooking, its the eggs. It isn't the whole misguided this-could-have-been-a-cute-baby-chicken-thing. Or the more realistic I'm-eating-an-animals-period-thing. It isn't the texture of the raw egg, or the smell (especially since I'm pretty sure raw eggs are odorless). Every time I get a drop of raw egg goo on my finger, all I can think is "CROSS CONTAMINATION!!!"

I mixed up the vanilla/sugar/salt mixture, and had Kurt crack the eggs for me. This was gonna be easy. Then I realized that I was gonna have to dip the bread into that stuff with my fingers. the first piece was pretty soggy, so I ended up using my whole hand. Right away, the CROSS CONTAMINATION!!! bells were going off in my mind. As soon as it was sizzling, I was turning on the kitchen sink with my elbow, and scrubbing my hands with soap. I washed my hands 12 times in the next 5 minutes. It's like I was afraid that a super strain of salmonella was gonna jump off my hands and infect thousands.

And don't even get me started on the disinfecting that went on when I noticed the drip on the counter! HELLO LYSOL.

The funny thing is, I don't have this problem when I am baking. Even though I know I shouldn't, I always lick the batter off the beaters. mmmmmmmmm

The french toast turned out great. A little soggy in the middle, but hey, it was my first try. And I thought all of you needed to know (Plus Kurt is now working on our Thank You notes from the Wedding, and I like the "I'm kinda' busy blogging" Excuse).

Can I have your money?

We were driving in downtown Pittsburgh (or Don Ton, as the natives say it), and I noticed a guy begging on the side of the road. Nothing too unusual at first glance: grubby clothes, hopeless expression, and I swear I could smell him through the rolled-up window. I watched him for a few minutes while we were waiting at the light. He held up his cardboard sign "Need money 4 food." I usually try to have some change on hand, to give to beggars like this. I know, you're probably thinking, "why? you know they are just gonna spend it on liquer and drugs." But you don't know that. What if they have a family to feed, and they can't find work, and this is the only way to pay for their childs life-saving surgery, and... IS HE TEXTING??? Our beggar had just pulled out his shiny looking cell phone, and YES he was texting! What the heck...? Did begging get a little too boring for you, buddy? Are you just checking your stock portfolio, before heading over to the Starbucks across the street for your afternoon pick-me-up? Cause standing still and holding a sign and getting PAID FOR IT must be tough work.

During Kurts Orientation at the Dental School, they warned them about the beggars in this city. "They make around $40,000 annually" Which is a good salary for a School Teacher. In some cities, specifically San Francisco, beggars make up to 6 digits!! Dang. I bet I could do that: hold a sign up for a few hours a day. If I don't brush my hair in the morning, I already look the part.

So thats the plan folks. If I don't get a job soon, you will be able to find me on the corner of Forbes and Ross. Bring change.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Kurts parents are really sweet. They drove to Utah from Michigan for our Wedding and Reception. Yup- they drove. They did this so they could rent us a moving truck, and then drive it back across the country for us when they went home. See what I mean about them being sweet?

They also threw us a second wedding reception in Michigan. I flew into Detroit that Wednesday. Kurt didn't fly until the next evening. His was a one way ticket, so he and his dad could take the moving truck the rest of the way to Pittsburgh after the reception. There, they moved all our stuff into our apartment. I had a round trip ticket, because I was still in class for the summer, and had to get back right away. I think I timed that really well.

The day before Kurt arrived, I spent a lot of time running around Detroit with his mother, Pirjo. She had a lot of stuff to buy, since she had been gone for a month, and the reception was just days away. It was nice. We got back from our errands, and picked up Kurts dad, Bill. He hopped in the back of the van.

"Can you turn up the air? It's hot back here."
"No" said Pirjo. "Helena is cold."
I was? This was the first I'd heard of that.
"Oh, I'm fine! Don't worry." I said, confused.
"No. You are cold, and I don't want you to get sick."
What was I supposed to say to that? No, you're wrong?
"It's ok! I would just aim it away from me if I was cold. I'm really fine."
"And anyway, I'm cold too" she said.
Ohhh, I see. She's cold. I decided to just let it go.

Big mistake.

Kurt didn't come in until midnight. Pirjo stayed home, and so it was just me and Bill in the car waiting at the airport. When Kurt got to the car, he just hopped in the back.

"Hey, it's hot back here. Can you turn up the air conditioning?"
I was reaching for it when I heard: "No, Helena is cold."
"I'm fine! Really!"
"No, I don't want you to be cold."
I just didn't know what to do.
"She was really cold when we were in the car earlier."
What could I say? No, your wife was lying?
"Oh, ok." Kurt just shrugged and dealt with the sweat.

When we got home, his mom was waiting. after hugging him, and asking about his flight, and feeding him dinner, she said, "And there are plenty of blankets! I don't want you to get cold!"

I pulled him aside as soon as I could. "Kurt, I don't know what to do! Your parents are convinced I'm cold. ALL THE TIME. But I'm not!! It's JULY!" I explained about the van, and he just laughed it off. Then I explained about that afternoon.

They were worried I would be cold that night. We were staying in the finished basement, and its chillier than the rest of the house. They showed me the 4 blankets on the pull out bed. And the 3 quilts next to it. And the extra comforters in the closet. And then they said I could get more from the upstairs bedroom if I needed to- but I said no, 15 is probably enough.

Then his dad said he was going to close the vent above the bed, because the air conditioning gets cold down there at night. No big deal, right?

A few minutes later, I heard HAMMERING coming from downstairs! I didn't know what to do! 15 minutes later, he came upstairs and announced that he had sealed all the vents downstairs. SEALED THEM. WITH A HAMMER. I was speechless. I mean, it was really sweet. But... I WASN'T COLD!

Now whenever we are around his parents, Kurt makes a really big deal about asking if I'm cold. He thinks this is just soooooo funny.

I guess I think so too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nice Rack

I thought I'd post a picture really quick, so you can see the finished spice racks.

And yeah, I'm kind of excited about Fall. I got the garland and leaves at the Dollar Store. AWESOME.

Our little apartment

My apartment is pretty little. It has vaulted ceilings, and big rooms- but nowhere to put stuff. It's totally a Pittsburgh thing. People just don't do closets and cupboards and shelves here (which is weird...). Thank goodness Kurt is so into organization! Here are some little things he's done that have made ALL the difference.

We share this closet. And it's little. Those of you who have seen the amount of clothes I own (So how come I never have anything to wear?) know how crazy this is. But Kurt put in the top shelf. And his mom got me those hangers. LIFE SAVERS.

Here is our little laundry. I cannot complain- I LOVE having my own! But there was absolutely nowhere to put detergent and stuff. I had to keep it on top of the laundry machine, and move everything any time I wanted to do a load. Kurt put these shelves in for me. There is a deeper one on the other side for the detergent.

Every time I tried to get a pot or a lid out, everything would come crashing down! After listening to me cussing in the kitchen every time I went to make dinner, Kurt got these from Ikea. And we are gonna get more.

What inspired this post, you ask? Well, tonight I was out late with a couple of friends. We watched So You Think You Can Dance (And after a few hours of watching those jaw-dropping performances, I realized that No, no, I don't think that). I came home around 11 to find him hard at work again! His brain was fried from a long day of classes (8am-5pm). When he realized studying would be useless, he still wanted to be productive. Here he is, putting in our new spice racks! Which means I will be able to replace the spices with the dishes in the dish cabinet. YES!

And here: he built all of our Ikea furniture, and his desk, and everything. But this is what we got to put our food in. There just isn't space in our kitchen cupboards. We figure it looks nice, and no one needs to know. Well, no one needed to know. But now I've gone and told everybody...

I know this probably isn't the most entertaining post, but there's pictures. Which for some of you might be more fun than reading my long, un-illustrated rants. It's ok, I completely understand. Sometimes I'll find myself in the middle of a novel, wishing it was a picture book. I have a couple of really interesting posts planned: I just haven't gotten around to writing them yet. So STAY TUNED. You never know when I'm gonna write something so awesome, it will make you look at the world differently. Or maybe laugh a little.

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